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3 Days in Dubrovnik

This year for myself and Mutay’s birthday trip we decided to head to Dubrovnik! Keep reading to find out all about our adventures.

Flying Out ✈️

I just need to point out that Monarch is stingy when it comes to their hand baggage allowance. You’re allowed 10kg, however, you can only have one small suitcase that measures 56 x 40 x 25cm or two bags that add up to that measurement. There’s no room for movement. Usually, with cheap airlines, you’re allowed your small suitcase and then a backpack. Also, the legroom is atrocious on their planes and I don’t need much cause I’m a short ass but man.

The flight was smooth, though, and we landed in Dubrovnik on time. It took us ages to leave the plane though because our bags had to be put somewhere else cause there was no space. Once we came out the airport, however, our driver was waiting for us to take us to the hotel.

We arrived at Hotel Adria and already were impressed with how nice the hotel smells. Check in was easy and we made our way to our room, which had a spectacular view from the balcony. The room itself was really nice! We ordered room service and decided to chill out on the balcony with our rose gold prosecco we bought at the airport. The view was amazing, the food was so-so but the company was perfect.

Dubrovnik Walls ? Buggy Safari ? and Pub Crawl ?

Continental breakfast always throws me off because 1. There are so many options and 2. Some of the options are a bit questionable. Par exemple, vegetables and pie? Anyway, the rest of the breakfast options were good and we managed to snag a table by the window so we could have breakfast with a view.

After breakfast, we headed to our first destination, Pile Gate which is the entrance to the Old Town. We explored the Old Town, which is really quaint. We stumbled across St. Blaise Church where they were holding a mass. I wasn’t expecting it though, so felt super awkward walking in mid prayer.

We also found a spot called Buža after spying a sign that said cold drinks with amazing views. They weren’t wrong, even though I initially thought it was click bait. The service was a bit slow but definitely worth a stop on a hot day!

We somehow ended up at the Ethnographic Museum where we bought a 1-day Dubrovnik Card which allowed us free entry to some museums and the Walls of Dubrovnik. We were more interested in seeing the Walls, so we headed there next.

The Walls are probably Dubrovnik’s most famous feature. They surround the city and overlook the sea – you will definitely need to visit here for some amazing views.

Honestly, it felt like I was climbing the Great Wall of China again and my heart felt like it was going to burst out my chest at any minute. It was so worth it, though! The views were spectacular and the weather was amazing. After the Walls, we decided to grab something to eat, at a restaurant called Dubravka where I had a delicious lasagna bolognese.

We had to rush at this point because we had to get all the way to Srđ Hill! The Uber we ordered took so long, we had to cancel it and order another one and then that Uber had to make a pit stop to fill up his gas and we ALMOST didn’t make it, but I’m so so glad we did because the buggy safari was THE best part of the day.

For about an hour you get to drive a buggy through the hills and fields of Dubrovnik! Honestly, it is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had despite it being a little scary as well. We got to see ex-mine fields, fortresses, and an amazing 360° view of Dubrovnik, including islands and mountains. Absolutely stunning views and I would definitely recommend this activity for all you adrenaline junkies.

After the safari, we headed back to our hotel to freshen up before heading out on a pub crawl.


It all got a bit crazy, I can’t lie. With unlimited drinks for an hour in the first bar, I think you can guess what happened. Before I’d even finished one drink, I’d somehow appeared with more. Somebody needs to stop me. It was so much fun, though, from the bits I can remember and SOMEHOW we managed to make it to the final club – although, we didn’t stay long according to Mutay.


We made it back to the hotel, though! That’s a plus, right?

Full Body Scrub ?? Candle Massage ? & Rest ?

So, the next day was a complete write-off.

We were in no fit state to do anything. Which was a shame, but nevertheless we still managed to drag ourselves to the hotel spa and indulge in a full body scrub and candle massage.

Definitely needed!

The full body scrub was so good – it felt like she was scrubbing my sins away. I also somehow sustained an injury on our night out (don’t ask me how) and so had these big scratches on my right foot, which did start stinging after everything.

The candle massage was really good, as well! They use a massage candle that melts into a warm massage oil. It smells amazing and left my skin feeling smooth like butter. The massage part was so relaxing and after the treatment, we shuffled back to our room to sleep.

We eventually left the hotel to find a pharmacy and grab some dinner. We stopped by Taverna Nostromo where I had a yummy beefsteak on a bed of arugula with potatoes, cheese sauce and BBQ sauce.

The rest of the evening was spent watching Let’s Eat on Netflix, which has made me want to eat all the Korean food.

