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    *ring ring* “2018 calling.”

    A year of mainly ups, but some downs and the chorus of all of us singing, “Where the hell has the year gone?” I was going to do a reflection post just like I did at the start of the year, but Mutay sent me some questions which I thought be a perfect way to reflect on the year. First, however, I’ll be going through how my year went and revelling in the fact that I have actually achieved so much. Let’s start off with January, which was actually a quiet start to the year. I wanted to focus on my goals, which included the use of my Happiness Planner.…

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    MCM Comic Con 2017

    I think this is what one would call a blog post… yes? This post was intended for October, but better late than never, am I right? I reopened this post this morning and looked at what I had already written and realised it was no longer relevant because why? I FINISHED NANOWRIMO! NaNoWriMo actually helped kickstart my creative juices again and ugh, it was so good to actually be writing every day again. Such a sweet feeling to reach 50k, as well! At this point, I have no idea where my plot is going. I have a plot outline and a vague notion of what I want to happen, but…

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    Book Highlights of 2016

    I was inspired by Amy’s post recently on her year in books and thought it’d be a good idea for a post, as well! As an avid reader, I have been slacking these past few years when it comes to reading. When I was younger I used to go through books like water, but these days with work and other social commitments (I’m really just talking Netflix here, btw), I’ve found I don’t read as much.