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You know what I’d really like? To blog full-time, get paid for it, and be rolling in the money. That would be a dream come true.

In other news, it has been a while since I did a blog. As you guys know, though, I have been pretty busy this summer. You should see my iPhone calendar for August, it’s just full of dots! This month is so jam packed, it’s ridiculous but I’m really glad it is because I need a fun summer to make up for the past 3 years of summers which have been mediocre. BIG NEWS: I am turning 21 this month! On the 21st of August. Haha, 21 on the 21st. So, this make August my birthday month and I’ve been loving it so far!

Although working at retail is a bit of a drag, I do need some sort of income, and to be honest work isn’t all that bad. The people there are a bit… weird. Not in a bad way but you know just like, creepy. Ha, I don’t really know how to explain. Plus, I have so many nicknames at work as well – Chunks, Monster, Gangster, Fine Chynna. Yeah, I don’t even know. Makes work interesting, though. 

But yeah, as I said, my summer so far has been really good! I’ve finally moved out of my university housing – so that is officially done and over. It’s still a bit surreal knowing that I won’t be going back into full-time education this October. I’m probably gonna start reminiscing around that time when some of my friends go back for their final year. To be honest, I’ll probably still be going back to Coventry anyway because Mutay still has one more year there. I am hoping by then that I’ll have a proper job in my field because otherwise my degree will have gone to waste if I just stay where I am now.

Love life? More like no life. Well, I have a life obviously but in the love department it’s a bit quiet. When I thought it was blossoming like a beautiful flower it abruptly wilted and died. It seems that I’m the girl who gets one date and then no progress after. Such is life, though. Just gonna stick with my hoes and live a fruitful life of singledom. 


  • Esme

    That would seriously be the dream haha.
    I like being busy in the holidays, it beats lying at home alone doing nothing!
    I don’t really like my job in retail either, but like you said it’s a source of income and let’s face it, it’s not really too hard.
    Sigh, my love department has been quiet as well =. Hopefully that will change for you and I soon!
    Happy early birthday by the way!

  • Agent Q

    I agree. I wouldn’t mind getting paid to blog either. I wonder what it takes to get approved…
    Happy early birthday! Make the most of it. 🙂
    From my understanding, are you going to be a part-time student while making some money? I believe the terms Coventry and Mutay answer that question, but I have no idea what they mean.
    Lastly, take your time with your love life. Living a single life and being honest with yourself is significantly better than living lies with someone else. It’s nice. You have your own space and privacy. You can hang out with your friends whenever you want. Less things to worry about. Live it to its fullest! Yay single ladies!

  • Sakura

    Happy 21st Birthday in advance!

    I would love to get paid for blogging the things I like. I wonder where I can get such offers for sponsored blog posts.

    It’s good to be single. You get a lot of freedom that attached ones don’t get. BTW, who is Mutay?

  • Cami

    Hey you should go for such a position. I’m sure there are plenty of companies or businesses who are hiring bloggers.

    Happy early birthday!

    I love being busy, absolutely love it. It makes times of rest that much more appreciated for me.

    Wishing you luck in your future relationships. 🙂

  • Nancy

    Blogging for money sounds like the real deal; especially since you love doing it anda ll.

    Even though you have been busy, I hope you’re making the best out of it by having fun! It’s almost your birthday! 10 more days or so til you’re 21 :D! If it was in the US, you’d be legal to drink but that was already taken care of for you 😛 (lucky chick.)

    Wow, you have a lot of nicknames going around. Those sounds like awesome nicknames though! I laughed when I saw Fine Chynna because of Chris Brown’s song :P. Even though the people are a bit weird, it makes things interesting.

    Congratulations on finishing your school career! Good luck with finding a proper job and whatnot. You can do it! :D.

    As for your love life, do what you do and don’t push it. Some awesome guy who will be your prince charm will show up sometime in the future… As long as you don’t bum around at home all day. Go out and get some experience in the workforce, party, and enjoy life! 😀

  • Kayla

    Happy birthday! Wish I could go back to my 21st and do it all over. I didn’t care about it at the time and now I wish I’d partied a bit harder haha.
    Hope your summer turns out to be a blast.

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