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Il mio hovercraft è pieno di anguille

My hovercraft is full of eels.

Let’s get back into the swing of things with a new travel post. It has occurred to me several times that I haven’t been out of the country since November, which is very unusual for me. I don’t think I’ll be beating my record of 7 countries in a year, but that’s alright. I’ll be off to Croatia in August, so at least I’m getting out a bit. Not to mention, Mutay and I did visit Edinburgh in February!

For my mum’s 60th birthday I treated her to a trip to Venice because you only turn 60 once, right? To be honest, it was also an excuse for me to come along, and I managed to lock in a good price with my sister accompanying us as well.

We arrived in Venice pretty late on Monday night, so we didn’t do anything when we got to the hotel except unpack and fall asleep straight away. The real fun started on Tuesday.

I’m putting this photo here because I’m gassed and I love my outfit ?


This day consisted of a lot of walking, which I was definitely not ready for. Our first stop was Ca’ d’Oro, “Golden House”, a palace overlooking the Grand Canal. Built between 1428 and 1430, it is one of the oldest palaces in the city. We didn’t stay long here but we did admire the mosaics that adorned the palace floor and the gallery on the upper floors. There were many busts, statues and paintings. We also got to witness a stunning view of the Grand Canal from the top floor! 

View from the top floor of Ca’ d’Oro

After Ca’ d’Oro we headed over Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli located in the city’s historic Jewish Ghetto. This church holds a portrait of the Madonna which many believe to be miraculous. You have to pay €3 to enter, but that’s mainly to help with the upkeep of the church. Fun fact, the painting is said to have brought someone back to life! The inside was beautiful with white, grey and pink marble decorating the walls. As with all churches, I found it really peaceful.

Inside of Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli

Our next stop was Ponte di Rialto, one of the oldest bridges to cross the Grand Canal. It was insanely busy, as expected, but I did manage to snap a few photos! It’s a huge bridge, and I would recommend trying to get here as early as possible because of how busy it gets. On either side of the bridge are rows of shops, which I think is pretty cool. Considering it started off as a wooden bridge, it has definitely come a long way.

Views from Ponte di Rialto

After the bridge, we popped into Chiesa di San Salvador – this church was free to get in. There are many, many churches around the city some of which you have to pay, but you if don’t wish to you can always admire the architecture from the outside. Venice boasts some beautiful architecture, and will definitely appeal to the architect junkies out there. Built in the Baroque and Renaissance style, legend has it that Bishop S. Magnus saw a vision of Jesus asking him to build a church on this site. The history behind many of the churches is so fascinating!

Finally, after much walking over many bridges, we reached Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square). This place was probably the most exciting area for us to visit and it is Venice’s most famed tourist attraction. A colleague I used to work with actually proposed to his girlfriend here! Hella cute. St. Mark’s Square holds the Basilica di San Marco (St. Mark’s Basilica), and if you don’t have Skip-The-Line tickets it is literally hours to get in. When we first arrived, the queue was snaking all the way around to the Doge’s Palace! Speaking of the Doge’s Palace, we decided not to go here only because they don’t do single entry tickets and you’d have to either buy a ticket for all the museums in St. Mark’s Square or all the museums in general.

St. Mark’s Square is actually the only ‘piazza’ in Venice, all the other squares are called ‘campi’. The square is surrounded by buildings on three sides and open on one side where you’ll find the gondola service. There are loads of stalls and restaurants where you can even catch some live bands! It was very busy in the square with everyone crowding around the Basilica trying to get that Instagram snap on point (me included) and there were so many bloody pigeons! Bleurgh!

We decided to leave the Basilica for the next day as the queue was way too long, and there was no way we would stand there for hours especially in that heat. The square also holds Campanile di San Marco (St. Mark’s Bell Tower), a huge tower which is right near the Basilica. Originally a lighthouse and watch tower, it has undergone several reconstructions and currently houses 5 bells: the Mezza Terza Bell announced the Senate; the Nona Bell announced midday; the biggest bell, the Marangona Bell, announced the beginning and end of the work day; the Trottiera announced council meetings and the smallest bell, the Renghiera Bell announced executions. It was nice to admire it from the outside, but we ended up not going up it.

