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Whew! It’s been a while. Between having a sh*t time at work, sore throats and just general laziness, I have yet again neglected this blog. This year started off well, but I unexpectedly took some time off – perhaps it’s what I subconsciously needed before I started pushing out content that wasn’t that great. Anyway, I’ve been watching a lot on Netflix recently and thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been watching.

Jane the Virgin

Gina Rodriguez is hella problematic in real life (see here), but Jane the Virgin has always had a place in my heart and I’ve continued watching it for her character and not for her. The show recently came back for season 5, which also happens to be its final season and I’m actually glad it is. The show plays to the telenovela mould and whilst I ADORE drama, it’s not every week I must be stressed. The backward/forward between Rafael and Michael is doing my head in – Jane, just pick one baby daddy and keep it moving, sis. Nevertheless, I’m excited to see how they end this show after following it for 5 years and honestly, I only want the best for baby girl Jane. Also, can we give Petra more screentime?

Street Food

Someone tweeted about this show and the fastness with which I took myself to Netflix was ridiculous. It was also like 1 AM in the morning, I think?, and I had no business starting a new show at that time but here we are. This documentary embarks on a cultural journey into street food, specifically around Asia and what I absolutely love about it is that it’s not your typical show of some white guy going around and eating street food. The show actually focuses on people behind the street food and their stories. I wouldn’t recommend you watch it unless you’re ready to be very, very hungry.

Queer Eye

I’m ALWAYS late to the party, but boy I’m glad I finally joined. Mutay put me onto the delightful show and omg, I have fallen in love with the Fab Five and I need them to make over me and my life because wtf? Every single episode I watched made me cry, I’m not even exaggerating and I wasn’t expecting to cry as much as I did and also obsessively find out what happened to the Heroes after and cry so much when I saw that all season 3 Heroes met up and I just—

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I first started watching this show but I was hooked from episode 1 and I would definitely recommend this show to anyone.

Abducted in Plain Sight

True crime documentaries actually blow my mind. A family falls for the charm of their neighbour and their daughter gets abducted. TWICE. It is such a bewildering account, it took a while for me to wrap my head around the whole thing. I had so many questions after watching this documentary, especially for the parents who were explicitly told to cut ties with this neighbour and yet they didn’t (???). The fact that they allowed this man to sleep in the same bed as their daughter? Their daughter goes missing but they don’t call the police for 3 days? And then another 2 weeks when she disappears again?! THE WHOLE THING IS MIND BLOWING and you will literally watch the whole thing with your mouth hanging open.

This is only a small snippet of my Netflix and honourable mentions go to Someone Great because that film is SO SO good. Especially the soundtrack. Lizzo ❤️

What’s on your Netflix? Aside from Netflix, is there anything else you’re currently watching?


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  • Claudine

    Is it weird that I don’t have my own Netflix account? Haha I only watch what my dad watches since it’s his account, but I’ve definitely heard some of the shows you’ve mentioned! Is it true that Street Food featured delicacies from Cebu, Philippines? I LOVE that place and the food is just heavenly!

    Oooh, I haven’t seen Abducted in Plain Sight yet. I’m gonna watch it right after I comment! Thanks for these recommendations!

  • Eena

    Ahh I know the feels about neglecting one’s blog. Think I just did that with mine for the past two weeks, lol. Anyways, YES! Street Food is such a good show!! And I actually saw Abducted in Plain Sight after my coworkers were talking about it and I was watching it with a bewildered look on my face – so dumb!!!!

    cabin twenty-four

  • Nancy

    I haven’t watched Jane the Virgin in years!! I can’t believe it has been going on for 5 seasons so far. I remember getting mad when things go wrong for Jane, haha. OK I need to watch Street Food. That is def my kind of vibe. Though, Abducted in Plain Sight might be something I want to avoid. I already have no faith in humanity as it is. UGH, WHAT. I would be so mad if something like that remotely happens. I deactivated my Netflix last month but the last thing I watched was Marie Kondo’s special, hehe.

    • Chynna

      I knoooow, it is dragging at the moment but the last two episode comes out soon EVER. I personally think it should have ended a while ago, but in true telenovela style it hasn’t haha

  • jcliken

    I feel like I’m so out of loop on television and streaming right now. I think i’ve just been watching the same shows on repeat, I’m a little exhausted by all of the options, it stresses me out, lol.

    I’ve always wanted to watch Jane the Virgin though. I never realized that Gina Rodriguez made such divisive comments, I love her as an actress. It bothers me so much too that she goes out of her way to defend Latina actresses but completely excludes Afro-Latinas, blerg! I’ve dealt with that my whole life.

  • Melissa Kacar

    These are all great Netflix recommendations! I’m definitely gonna have to check all of these out! I’m planning to start watching Queer Eye soon! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Meaghan

    OMG! I tried to get into Jane the Virgin, but I couldn’t. I felt like sometimes they were trying too hard to be funny, and it moved at such a slow pace. I was actually super butthurt to see how problematic Gina was (is?) because I loved her in the Netflix movie called “Someone Great”.

    Every time I watch Street Food, I honestly drool a little bit. It makes me want to go back to Asia (specifically Korea for their street food vendors!).

    I haven’t seen Queer Eye yet, even though people rave about it. And I haven’t seen Abducted yet either!

    I haven’t been on Netflix that often these days. I’ve been watching Euphora and Big Little Lies on HBO. And I’m about to start Game of Thrones (I know — I’m so late to the game haha).

    • Chynna

      I was exactly the same RE: Gina Rodriguez. Ugh. Still, last two episodes of JTV eveeeerrr, and I’ve stuck with it this long! I need to watch the latest season of Big Little Lies – apparently, Meryl Streep is mega scary in it and I’m so here for that, haha. Girl, prepare yourself mentally and your heart for GoT lol.

  • Dasynka

    Wow, I have to admit that I don’t watch Netflix and I’m not subscribed , maybe I’m one of the few in the world but yes that’s the true! Anyway some series seems so great, I just don’t have the time to see them

    xx Dasynka

  • Brandi

    Chynna! You’re back! Long time no talk (we used to be link buddies). Loving the post and new site. Loving your Netflix list as well definitely added some of these to my list 😀 now i have new stuff to watch 😀

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