Pebble Beaches ? Kayaking ?? & Game of Thrones Tour ⚔

This was our last full day in Dubrovnik so we were determined to make the most of it. Our first port of call was to find a company that offered kayak tours – you’ll find loads of them just outside Pile Gate. Most companies will offer you a 2.5-3 hour tour including snorkelling, food and an experienced guide.

Our tour wasn’t until 1 PM, so we had some time to kill. We were originally going to go to Banje Beach but the uber driver we had told us that basically everyone and their mum goes there, so he suggested Copacabana Beach as it is much quieter.

He was definitely right, and we got the chance to splash around in the sea and relax on the sun loungers (for a fee, of course). I was hoping there would be sand beaches, but it was mostly pebbles. Nevertheless, it was definitely nice to get some downtime and not feel like crap anymore.

We got an uber back to Pile Gate (after a whole lot of kerfuffle because the driver apparently couldn’t get down the road to the beach, although our driver going to the beach managed to…?) and we missed our kayak slot, but luckily we managed to catch the 1:30 PM slot.

Kayaking is HARD, guys. Honestly. I got some serious #armgainz after our tour. Initially, it was difficult to get into and we ended up being so behind from the rest of the group, but we eventually got into a rhythm in the end. The tour was so worth it, though, and the views were amazing and we were surrounded by beautiful, sparkling water. We stopped off at a beach where you can go snorkelling or cliff diving, of which I did neither because ya girl’s wig is new and I don’t want to ruin it!

After the tour, we headed back to the hotel for a quick shower before heading back out for the Game of Thrones tour. We left this until the end of the trip, as we felt it would be the perfect way to end our holiday. Our tour included a cruise on the Adriatic Sea in Karaka, which was a boat used on GoT (fangirl cries). We also had the opportunity to cosplay, so I got to dress up as Danaerys. It actually reignited my love of cosplay and I can’t wait until October for Comic Con as I’m planning to go as Gamora!

After the cruise, we were split into three groups and had a walking tour around Old Town. We got to see where Cersei had to do the walk of atonement, where Sansa escaped from the men that tried to rape her in season 2 and we also visited King’s Landing. It was a lot of walking, but it was SO good and very informative. We ended the tour at King’s Landing and after ending back into the Old Town we stopped off to buy a few souvenirs.

I also managed to find the burger spot we passed on our pub crawl and had a delicious burger, which was definitely needed after all that walking! Whilst walking back through Old Town, we spotted a display where they were giving out roses to everyone. It was super cute and apparently every year this artist gives out 100 roses to Dubrovnik. I tried to Google more about it, but couldn’t find anything, unfortunately.

Wrapping Up ?

Our flight wasn’t until 12:30 PM but it still didn’t leave us time to do much. So we grabbed breakfast and basically chilled in our hotel room until our driver came to take us to the airport.

The driver was kind enough to stop halfway (even though he said he was running late) to let us take photos of the amazing views. Oh, to have sunny weather all the time is a dream.

I need to go back to Croatia, ASAP. It was honestly one of the best trips I’ve ever been on and there was so much to do whilst we were out there. I definitely want to do the island hopping that they offer as I’ve heard amazing things about the islands, especially Lokrum Island. I also want to visit other parts of Croatia, like Split because apparently, it’s not as expensive as Dubrovnik.

I had so much fun whilst I was out there and will forever treasure the experiences and memories I’ve created. ❤️


  • Nancy

    You are totally killing it with all of these travels. I aspire to get on your travel game. I hate it whenever airlines are stingy with carry-on bags. Cheap airlines make up their money by charging $$$$ for that sort of thing! Your continental breakfast sounds better than the one I had at my hotel last week XD.

    Buza looks beautiful!!!! This is totally different than the other places you’ve visited before. All of those rocks make me imagine you’re in some sort of ancient place XD. Oh my goodness. The view up there looks amazing! Totally worth the effort, right????

    Hahahahhaa UNLIMITED DRINKS, you’re speaking my language!

    It’s great that you two got a spa treatment! Disney opened up their canoe ride and my shoulders felt the burn after a short trip so I can totally get kayaking being a challenge @___@. For the 3 days you were out in Dubrovnik, you two did A LOT!!!! Glad to see you two having fun :)!

    • Chynna

      Omg, yes they do – and also if you want food on the plane as well, the prices are ridonkulous! ? Croatia is quite different to the places I’ve been – except maybe Prague, it reminded me a little of that country. Although, to be fair, I didn’t see much of Prague except the inside of bars and clubs ?