After the square, we visited another one of Venice’s famous bridges, Ponte dei Sospiri (The Bridge of Sighs), the meaning behind the name has several stories. One is the sighs that the prisoners would make as they crossed the bridge from the Palace to the Old Prison and another is that of the sighs of lovers as they passed under the bridge on a gondola (cheese). The bridge itself is quite small and was hella crowded when we got there, and again, I would recommend coming here early if you can!

Views from Ponte dei Sospiri

Having exhausted ourselves with so much walking we went on a search for somewhere to eat and we ended up in Bar Oasi, purely because my sister and I thought the waiter was cute. I had one of many pasta dishes that I would have on this trip, starting with the spaghetti alla bolognese. Simple, yet so tasty – I had to post a picture of it along with a pasta pun ? We were thoroughly exhausted at this point, so we headed back to the hotel to relax. We ordered room service and I caught up on the latest episode of GoT.

What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta. ?


We would start our mornings early, mainly because the breakfast buffet was between 6:30 – 9:30 AM. It’s definitely good to start off early when in Venice though because it can get insanely busy. Also, because we stayed in Mestre, rather than in the city centre it would have been harder for us to get back if we stayed out later.

So, Wednesday morning we started our day at Arsenale di Venezia (The Venetian Arsenal) which is a complex of former shipyards and armouries where you can see Porta Magna, the Arsenal’s land gate. It’s not that busy around the Arsenal, so I don’t think it’s on many tourists lists, but I would definitely recommend a visit because it’s nice and peaceful and there’s a really cute bridge. 

After the Arsenal, we headed over to Scuola Di S. Giorgio Degli Schiavoni which is one of the city’s most historic confraternity houses (a Christian voluntary association of lay people created for the purpose of promoting special works of Christian charity or piety). We found many scenes depicting St. George slaying the dragon, as well as panels featuring St. Jerome and St. Tryphone. The scuole is small, and you do have to pay to get in. If you’re lucky, the guy will mistake you for a student like he did with me and you’ll pay €3 instead €5 ?

The next stop was Riva Degli Schiavoni, which is a waterfront promenade located between Piazza San Marco and Arsenale di Venezia. It’s really nice to stroll along here and you’ll find many market stalls where you can pick up souvenirs. 

We were meant to pop into Punta della Dogana, an art museum, however, after finding out it cost €13 to get in and having already spent so much getting into places we decided to skip this. We did manage to view ‘Mermaid’ by Damien Hirst, which is at the back of the building overlooking the water and is one of the 180 works in his ‘Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable”. Stunning sculpture!

‘Mermaid’ by Damien Hirst

Before the Punta della Dogana, we did find a random exhibit for the illy Art Collection at the Magazzini del Sale which is in its 25th year. You can find out more about the exhibit here. It was a really interesting find and I enjoyed viewing the different cups on display – especially loved the alien one.

David Byrne – Alien cup (2001)

We found a random restaurant called Ai Fabbri Trattoria where I had the gnocchi alla bolognese, which again was simple but delicious. We were given sweets at the end of the meal and when we asked the waiter was kind of sweets they were he responded with, “They’re flower… like me” ? We think he meant sweet, bless him, but it did make us laugh. The other waiter looked like my ex, though, which stressed me out and I had to text Mutay about it who said it was probably him in disguise trying to make sure I got holiday anxiety ?

You hold the gnocchi to my ❤️

After eating we headed to the Basilica! It’s free to get in, but in order to avoid waiting in the queue, we opted to get the €2 Skip-The-Line tickets. We actually got turned away the first time because you can’t bring backpacks inside and also because you need to cover your shoulders and legs when you go in. We all had to buy this dusty orange wrap for €1 before we were allowed in. The Basilica was absolutely stunning, though, albeit very dark inside! You also have to pay extra if you want to see St. Mark’s treasure, the museum or if you to climb to the top of the terrace. When I tell you Venice is expensive…

The most exciting part of the day was the gondola ride we took – we opted for the long ride and the gondolier was a really nice man who explained to us the sights along our journey. We passed under the Bridge of Sighs and the gondolier told us the next time we are there with a boyfriend, you have to kiss when you pass under the bridge ? We also passed Casanova’s house, which gave me David Tennant feels because he was brilliant in his role as Casanova, as well as Marco Polo’s house! The gentle rocking of the gondola nearly put me to sleep, haha. We didn’t get serenaded but there was plenty of music surrounding us and a few gondoliers we passed were singing, which was nice. It was just as nice quiet with just the gentle sounds of the river surrounding us.

