25 Things I’ve Learned In 25 Years

I turned 25 last Monday and I’m still shook because I have no idea where time has gone. I swear it was only the other day that I was celebrating my 18th birthday by having a debut (complete with pink dresses, 18 roses and candles and a whole lot of cheese). Nancy reminded me today that she’s been following me since I was 18. That’s 7 years, guys. Half way to 50 and I’m pleased to say there are a few things I’ve learned along the way, so here are my 25 things I’ve learned in 25 years.

  1. Learn to love yourself before getting into a relationship. I think I’ve mentioned this before in a different post, but I feel the reason my previous relationships never worked out is that I never truly took the time to love myself. I still have a long way to go, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned then it’s definitely this.
  2. Trust your instinct. If it seems too good to be true, or if your stomach is doing that churning thing – get out of there, girl.
  3. Self-care is important. It definitely goes a long way, especially towards your mental health. Taking time for yourself will help maintain, protect and improve your well-being.
  4. Do not judge a book by its cover. This one speaks for itself, tbh. Basically, there will be people you meet in your life who you will judge, but try not to be so judgemental. You’ve no idea what that person is going through to make them the way they are.
  5. Stop apologising. Just be unapologetically you.
  6. Boys aren’t everything…
  7. … But food is.
  8. Writing is therapeutic and is the outlet for my soul. Without writing I have no idea where I’d be. I’m so glad I have this creative outlet to let all my emotions out. 
  9. It’s okay not to be okay. You do not have to be happy every single day and sometimes it’s okay to have a down day. Acknowledge it. Embrace it. Learn from it.
  10. Travel. Travelling has truly made me appreciate the world that we live in. It has also made me thankful for the things that I have and the fact that I have the ability to visit amazing places year on year.
  11. My mother is always right. I mean.
  12. Support those who support you. It’s a two-way street! 
  13. Say yes to going out. Not everyday Netflix, you know. There have been a few work occasions where I’ve actually said yes and found myself having a good time!
  14. Life is too short to hate. It’s a very draining emotion, honestly. Just be kind.
  15. Save, save, save. I’m not gonna lie, you’ll most likely be poor in your 20s but if you save even a little bit, it goes a long way!
  16. It’s okay to cry. Sometimes you just gotta let it out.
  17. Everyone has their bad days. Yup! You can’t constantly be upbeat 24/7.
  18. Don’t compare your life with others. In an age of social media, it can be very easy to look at other people’s lives and wonder why yours isn’t as fulfilling as theirs looks, but that’s the keyword: looks. Everything we put on social media is a glossed version of what our lives truly are. So focus on yourself!
  19. I will never love anything as much as I love reading. How could I? It’s so easy to slip into another world and escape for a few hours and not worry about anything.
  20. Laughter is essential. Life can be exhausting! Laughter and good company can cure that.
  21. You gotta werk. Nothing in life is free, so if you want something you gotta werk for it. It’s all worth it in the end, though.
  22. You are who you are because of the people you surround yourself with. So you see that toxic person in your life? You better cut it.
  23. Failure is okay. Because before you can succeed, you have to fail – success will be all be sweeter that way, as well.
  24. Take loads of photos. Honestly, do it. Think in a couple of years you can look back on those photos and remember fond memories.
  25. Gratitude. I am thankful that I have reached the grand old age of 25 and I have the support of my friends and family and I’m actually doing okay. ??

Last little tidbit of wisdom: “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own


  • Nancy

    Happy 25th birthday! I can’t believe I’ve been following you since you were 18! I still remember parts of your adventures back then and you’ve grown to be a fine young woman! Ok, you were fine before and you’re finer now ;).

    I agree with you about learning to love yourself before getting into a relationship! Hey, you’re getting there with the self-love :). Food over boys, always and forever!!!! Haha, whenever I am craving something, that’s when I know I gotta trust my instincts. My previous manager told me that most of the time, our gut feeling is right.

