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When in Amsterdam

Every time I visit a new place, I fall in love. There hasn’t been a place that I’ve travelled too, and haven’t fallen in love with at least one aspect of the place. Amsterdam is no exception. As soon as I arrived, I fell deeply and irrevocably in love with the city. A tad dramatic, perhaps, but the truth.

I wish I were back there now.


Plans from the night before were dashed aside, as I had an early flight. Despite our flight not being until 11, we had to get to the airport early because 1) I’m an early person, and I hate rushing and 2) I wanted breakfast. I was really counting on a McDonald’s being at the airport, but that’s okay. We settled for Garfunkel’s and I enjoyed a hearty full English breakfast. Can’t beat that. Also found out that Wagamama now do breakfast?

Me being me, I slept right through take off. Ha.

I remember the times when my family and I would go to the Philippines, and our stop over was in Amsterdam because we used KLM. Longest airport I’ve ever been to. Just getting from our gate to the exit to get to the station was long as heck. I wanted to look cute that day and wore my high-heeled boots. Bad idea. We all learn.

We took the train from Schiphol to Amsterdam Centraal station with relative ease. They have the same trains as in Paris, which are double decker.

Thankfully, our hotel was literally on the other side of the station. After going completely the wrong way, we finally made it to Park Plaza Victoria. Check in was easy, and the staff were all very friendly. We had to put down a deposit of €75 for use of the mini bar. However, if you don’t use the bar then you get the money back.

Our room was really nice. Access to English channels, big airy cupboards to store your personal belongings and a nice bathroom. Couldn’t really complain.

After changing into my trainers, we decided to explore the city. Amsterdam is such a chill city; I adore how chill it is. Our first port of call was The Royal Palace of Amsterdam.

The palace was built as a city hall during the Dutch Golden Age in the 17th century. The building became the royal palace of King Louis Napoleon and later of the Dutch Royal House. It is situated on the west side of Dam Square in the centre of Amsterdam, opposite the War Memorial and next to the Nieuwe Kerk. [1.]

We wandered around and took in just about everything in terms of architecture, people and culture. I love the architecture – it’s all so old school. We chilled in Dam Square, before handing over for our Amsterdam Burger Cruise.

The Royal Palace of Amsterdam is one of three palaces in the Netherlands which are at the disposal of the monarch by Act of Parliament.
The Royal Palace of Amsterdam is one of three palaces in the Netherlands which are at the disposal of the monarch by Act of Parliament.

Best. Cruise. Ever.

For €39, you can enjoy a Black Angus beef burger. It has special tomato salsa with raisins and mustard seed. You also get two free beers and another drink of your choice (be it soft drink or alcoholic), so you can bet I was tipsy by the time we got off the boat because I opted for a glass of white wine, as well. Heh.

Exploring Amsterdam from the water is honestly one of the best ways to take in all the sights and attractions, like the NEMO building. The tour guide was really helpful in explaining the stories behind some of the sights. The hotel we stayed in actually had to build around this little old lady’s house because she refused to move when they were building the hotel. You wouldn’t notice it unless someone mentioned it, but right at the front of the hotel underneath the sign you can see where that part doesn’t blend in with the rest of the hotel.

There are also two houses where the families that lived in them were notorious for fighting all the time, so much so that there is a little statue of a cat and a mouse on each house.

After the cruise, we headed back to the hotel and after a quick change we headed back out again. It was still quite early, so we headed to the Euro Pub for some drinks before heading to Casa Rosso.

Had to change my outfit because I ate too much. Ha.
Had to change my outfit because I ate too much. Ha.

If you follow me on Snapchat, then you’ll know that Casa Rosso is a live sex show. Yup – a live sex show. I didn’t really know what to expect, but wow. At least it’s something that I can say I’ve been too. Definitely something I can’t mention when family members ask how Amsterdam was. I actually got up on stage twice, because I am that sort of person.

The first time I got to dance around with one of the girls, who was gorgeous, and myself and two other people on my row had to eat a banana from between her legs. Eek. Next thing I know, her legs are wrapped around my neck. Damn.

The second time was with a big guy dressed as a cop, and he made us girls remove his clothes one by one, so that by the time he was in left in his little thong, he proceeded to pick me up (I know I’m small, but come on) and wrap my legs around his waist and thrust me. Yes. That happened. Unfortunately, you can’t take any pictures or videos whilst at the shows, so you’ll have to take my word for it. I swear it happened, haha.

After making friends with the people in our row, we wandered around the Red Light District, saw some transgendered people down the side streets and got high. When in Amsterdam. Said friends were amazing people who, after getting extremely tipsy mixed with high, helped me back to my hotel. I had such a fun first night in Amsterdam. Kind of cemented how much I loved the city, already.

TIP: Check out Tours & Tickets. They sell discounted tickets for shows, cruises and tours. There’s one literally every 4 shops. We already some things booked before hand, but we managed to get a discounted ticket for Casa Rosso and a voucher for money off at the Museum of Prostitution.

Day 2 & 3 coming soon.


  • Tara

    HOMG. Your trip to Amsterdam makes me sooooo jealous! Amsterdam is on my list of cities to visit and I hope to make it there one day! I love the photo of the palace! European architecture just make me feel like I’ve travelled to another world! 😀

    Also a burger cruise? LOL That’s something different! I’m glad you enjoyed it 😀

  • Cat

    That’s awesome that you went to Amsterdam! I’d like to visit there some day. The views from the cruise looks so nice. I like the buildings with interesting architecture like the Eye Film Museum and the NEMO. The older architecture is beautiful as well!

    haha, wow, that live sex show sounds crazy. I’m amazed you went up there twice!

    Looking forward to seeing the other days of your trip!

  • Nancy

    It sounds like you’re having a fun time with your adventuring! Being a morning person is great because you feel like you get more done throughout the day. Ugggh, I love high heeled shoes, but your feet dies from walking all day in them.

    I am loving all of the places you’re visiting! A… Live sex show is an interesting concept. Sounds like you had fun with the cop guy, LOL!

    Looking forward to hearing more about your world tour ;).

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