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An Excerpt

The air was still as a little girl walked hurriedly down the quiet street. She shouldn’t really be out at this time but if she was fast enough she could be in before the curfew police came around. She pulled her duffel coat tighter around her body, moving as fast as her little legs could carry her. The object that was hidden beneath her jacket felt like it was burning against her small chest. She knew she shouldn’t really have it on her possession and if she was found with it on her… she shuddered to think of the consequences. As she turned the corner, she nearly tripped over a solid lump in the middle of the pavement. Backtracking, she glanced nervously around before looking back at what had caused her to stop.

The lump stirred and emitted a small groan, and she realised that it was in fact a body. Her eyes widened and she took a cautious step forward. She crouched down, using her left arm to clutch her coat around her so the object wouldn’t slip out, and with her right hand she poked the body. The body rolled over at her touch and a mass of black curls could be seen, followed by eyes that slowly revealed their brown colour as they opened. It was a boy. The girl straightened and simply stared at the boy, wondering what he was doing lying on the floor.

“Excuse me, mister,” she asked, “But what are you doing?” The boy turned his head, and looked at her in confusion. He slowly lifted himself, and just sat on the ground staring dazedly at his surroundings. He was looking back at her now, slowly blinking,

“I have absolutely no idea,” he stood up now, brushing himself down, “Where am I? I mean… I was just… and now I’m here…,” he trailed off, his hands waving manically in the air. The little girl was beginning to feel frightened of this strange tall boy who had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. She took a step backward, as the boy continued to ramble on about being at some place previously. The distance sound of a siren alerted her back to her own situation and she immediately snapped back to attention. Without thinking, she grabbed the boy’s hand,

“Come on, mister!” she said, and then dragged him with her. They were racing down the street as the siren got louder, the girl could feel the blood rushing to her head and her adrenaline pumping as she tugged harder on the boy’s hand for him to hurry up. They finally reached the end of the street and they quickly turned the corner. The girl flattened herself up against the brick wall, urging the boy to the same and quickly tried to catch her breath. She took a quick peek round the corner and spied the familiar green van that drove around the streets after six o’clock in the evening. A red light was glaring from atop the van and she could see the men inside, scouring the streets with their beady eyes.

“Let’s get moving,” she grabbed his hand again, and pulled him along. Luckily they were near her house and she couldn’t be more grateful as she unlocked the front gate and started to frantically knock the front door. The door flung open and she was immediately swept into a ferocious hug.

“God, Amelia! Don’t you ever do that again!” her father whispered in her ear, clutching her as if his life depended on it, “What if you were caught? I don’t even know…” he choked on his sentence, now settling the girl onto the ground,

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” the girl replied, looking abashedly at the floor, scuffing her foot. Her father tilted her chin to look at him,

“Just promise you won’t scare me like that again,” the little girl nodded, now unzipping her coat and proffering the book in her father’s face. Her father’s face changed from worried to glee in a split second,

“You got it!” he exclaimed, “That’s my girl!” and she was swept yet again into another hug. A sudden blare of a siren made the girl turn to look back where the boy was standing awkwardly in the doorway. Her father turned too and was shocked to find someone else had tagged along with this daughter. The siren was getting louder,

“For God’s sake, get in, boy!” he said, ushering the boy into his house. His daughter had a lot of explaining to do.

I got the internship at Move Digital! This internship isn’t paid like the one I have now but it will be very good experience and will look good on my CV. I’m going to be doing two days at Mutual Media and 3 days at Move Digital – going to be a busy week. I’m looking forward to the challenge!

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