After the gondola ride, we stopped by for some gelato which AH-MAY-ZING. I got a regular cone with three flavours: oreo, dulce latte and chocolate chips covered in caramel sauce ? It was a messy affair, but it was so delicious! I would recommend Gelato Fantasy as their scoops are massive, so you definitely get more for your money.  After gelato, we decided to head back to the hotel where we had dinner. I’m not even gonna write about the dinner we had because it was so disappointing ?


We had had enough of churches and galleries at this point and all the ones on my guide for day 3 were indicating you had to pay to get in, which frankly we’d also had enough of. Instead, I researched free things to do in Venice and was surprised that Burano and Murano weren’t on my list anyway! Nevertheless, we took the water bus from Piazzale Roma to Murano.

Murano has many stops, but we got off Murano Faro where you can go to a glass blowing demonstration. Murano is famed for its glass making, so you will find many shops displaying glass wares. Murano is composed of seven islands which are all linked together by bridges – it’s super easy to get around, so it really doesn’t matter where you get off the water bus.


When you come out the station, you can turn left to visit the shops, etc. or turn right for the glass blowing demonstrations. We watched a demonstration at Vetreria Artistica Colleoni, where it is €10 per person, however, the €10 can then be used as credit in their gift shop, so a win/win really. The demonstration was amazing – we got to see the guy make a glass vase complete with decoration as well as make a horse in under a minute. To show how hot the glass gets, the speaker put a piece of paper near the horse and it burst into flames! It was very hot in there, though, I was literally sweating my balls off. We were lucky to catch the demonstration as well because the following day they would be closed for a month because it’s too hot to be doing glass making in the summer!

We explored Murano a bit more, before heading back to the station and catching the water bus to Burano. Burano is made up of four islands and is famed for its embroidery and colourful homes. I absolutely loved Burano! The colourful buildings honestly made me so happy and even though there were quite a few tourists it was still nice and quiet. If you want to get away from the noisiness of main Venice, then I would suggest taking a trip to Murano and Burano.

The colourful homes of Burano

My mum and I stopped by Museo Del Merletto, which is a lace museum and was once the lace school of Burano. The embroidery we saw were so delicate and my mum was certainly enamoured, being a seamstress and all. 

After the museum, we decided to grab lunch at Restaurant Galuppi where I opted for the tortelloni ai Funghi porcini – HMM. The tortelloni was stuffed with cheese and spinach, which made it extra delicious! We made a few stops at the lace stores and stalls before heading back to St. Mark’s Square to pick up even more souvenirs. I finally got a shot glass to add to my collection.

I am tortelloni in love with you

We then decided to get gelato because when in Venice and you can never have enough gelato, honestly. We got it from a different place and the scoops weren’t as big ? Still, it was very yummy and I opted for strawberry, cream cherry and vanilla flavours. It tasted liked bubble gum! After gelato, we headed back to the hotel before going to Roadhouse Grill for dinner where I had to fattest T-bone steak ? We then ended up going to bed early because we had a flight at 7:45 AM the next morning!


Venice is a stunning city. You’ll only really need to spend a few days here because it is very much a walking city, so everything is easily accessible. It is very expensive, which is not surprising because it is such a tourist attraction but when in Venice, amirite? Venice is the perfect getaway, whether you’re with your partner or with family, and it’s even better in the summer months because the weather is beautiful. Art, culture and architecture – there’s something for everyone in this city!


