Why You Should Actually Watch Love Actually

So, I’m sure you might have noticed that I haven’t been posting as frequently. That’s because, as I mentioned in a previous post, I have new job, which pretty much saps up most of my energy. It’s been nearly 2 months at the job, and I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. When Mutay suggested we do blogmas, I jumped at the chance to add new content to the blog!

This is the first proper post of December, and I’m really excited to get started. I wasn’t sure about what to write about as there are a multitude of things to do with Christmas that I could write about. I mean, helloooooooo! It’s Love Actually season and I could wax lyrical about that film for days on days, haha.

I actually have a couple of posts to write that aren’t to do with the holiday season, so those will pop up randomly but onwards! I’ve decided I want to talk about Love Actually, ’cause it’s honestly one of my favourite films and in my opinion the best Christmas film. Hands down. Don’t even try to argue with me. Here are 5 reasons why you should watch Love Actually cuddled up at home with a hot drink and some biscuits. Obv.

1. Hugh Grant dancing

Best scene in the film. Apparently he didn’t even want to dance, but he got so into it by the end they couldn’t not include in the film. The song is as classy as it can get, tbh

2. Martin Freeman is a nude stand in

This made me crack up every time there was a scene with him and Joanna Page. So awkward, and yet so adorable because the two of them manage to strike up a romance

3. Emma Thompson

She is the queen of acting. Her scene when she figures out Snape is a no-good rotten elephant breaks my heart every time and I end up sobbing like a fool whenever I watch it.

4. The surprise band at the wedding

Cheesy as cheesy can get, but so much fun! I have no idea how the band hide their instruments in the pews, though. But whatever, it’s just a film and it’s all in good fun.

5. Bill Nighy swearing like a trooper

Throughout the whole film, this guy is a miser. But you love him anyway because of it. When he’s recording the Christmas song and he starts swearing like a trooper always has me in stitches. So bloody English.

There are waaaaay more reasons as to why you should watch Love actually, but these are some of my favourite scenes. Whatever you’re doing this holiday season, you better find some time to watch Love Actually at least once. Or twice. Or a trillion times like I probably will 😉


  • Joy

    Don’t hate me but I have never seen this movie! I’ve always wanted to but haven’t! Maybe I can convince Josh to get it for me as an early Christmas present lol

  • Georgie

    LOVE THIS MOVIE. Haha. It’s my boyfriend’s favourite and he remembers all the lines… I think I’m blessed. It is an amazing movie for all the reasons you mentioned. #2 is awfully awkward and cute, for sure. I also appreciate the fact that they chose to include an interracial couple. It’s a really good movie and I don’t think all those other movies that tried to follow suit with the ‘many-people’s-stories-at-once’ thing actually worked as well as this one. 😛 I would call this a classic!

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