    I’m glad you’ve been blogging – you’re a writer and this is a perfect way to express yourself on a personal level! I so agree with #12. I realized that I shouldn’t be wasting my time supporting people when they don’t really support me. It’s not really fair and at the end of the day, I find more value in putting a bigger effort in supporting people who support me.

    I agree with saving up! I kind of get bummed out when retirement money gets chucked out of my paycheck but I know it’s for a better future… Oh, and rainy day funds are super helpful!!! I agree with not comparing our life with others too. I know I don’t post everything in social media and I definitely have some struggles. Yes! Everything we see on social media is based on what people put out- it doesn’t show the entire picture.

    Failure is okay if you push yourself back up at the end. I do love redeeming myself after derping up sometime in the past XD. Thanks for sharing the things you’ve learned over the years! Keep on rocking~

  • Etta

    #14 is too important to disregard. Spend your energy more wisely on things that improve YOU and YOUR LIFE. I think that summarizes everything because I couldn’t stress enough how important it is to have the right mindset. Great list. I enjoyed reading it! 🙂

  • Amy

    Chynna, you just reminded me that I turn 25 in two months, and omg how did we get to this age? I seriously can’t believe how fast things go when you hit your twenties.

    I’m kicking myself for not saving more money when I lived with my parents. I don’t understand where it all went – if I didn’t pay rent now I’d be able to save so much. What on earth did I do at university?

    Definitely agree with taking lots of photos. It’s always great to have something to look back at.

    Self-care is so important. I’ve only started to realise that this year, after getting myself overly stressed. It’s okay to just relax sometimes and I definitely need to remember that!

    Hope you had a great 25th birthday!

    • Chynna

      GURL, I don’t even know where time has gone! It’s crazy and I’m always reminded how old I am by how long I’ve been blogging ? You got this, Amy – adult life is hard, but it’s a learning curve – keep rocking ?

  • Pauline

    I hope you had an awesome birthday Chynna! ? Looks like you celebrated like the boss you are, go you go you!

    I really enjoyed reading these lessons – I can relate to a lot of them. I think number one is one that I really stuck by. I made sure that before I got into another relationship, that I love myself like crazy. It’s crazy how much I’ve changed from last year – I used to cling on and let men do whatever they want and I would do whatever for them because I wanted to keep them because I felt LUCKY to even be liked by a boy. Boy, was I wrong, insecure and lacking so much love for myself. It’s all different now and I’m SO GLAD ?

    EEEK number 5 is something I’m working on at the moment, I say sorry a lot for things I say (even tho it’s my opinion and I should really just stand by it regardless of the backlash…) YASSS! Thank you for inspiring me Chynna, you go girl! ??

    I love that baby Chynna photo, you look adorable brb crying NOW LOOK AT CHU LOOKING ALL HAWT AND DAT

  • Michelle

    I don’t necessarily agree with number 1 because you can still love someone without loving yourself. Self improvement can always happen in the relationship but it’s good that you learned so much in your 25 years of life.

    • Chynna

      I see where you’re coming from, I think to have a healthy relationship though it’s can be good to love yourself first. This is not to say people are incapable of loving someone without loving themselves, but for me personally, I think so.

  • Cat

    I hope you had a great birthday, Chynna! I liked reading this list, especially all of the positive messages in it. Totally agree with caring for yourself and how it’s ok to have off days or failures. Life is one big learning experience. I also especially like #14. Hate really is draining, and it’s just not worth it.

    Aww, and that is such a cute baby photo!

  • Tara

    Happy belated birthday, Chynna! I can’t believe you’re a quarter-of-a-century old now. For some reason, I still associate you as being 22 or something XD;;

    I am loving your list, girl. I love how you wrote that boys aren’t everything, but food is. That is such an important life fact, haha! Love it!

    I agree with you so much about reading and writing. Reading is and will be a life-long hobby for me. Whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, fanfics, comics — I will never stop reading. Writing, too, is therapeutic. I’ve had my days where I felt a lot better when I vented my frustrations by typing things out. It helps a lot.