  • I used to get an idea of what we were going to do whilst in Venice. You’ll find 1 to 3-day guides on the site, and you can even get the app and download the guide for offline use! It was definitely very useful. Thanks to Sharmayne for suggesting this site! I’ll be using it when I head off to Croatia ☺️
  • On our first day, we only took the bus which is €1.50 each way, which also ended up with us doing A LOT of walking (I guess that’s what I get for complaining about cardio all the time). I’d suggest going for the Vaporetto/Bus pass which will cut down the walking time. You can get: 24 hours: €20 / 48 hours: €30 / 72 hours: €40 / 7 days: €60
  • As I mentioned the Basilica is free, but if you can’t stand queues then head to this site and get the €2 skip-the-line tickets. Make sure your shoulders and legs are covered when you visit, and no backpacks. If you happen to have one then they do have a free locker service around the corner of the Basilica.
  • I opted for a hotel that included a full breakfast so that we could fill ourselves before lunch. I would suggest getting your big meal at lunchtime because it is pretty pricey eating out. For the three of us, prices ranged from €50 – 80.
  • Take a day for Murano and Burano as it is a fairly long journey on the water bus from the mainland of Venice. 
  • We actually didn’t stay in the centre of Venice and instead stayed in Mestre, mainly because it was much cheaper, and it was only a 25-minute bus journey to get to Piazzale Roma which is basically the entrance of the city centre.
  • If you go to the gondola service by St. Mark’s Square there are two options: a short ride is €80 and a long ride is €120. I know, I know – it is expensive but did you really visit Venice if you didn’t go on a gondola? Also, escape premium prices and take a ride before 7 PM ?

Ending this post with these photos my sis took of me ?


  • Tara

    7 countries in a year? That’s impressive! Croatia sounds different 😀 I can’t wait to see that trip of yours.

    I think it’s super sweet of you to treat your mother to the trip. What a lovely girls-only trip! ^_^ Even better that you found a good deal!

    The palace looks quite breathtaking. The sculptures are very eye-catching, haha! The outfit you’re wearing in the photo is very pretty :3 The church is gorgeous and I can sense the peace of it through your photo. I find it interesting that it was locatedin the Jewish Ghetto.

    Piazza San Marco looks awesome. Oddly enough, I’d never heard of it ^^;;; So thanks to you, now I know of this place.

    All your pasta and gelato photos — YUM. I want real Italian pasta and gelato now!!!! Oh, man, they all look delicious. The gondola ride looks like it’s worth it! :3

    So glad you had a great time in Venice! Thanks for sharing, lovely <3

    • Chynna

      I even look at back at 2016 and think, wow! I went to A LOT of places – so #blessed.

      I’ve been wanting to take my mother away for the longest time but I didn’t have as good a job as I did back then. I wanted to treat her because of all the amazing things she’s done for me and also because she’s always taken me away, so now it’s my turn!

      As I know you’re a history buff, I’m 100% sure you would love Venice! Hopefully, you get to come to Europe one day (after I come to SK, ofc, which I’ve been saying for the longest time)

  • Nancy

    I love how you’ve been hitting up all of these travel destinations over the years! Do you have a marked up map with all of the places you’ve been to??

    Happy belated birthday to your mom! You’re an awesome daughter for treating her out to a vacation. You look gorgeous with your dress!!!!!

    Goodness gracious, those statues look amazing with the fine details. I’m always fine with paying for a small fee to view something. Anything under $10 is my magic price! Even though I’m not an architect junkie, I appreciate the craftsmanship that was put into making the whole thing back in the day. Bonus points for the fact that it’s still standing.

    The canal looks romantic (as long as you don’t fall off the boat!).

    Hahahaha your impasta joke cracked me up!!! Though, the dish did make me hungry XD. Oh man, I don’t mind getting mistaken as a student as long as I get a discount!! The mermaid looks amazing.

    It’s never fun when you see someone who looks like someone you’re not too fond with. UGH I know I feel uncomfortable after seeing certain lookalikes. The more I look at your food, the more hungry I get XD.

    Oh man, you’re not kidding about food being expensive out there! I know I wouldn’t mind eating food from the supermarket from time to time! Venice looks like a gorgeous place to be! Thanks for sharing your experience ;).

