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    Merry Christmas

    That’s the presents unwrapped, the turkey eaten, the pigs in blankets devoured, all of the films watched. That’s Christmas done for another year! Can’t lie, I’ve definitely eaten enough to feed a small army today, not mention drank so much Moscato that it’s practically pouring out of my ears. I hope you all had a magical Christmas, wherever you are in the world ~ 2018 is around the corner, so let us all wish for the best in the upcoming New Year. PS. Doctor Who was pretty good this year. Scream for Lethbridge-Stewart. Scream because we have finally got rid of Steven Moffatt. Scream because of the new Doctor’s Yorkshire…

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    Merry Christmas Eve! Tomorrow is officially Christmas — are you ready?! I literally just finished my Christmas shopping yesterday. Since finishing work up for the holidays, I have eaten a ridiculous amount that it’s no wonder that I don’t look like a small whale, right now. I mean as I am typing this, I am eating ? That’s my favourite part of Christmas, not that I need an excuse, but the amount of food consumption. To be fair, I should be careful though because I have definitely started to feel the effects of eating too much… At the moment, though, can’t stop, won’t stop! This week, I’ve had three Friendsmas gatherings…

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    Borough Market

    I wanted to go to several markets to write for this post, but I only managed to visit one with my mum the other day. Nevertheless, I had fun wandering around Borough Market and looking at all the goodies the sellers had on display. I love grabbing a mulled wine from one of the stalls and browsing what’s for sale. With 14 different herbs and spices, the mulled wine I chose was so delicious. I also managed to pick up some fudge from Whirld and beer sticks from Canon & Canon. I also got to smell some truffles, whilst my mum was in the background telling me that they look…

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    Christmas Tree Reveal

    My mum is always in charge of the Christmas tree and I just realised that I haven’t posted any pictures of our tree anywhere on social media! This year she went for a silver and red theme and as always it turned out amazing ? I also mentioned that I decorated a mini tree for my desk at work, and my mum picked up some mini decorations for me. I also managed to nab some fairy lights from Poundland and with the spare tinsel I wrapped some fairy lights around it and put it on my screen! What does your Christmas tree look like? Do you go for real or…

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    My Top 5 Christmas Films

    I absolutely love Christmas films because they always get me in the spirit. I love tucking myself into bed in my onesie and surrounding myself with snacks whilst I watch one of my favourite films. I did this the other day when I watched Christmas Prince on Netflix and oh my gosh… what an absolute sh*te film, but yet I still watched it the whole way through ? Anyway, here are my top 5 Christmas films (in no particular order (Okay, well if you read my posts in 2015 then you’ll know Love Actually is no. 1, but whatever whatever)) Elf (2003) I remember watching this for the first time and…

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    Christmas Baking

    Tis the season to be jolly! ? Today marks 1 week until Christmas, which also means the start of Weekmas which Mutay suggested I do as I did want to have some festive posts up, but I don’t have time for Blogmas or 12 Days of Christmas! I’ve been really getting into the festivities this season and despite it still not feeling exactly like Christmas just yet for me, it’s been really fun. From decorating my desk at work (my extra ass bought a small Christmas tree and put tinsel and lights on my screen) to the gingerbread house decorating (click here to see how it turned out), it’s definitely getting me…

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    MCM Comic Con 2017

    I think this is what one would call a blog post… yes? This post was intended for October, but better late than never, am I right? I reopened this post this morning and looked at what I had already written and realised it was no longer relevant because why? I FINISHED NANOWRIMO! NaNoWriMo actually helped kickstart my creative juices again and ugh, it was so good to actually be writing every day again. Such a sweet feeling to reach 50k, as well! At this point, I have no idea where my plot is going. I have a plot outline and a vague notion of what I want to happen, but…

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    A blog post in the middle of the week? Yeah, your eyes aren’t seeing things. I realise I’ve been away from the blogosphere for the longest time, but that was entirely unintentional. I’ve been putting most of my time and energy into NaNoWriMo this month and a lot of other things have happened since I last posted, but I’ll write about them slowly but surely and catch you guys up. Anyway, moving on… A few weekends ago, I went to Hertfordshire to join some fellow bloggers in a cooking lesson at The Cookery and had the best time ever. Just need to get this out of the way but is…

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    Christmas at Kew

    It’s the last post of the year! Can you believe that this year has gone by this quickly?! I thought I’d mark the end of the year with a lovely picture of post of Mutay and I’s trip to Kew Gardens the other night. The stress that we went through trying to get there in time was unreal, but it was totally worth it because we had a wonderful time. Christmas at Kew is a unique night-time experience and we found ourselves on a one-mile sparkling path throughout the world-famous botanic gardens. There were lights, festivities, food (most important, of course) and we got to ride a carousel. Haven’t been on one of…

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    Apologies for what seems to be a fail of a Blogmas series! Mutay and I have both been so busy with work (that’s always our excuse, isn’t it) and with Christmas literally two days away, it’s hard to squeeze anything in between last minute Christmas shopping and eating literally all of the food. Nevermind, eh? I’m back now and I just want to talk about the amazing time I had at the Murder Mystery night with bgo, Joe Blogs and Agent November.