    We all have our bad days, for sure. I don’t like crying, to be honest, but I have days where I have to cry, and that, too, is very cathartic.

    I wish you another twenty-five years of awesomeness, Chynna. Keep travelling, reading great books, eating delicious food, and caring for yourself and other. <3

    • Chynna

      LOL, I sometimes feel like I’m still 22 and I sit there wondering wtf, I’m now 25? When did that happen! Haha. Glad you liked my list – always important to share life lessons with people, and if they can relate and open up discussion ? LOVE YOU, T! THANK YOU ?

  • Eena

    SUPER BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHYNNA!! So I literally just found out how your name is pronounced after Paw mentioned it in her story and I’m gonna be honest and say that I thought it was already pronounced like the country. WHAAAA. Anyways.

    I’m totally loving this list, girl. Especially number seven – food is definitely everything. I also agree with writing being therapeutic – I wish I wrote more though but I can never seem to find all the time in the world for it, which makes me rather upset. And, I agree that people often need to fail in order to succeed!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful list, Chynna. I hope you had an amazing birthday by the way ♥

    • Chynna

      Yaassss, I don’t know what I’d do without writing honestly! It’s been a part of my life ever since I can remember – so thankful ??
      Thank you sooo much ?

  • Enyiie

    Hi Chynna,

    Omg I’m so late but happy belated 25th birthday!!! “Boys’ aren’t everything…but food is” is so true haha XD Food is amazing and we are blessed to have a culture that recognises the value of a good hearty meal. I love #10 because traveling is so enriching, and aside from books and an education, is probably one of the only other things you can buy that make you richer in some way. I’m trying to overcome excuses this year to travel more and experience everything the world has to offer. Life’s too short to be the frog at the bottom of the well (some old Chinese fable hahaha). #19 is spot on – reading is the best!! #24 is basically the reason I vlog, because some memories are just too precious not to capture (and I want to remember them many, many years from now) 😀

    • Chynna

      Thank you so much! ? Haha, I love this “Life’s too short to be the frog at the bottom of the well” – it’s very true. And you are so right about traveling – now I just to earn more money so I can just fly off and not look back!

  • Georgie

    I adored this post ☺️ I agree with so much on it, where do I start?

    Loving yourself, oh. ? I feel like I learned that the hard way. It’s so hard to accept love from people and really, truly appreciate it if you cannot love yourself. I realised this at an older age than I should have. But today, I have greater self-love than I ever have, and I love how my perspective has changed from when I was a teenager.

    #4, not judging a book by its cover – is 100% important. I mean, I knew this as a kid, but the older I get, the more beautiful human beings I come across who are judged by their appearance and they absolutely shouldn’t be. You do NOT know someone by seeing how they look like. You can’t make a fair judgement on that. And it’s just superficial.

    I also agree with saying yes to going out! I said no a lot of times when I was younger, and even these days. When I was younger it was often because I was scared, timid and not social. I grew a little out of my shell since then, and sometimes, even when I just felt a bit tired, I went to an event anyway and ended up having an amazing time. You never know when that will happen!

    I also, of course, agree with life being too short to hate. Negative emotions are exhausting. ?

    I found it really hard to stop comparing myself to other people when I was in my early twenties. I was really insecure about myself and I think that goes hand in hand with loving yourself. If you don’t love yourself you will constantly look at other people and compare your life to theirs. And if you keep doing that, it goes full circle, you will find it difficult to love yourself.

    Preach sista, this is an amazing list ♥️♥️

    P.S. Gosh I’ve known some bloggers for almost a decade too, it’s fucking scary!

    P.P.S. I’ve left like a whole bunch of comments on your blog and I was hoping to catch up in one hit ? but it’s late and I need to sleep ? so at some point you are going to get another slew of comments hehehehehe ?

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