  • Karin

    Oh wow, Dubrovnik sounds amazing! So cool that you got to do the Game of Thrones tour! My boyfriend and I have been talking about going to Croatia some time, and if we do I’ll definitely try to catch the GoT tour myself. Actually, I’m just writing this whole post down, you got some great tips here! Both the buggy tour and the kayaking sounds like something I’d like to try. 😀

    • Chynna

      YES YES YES, i definitely recommend you and your bf to go to Croatia. You’ll love it especially if you’re a fan of GoT. Hope you do get to go and hope my post is helpful ?

  • Cat

    Croatia looks like a beautiful place to visit! I love the views you saw by the water and up on the walls. So pretty! Going on a buggy safari and kayak tour sounds so fun. I really like finding adventurous activities like that. We did an ATV tour in Hawaii, and it was a fun way to see other views that you can’t get to by car! I think I would also have a hard time with kayaking. The last time I did it, I was with my husband and a friend, and they did most of the work, haha.

    That’s nice that you spent a day relaxing at the spa! A full body scrub and candle massage sound soooo nice. If I went to Croatia, I’d totally want to do a GoT tour. I love that show! That sounds fun to visit places that they used for the show and see them in person.

    I’m glad you had a good time there! It looks like a great place to celebrate your birthday!

    • Chynna

      It’s the first time I’d done adventurous activities like that – except for zip lining in the Philippines – so it was a bit out of my comfort zone, but I’m so glad I did them!

  • Tara

    Okay, I had to look up where Dubrovnik is, and I had no idea it’s a city in Croatia. I clearly need to work on my European geography . . . ANYWAY. I love the fact that you and Mutay travel for your birthdays! That’s such a good idea 😀

    That sucks about Monarch’s stingy baggage policy and the small legroom, but good that the actual flight was fine 🙂 Even though you had to wait forever to get off the plane, at least your driver was there and ready to take you to the hotel! The room sounds lovely, and room service and chilling out on the balcony sounds lovely. Shame the food was so-so, though!

    I read “Pile Gate” as Pie Gate at first, haha! I love visiting old, quaint towns, so if I’m ever in Croatia, I’ll definitely check out that place. And that view in Buza is amazing! The wall, too, looks like a must-see place. You guys took some great photos ^^ The buggy safari sounds like an awesome tour. I am loving that last shot! What a scenic view!

    The spa sounds like a nice treat and well worth it after your night out 😀 I love it when locals give you alternatives to places that everyone visits. Pebble Beach looks so peaceful. Kayaking is NOT FOR ME, but I’m glad you tried it out!

    I don’t watch Game of Thrones, so I had no idea you came to Croatia for this! That makes the fangirl in me so happy since I’ve done the same for other shows/games/whatever. That is a good way to end your trip, and your cosplay outfit turned out great! Thanks for sharing your trip! I knew nothing about Croatia, so you gave me a good introduction to the place!

    • Chynna

      We’re planning to keep it up because we only started this tradition last year, and it definitely needs to continue! I just snorted at Pie Gate ? I want pie now! It’s pronounced “Pee-lay” as well, so I was saying pile as you normally would. The look the uber driver gave me was like, “Huh, where do you want to go?” Kakaka. Yeah, we were researching extensively for places to go to and we found Croatia is where some of GoT is filmed and my cousin visited before as well and said we HAD to do a GoT tour.

  • Pauline

    I know we were just talking about bits of your trip to Burovnik today but reading about it in detail is awesome as well! 😉 Croatia sounds like it was a great experience, you’re making me itch to get on a plane again and travel. I miss travelling with Hamdah, those trips with her was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life!

    I’m so tempted to just leave this comment at LOL MUTAY IS SO HOT OK BYE YOU ARE SO FIRE I AM BRUNT OK BYE FO REAL

    But seriously.

    Hahaha, I don’t understand the night out life but my friends who do them often (abroad too!) have the same feels so I related on their behalf reading that haha! I love seeing you dressed up as that girl from Game of Thrones, like I said, I don’t watch GOT but after listening to your hypeness today I want to watch it! YOUR BEAUTIFUL-ER THAN WHATEVER THE WHITE HAIRED CHICK IS CALLED OK BYE LUV U

    • Chynna

      I can’t wait until you and Hamdah go on more travels – can’t wait to see that fly content ? LOL MUTAY GIVES ME SO MANY FEELS, SHE’S JUST TO HOT FOR ME GOODNESS. Also, please, yes, let me know if you start watching GoT!! HAHA, ILYSM GURL THANK YOU. ?

  • Michelle

    Looks like Dubrovnik was awesome. What country is that located in? I’m interested now! Regardless, you go on fantastic adventures and I’m always happy to read and see them!

