Where’s My Holiday?

You know that you’re too busy when you’ve had to stop one of your internships. Sadly, I had to stop my staff writer internship at because I just couldn’t handle writing 3 – 4 articles a week on top of doing assignments for the other internship and working Monday to Friday. Hectic, hectic, hectic. Can’t say I’m bored though.

Working back in retail has been… interesting. I forgot how rude some customers can be especially in the area where I work which is known to be quite rough (see story about mad man with bat in previous post). It’s physically demanding as well because I’m constantly on my feet tidying up and working all around the store the whole time – except for when I’m doing my returns and I sneakily chill on the floor for this.

England has been having some immense heatwave this past week. I can’t really complain, though, because 1. it is summer and 2. we have been waiting for this sort of weather for ages. I mean, we definitely deserve some sun after we had snow in freaking March/April. Global warming, eh. It’s been really nice though. I had the day off last Friday for Wireless Festival which was so, so, so amazing. Justin Timberlake live plus the fact that he was slightly drunk onstage was the highlight of… my life, basically. He is AMAZING live, I can’t even comprehend how this man exists because I swear to God he is perfect. Plus Jay Z came out for a suprise performance of Suit & Tie, and I nearly peed myself in excitement. Goodness, that day was actually perfect and the weather was amazing too. Drinking, music, sun and friends = best day ever.

Got to sunbathe in my grandma’s garden on Sunday, too, so I have a wicked tan. The only problem I have with the heat is that there is no breeze, so it’s constantly sticky even at night it’s still super hot. Plus my uniform is all black at work – you do the math.

Back to reality though where I still have to move out of my university accomodation, pay outstanding bills and clean the whole goddamn place. I am definitely not ready for adult life.


  • Sakura

    Wow. You are taking up more than 1 internships? 😮 It must be really taxing!

    On your comment on my blog, have you tried putting makeup before? Putting makeup initially can be intimidating but after some time and practice, you will get the hand on it and be comfortable with it. When I first put on makeup, I felt weird too. But it gets better after some practice. 😀

  • Kayla

    That sucks that you had to give up the internship but hopefully things will now be a lot calmer and you can actually relax a little bit.

    FUCK I AM SO JEALOUS YOU SAW JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. He’s my all time favourite and hasn’t been out to Australia since 2007. He said he’d be out on this tour but still hasn’t released any dates so I’m dying hahaa. Glad you enjoyed it, sounds amazing.

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