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When in Prague

So, it has been a while since the last blog post but to be fair I was off travelling and having the time of life. Yes, I went travelling again – this time for my friend’s 21st rather than for field research, so it was 10 times more fun. We went to Prague for 4 days from 14th to the 18th, and boy, we came back with stories.

Prague itself is a beautiful country. A bit smoky, but I’ll explain that bit later. To be honest, whilst we did explore it a bit, we spent most of our time partying. We arrived on Friday, and as soon as we grabbed a bite to eat at McDonald’s (go figure) we were off out. I’m not quite sure how travel works in Prague but I think you have to buy a ticket before you board the tram; however we managed to get away with hopping trams and the metro for the 4 days we were there. Badasses we are. That Friday night we ventured into a club called ROXY. I think there was a special event going on because it cost us 200CZK ($10/£6) to get in and whilst the music wasn’t much to our taste (house, techno, trance music) we still had a good time. There were quite a few funny characters we met in there as well – one guy accosted my friend and was all over her. He also stated, “I’m not racist. I love black women!” Riiiiiight. Getting back was funny as well because one guy was just standing at the tram stop staring at us. I, being the crazy person I am, decided to get my picture taken with him and got called “milady”. How charming. Too bad he wasn’t that nice looking. We also did the Harlem Shake. Good times.

The next day we explored around our hostel and found two restaurants nearby. We decided to try this little Czech restaurant and the food there was delicious and the people there were so nice. The chef even let my friend behind the counter and let her try to pull a pint. He also gave said pint to us for free, to which my friend decided to down it. Yay, free stuff!

We decided to head into town to see what Prague was saying. We found this big shopping centre called Palladium, but to be honest I wasn’t really interested because I didn’t come to Prague to shop. We did find this bookstore but everything was in Czech, so that kind of sucked. It was funny seeing Fifty Shades of Grey everywhere, though.

That morning we were looking for places to club on our phone and we found this place called M1 Lounge, so we thought we’d try and find it so we wouldn’t get lost whilst trying to find it that night. Turns out we found something even better. Whilst walking down the road we passed this little courtyard which displayed a poster for a Prague Pub Crawl. For 500CZK ($25/£16), you go to 3 different bars and then go to the biggest club in Central Europe which has 5 floors; essentially 5 clubs in 1. What’s even better is that for the first hour you get unlimited drinks. When I say unlimited, I am not exaggerating in one bit. This included vodka & cranberry shots, absinth shots, red & white wine, and beer. You can only imagine how crazy I got. Crazy. Looking back at the pictures, all I can do is laugh because that night was definitely one to remember. I love pub crawls like this because you get to meet so many different people and better yet – from all over the world! During the first hour, me and my friend when crazy and got so drunk it was unbelievable. During that first hour, I made friends with a lesbian, an American girl in the bathroom and got carried by a really tall Australian guy. During that first hour, I took pictures of randomers and danced like an epileptic with my friends.

The next bar we somehow managed to get behind the DJ booth and for some reason, there was a dildo stuck to the handlebar. I don’t really know but we all took pictures with it, something which I am very ashamed of and can’t bring to show you guys. I also found that Australian guy again turns out he was with another Australian. I dunno, but I love Australians. I think it’s their accents. So, me being me, at the next bar I fucking grabbed the Australians (not the tall one) and started making out with him. The way I got hit by my friends – abuse! One of my friends saw everyone else kissing someone, so she decided to grab some guy and kiss him as well. Our lives are hysterical.

Then I kind of had a breakdown. I am still a bit heartbroken, so drink and emotions aren’t really a good mix. Luckily, my friend shouted some sense into me and took me outside to sober up with water and fresh air. We met some Canadians outside, and I bummed a cigarette off them. I don’t smoke except when I’m drunk and someone is offering it to me. Yeah. Yeah. We ended up losing the group we were with, so we sat in Burger King for a bit eating chips before attempting to find the group again. It took us a while but eventually found the club where they were at and my friends didn’t even allow me to have my welcome shot! The audacity. I wasn’t as drunk as before but I wasn’t like stone cold sober. I could still tell what was going on, so all was good.

When we were in the club, we met these guys who were being rowdy on the plane on our way to Prague. I remember one of the guys sitting two seats in front of my friend turned around and went to his brother, “I like the one in the glasses!” in reference to my friend. Oi, oi. It can be safely said that they were dancing together that night. He even bought her a drink. Australian guy found me again and stuck to me the whole night. Aren’t I lucky? I also got a drink bought for me. I can’t complain there. The rowdy boys were doing all sorts of nonsense on the dance floor – the guy my friend was with; his brother decided to take off his shirt, stand on the seating area and proceeded to jiggle his fat. To say I wasn’t impressed is an understatement. Anyway, the club still hadn’t ended and we left around 5.30 in the morning! Australian guy, his name is Phil, walked with us whilst we tried to get home. To be honest, I let the others try to find a way home and only paid attention to Phil. It was cold and I needed cuddles. Sue me! He also gave me a piggyback like part of the way home until we finally decided we can’t find a tram, we’re gonna have to get a taxi.

He did add me on Facebook the next morning. *raises eyebrow*

The next morning I had the world’s biggest headache. So gargantuan you could see it from space. We didn’t leave the hostel until about 2 in the afternoon and we decided to hit up the Mexican restaurant around the corner for some mini quesadillas and Prague’s own brand Cola (which kind of just tastes of fizz – disappointment.) We had dinner reservations that night because it was my friend’s birthday, so we decided to head back into town, look around for a bit and then chill in McDonald’s to bag the free wifi. Finally hits 8 o’clock, so we make our way to the restaurant which is called Coyotes. The food there was really nice – I got a beef burger with jalapenos, fries and cocktail sauce. We were also given a free show which included the bartender girls standing on the bar and dancing their asses off. I fell in love with the one with the biggest booty. Trust me. After that, we decided to go to a shisha place except they were expecting us to buy drinks as well but we just wanted the shish. In the end, we ended up in at the M1 Lounge which we were meant to go to the previous day. That place was really good, shots and pitchers aside. For our last night in Prague, it was pretty amazing. I love the clubbing scene in Prague!

It was pretty cold when we went but then again, we just came out of winter time and it was snowing on our way back. I would love to visit Prague again, but probably when it’s warmer.

This story is only a slightly watered down version of what happened – I’ll probably write more in the next post because this is long enough as it is. Plus, I have a lot of university work to catch up on. Oh, life.

Here, have some pictures to keep you occupied until the next post.  :3



  • Merii-Beth

    You’re crazy Chynna! Haha I swear you’re either travelling or partying which is honestly such an awesome thing to do. I don’t think I could ever handle clubbing every day, I can barely handle a drink haha. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip though, it seemed like an awesome adventure! Are you still keeping in touch with Phil? 😉

    And thank you for the congrats on my license! I’m still learning too (technically) but by June I’ll have my full license!

  • Nancy

    It sounded like you had a really fun time at Prague; especially since you spent most of your time partying! Wow, all of you really went all out! The chef at the restaurant sounds really sweet for giving free stuff for you guys to try out :)!

    Wow, clubs in your place sounds so sweet! I rarely hear about people going clubbing here in LA… It’s all about going to ska gigs and getting illegally wasted. You definitely had your fun at the club XD. It takes time to heal a broken heart, but don’t hold on to it. You gots this! I’m still a bit tripping out about the dildo being stuck in the DJ booth. That shit cray.

    Those pictures definitely show that you had a lot of fun with your friends! I hope school is treating you well :)!!!

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