    • Chynna

      I don’t have a marked up map now that I think about it! I’ve wanting to get one of those scratch off maps, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet (Although, I did buy one for my cousin and really I could have bought one for myself at the same time XD)

      NGL, I was pretty chuffed with my impasta joke hahaahaha. I’m so glad that I have a baby face to get away with student discounts!

  • Cat

    That’s amazing that you did 7 countries in one year before! The most I’ve ever done is two, haha.

    Aww, that’s sweet of you to treat your mom to a trip for her birthday. What a great gift! I love all of your photos of the canal. It looks so beautiful with all the buildings right by the water. I also loved looking at the architecture of the places you visited.

    That’s too bad seeing things in Venice can get expensive. I’m glad you were able to see the “Mermaid” sculpture at least because it’s a beautiful work. Such lovely details on it too!

    Aahh yay! Gondola ride! I would totally want to do that there. That looks like a great way to see the city and a relaxing thing to do! Also, those buildings in Burano are sooo cute. I love how colorful the area is!

    Oh, and all of your food photos are seriously making me hungry. I’ve been trying to eat healthy lately and now I totally want pasta and gelato. It all looks so tasty!

    Venice looks like such a lovely place to visit! I’m glad you had a good time!

    • Chynna

      Seriously, I look back and I’m like woah! 7 countries! Dang, Chynna, don’t slow down XD The gondola ride is definitely something you HAVE to do if you ever visit Venice & Burano was one of my favourite places to visit when I went out there!

  • Amy

    I’m so jealous of how much travelling you do, Chynna! When I lived with my parents I wasted all my money on useless crap, so could rarely afford holidays. Wish I hadn’t now!

    Venice sounds like an amazing place to visit. My mum thinks she’s been (lol, she said it was “somewhere with a canal” and couldn’t remember if it was Amsterdam or Venice) and says it was lovely. I’d love to go in a gondola, they look so cool. Definitely worth paying for!

    Glad you managed to visit lots of different things while you were there. I love the photos you took and you look fantastic in the ones your sister took. Also, all the pasta looks amazing. I need a week of Italian food!

  • Pauline

    I can’t believe you got to hit up 7 countries in a year! ? That’s awesome, I’ve managed 5 different countries this year (so far!) and that’s a lot for someone who has travel anxiety!! I can’t wait to hear all about Croatia. A lot of my friends are going actually and their Instagram feeds are bomb!!

    I really enjoyed following your adventures in Venice. It’s weird though – the time you went – A LOT of my friends went too. So my feed was literally just Venice for a week! Loved seeing it in different angles. I didn’t really realise how many churches there are there – for some reason I assumed it was just italian resturants, bridges and boats. ??‍♀️ The canals do look beautiful though! I need to find out more about the painting that brought someone to life? THATS INCRED?! Hahah!

    Love those accidental student discounts, eh? I LOVE the colourful buildings! ? You match perfectly with them!! Also you can never have enough gelato 😉

    I’m glad you had a lovely time!

  • Georgie

    I enjoyed reading about your trip to Venice! It reminded me of when I went in 2016, haha. That is really lovely that you treated your mum to such a nice trip. ?

    I remember how hot it was when we went! It was in the month of June. Very muggy.

    I also agree with getting Venice done in a matter of days. I didn’t find that there was a lot to cover – we didn’t cover every tourist attraction, just the ones we were most interested in.

    We didn’t go to Murano but we did go to Burano. We’d seen a glass demonstration in a museum in a random street in Venice, and it was mesmerising! I was really amazed by the skills of the glass blower (is that what they are called? glass blowers?). But he broke the masterpiece right after he made it! Obviously to do another demonstration later but I was like, wow you must be so skilled to be able to be OK with destroying an amazing piece of work just like that!

    I really loved seeing the colourful buildings in Burano. ? And hey, we went to the same lace museum too! To me it was a small museum, but I loved seeing all the little details ☺️

    The vaporetto was actually PACKED when we arrived in Venice, and it was so packed we missed our stop. It was so hot and unbearable and we were really annoyed haha. Nick and I were saying in Italian, “please stop!” and they shut the doors and we missed the stop. LOL. Funny in hindsight but at the time it was a pain in the ass. ?

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