  • Susie @ Mile High Dreamers

    What a cool little get away! You guys fit a LOT of adventure into only a few days haha. I would LOVE to go on a buggy safari! Although I’d have to agree how CRAZY it makes me that the airlines are getting so stingy with their baggage allowance. Nowadays it costs an extra $60 to bring anything!

    • Chynna

      It’s crazy – just trying making their $$$ but STILL. Ah, if you get the chance you should definitely go on a buggy safari – so much fun! Thanks for stopping by ?

  • Rezina

    You guys look soooo amazing I cry. That’s super cool that you guys went to Dubrovnik! I had to Google where it was, haha (and then realized you said it later in the post lol). The weather looks great and the views look super beautiful as well! It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! I like how you guys managed to get both a bit of relaxation + adventure, haha.

    The Game of Thrones tour sounds like it was fun as well! I hadn’t known that parts of the show were filmed there.

    • Chynna

      Thank you sooo much bbygirl ??

      I actually had never heard of this place until my cousin visited like a few years ago! But when she told me they do GoT tours there and that’s where they filmed parts of it I knew I just HAD to go!

  • Amy

    So happy you had fun in Dubrovnik. The pictures look stunning and it sounds like such an interesting place to visit. I can’t believe you got to do so many amazing things!

    Ngl I’d have been crying in that buggy. I’m definitely not a thrill seeker! Glad you got there in time – I bet that was stressful!

    Sorry to hear about the awful hangover. At least you got to have a nice, relaxing spa day to cope with it. Glad you felt better the day after as well!

    Omg I want to go on the Game of Thrones tour so much. That sounds amazing. I’d definitely have got someone to film me walking down the street while they shouted “shame”! That scene though! And I love you as Daenerys, you look great!

    • Chynna

      We were actually meant to do more on the second day, but that didn’t really work out because we were too hungover ? The buggy was fun, but I literally had to sit SO forward cause my legs barely touched the pedals LOL. If, no when, you muster the courage to go abroad I PROMISE you that Dubrovnik is amazing and it’ll be so worth it especially with the GoT tour. Thank you, Amy ??

  • Eena

    Sounds like you had so much fun, Chynna! I’m glad because you deserve all the good times in the world! 😀

    Dubrovnik sounds like a lovely place. To be honest, I hadn’t heard of it until reading your entry. And ahhh I used to be so knee deep into GOT but have since then fallen off the wagon! The cruise sounds fantastic though and you make such a pretty Danaerys! Also, you’re cosplaying Gamora?! TOTALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT!

    cabin twenty-four

    • Chynna

      Awww, omg! Thank you so much, Eena – it was such an amazing experience for sure.

      You definitely need to catch up on GoT it’s gotten so much more juicier if that’s possible!

      YES, I AM SO EXCITED! You’ll definitely be seeing loads of pictures on the day of comic con ???

  • Georgie

    It looks like you had an amazing time! I actually haven’t read many blog posts about Croatia (not recently anyway) so it was nice to get a taste of it on your blog. It looks like the weather was beautiful and the whole experience was very enjoyable (and relaxing).

    Unlimited drinks for an hour sounds like a dream. I’m not big on alcohol but if I had that opportunity I’d be going for some cocktails… I know typically cocktails aren’t included in unlimited drink hours/happy hours though. ?

    Your mention of the buggy safari reminds me of when I went on a Jeep around a volcano in Indonesia once. I’m not sure why haha, maybe just the experience of being in a little vehicle and being around some natural wonder. It sounds like a really lovely experience and that you had clear skies too!

    I think your write-off day was much needed haha. Also – I’ve done that before and got a bit disoriented or somehow got cuts/scrapes on a part of my body without any recollection of how it got there. ? It happened to me once in a mosh pit and I got a big gash on my arm. My friend said it must have been the adrenaline running through me because apparently when you have a lot of adrenaline you can’t properly feel if you get a punch or a scrape ?

    It sounds like you had minor hassles with Uber drivers here and there! But at least you made it to everywhere you needed to go. I also appreciate the Uber driver stopping to let you get snaps of the views!

    I always find non-traditional-yellow-sand beaches interesting. I’ve never been to one with just pebbles but I’ve been to a black sand beach in Indonesia (they’re amazed by yellow sand cos all they get is black sand because of volcanic ash), and a large rock/grass inland beach.

    I’m not a fan of Game of Thrones – rather I’ve just never gotten into it! But I can understand how much you were fangirling when you were at locations that they used in the show! ? The cosplay experience must have really added to it too.

    Glad you had a wonderful birthday trip with Mutay and thank you for sharing it with us ?

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