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    A Familiar City Called New York

    Storytime: Against my better judgement I got into an Uber with a crazy lady. I’ll explain – Mutay and I had just braved a 12hr+ coach journey from Toronto to New York and I wasn’t really feeling to search for the subway to trek all the way to Brooklyn. So, I ordered an Uber. The Uber came pretty quick – he parked, came to help us load our suitcases in the trunk and at this point, I could see he was talking, but I thought he was on the phone or something. Lo and behold when we open the car door, who is sitting there? The previous passenger he had picked…

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    How To Do Iceland (In 3 Days)

    Well, I’m back! I’m surprised I actually blogged at least once whilst I was away but then we hit Toronto and all thoughts of blogging disappeared. But here I am ready to fill you all in on my latest adventures. I still can’t believe that we hit up 3 countries in 10 days, but alas we did and it was absolutely amazing. I was going to put everything in one master post but realised that wasn’t realistic and you’d probably stop reading ¼ of the way in. So, here’s the first post of our transatlantic adventures starting off with: Iceland. Quick rundown: Iceland is cold. Iceland is expensive. Iceland is…

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    (Less Than) 48 Hours in Paris

    The beauty of living in London is that you have the rest of Europe literally just across the sea. It’s a great, cheap and an awesome way to get some culture in on the weekend. You really don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a quick getaway.

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    ¿Dónde está la biblioteca?

    I’m back from Barcelona with a wicked tan and a penchant for saying “Hola!” and “Gracias!”, all the time. Dear Barcelona, When I visited you two years ago, you took my heart. I vowed I would return, and whilst it took me two years to make it back – I did. You didn’t disappoint. From your astonishing views to your chilled out vibes and amazing weather, everything about you is a hundred and ten percent perfect. I didn’t want to leave, but alas it is back to reality for me. It won’t be long til I’ll be back. Adiós. DAY 1 We almost missed our coach to the airport, and the…

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    The Invisible Child x Whimsical Joy Giveaway

    I promised another giveaway to those with US addresses and after a whole world of busyness, I am finally prepared to unveil The Invisible Child x Whimsical Joy giveaway! I’ve teamed up with the wonderful Joy from Whimsical Joy to bring you some cool items! She is the nicest person you’ll ever meet and super talented, so I’m excited that her stuff is up for grabs because she has put so much love in them.  When you get a chance, check out her new online store where you can get 10% off! Check out more details here. (I have been eyeing up the Doctor Who purse ever since she put it up on her Instagram ?)