#WCW & No Extensions Week?

Guess what day it is, today? Huuuuump day.

Since yesterday I’ve been having some trouble accessing my blog, but I’m pretty sure it’s purely a thing on my end. I have no idea how to fix it but I definitely know my blog is still working because other people can access it. Anyway, no harm done because I managed to access my blog via a proxy site. A tad bit annoying but when you need to blog, you need to blog 😛 I’ll see if there’s anything I can do soon.

It’s getting colder and colder over here in the UK which means that I have to put away my crop tops (Yes, I was still wearing crop tops in October/November. I’m a rebel) and bring out my boots and thick jacket again. Perhaps it’s a British thing, but I complain when it’s hot and I complain when it’s cold. You can never please me. I finally managed to retrieve the massive cardigan my sister thieved from me time ago. I clearly want to get into the Christmas spirit already because the cardigan has reindeers on it.

I can already see quite a few people are already getting into the Christmas spirit, and I must admit the more I read these blogs and watch the Christmas adverts, the more I get excited. I’m also doing Secret Santa this year and have an excellent idea for a present which I’ll probably share with you guys in the upcoming weeks 🙂

I was also thinking of doing ‘No Extension Week’ in which I don’t wear my hair extensions for a week. I am notoriously self-conscious about my hair and hate that it’s short. However, it’s been growing a bit now and the ends aren’t as uneven as they used to be. I mentioned previously that I used to have alopecia which is one of the reasons I can’t do much with my hair because I still have several bald patches. Kind of annoying when I see all these cute hairstyles that I’d think would suit me. It’s also why I wear hair extensions – they not only add length/volume to my hair but also cover up my patches considerably.

However, clipping and unclipping extensions every day is starting to become a bit tedious and I often find I get headaches at the end of the day. Not sure if it is too do with that, but I wouldn’t put it past it. Anyways, what do you guys think about it?

I recently started watching ‘Boys Before Flowers’, so I’m dedicating my Woman Crush Wednesday (#WCW) to the character Geum Jan Di. Although she can piss me right off with some of the things she does in the show, I have to admit I love her feistiness and the way she smacks the sh*t of the guy who’s cheating on her best friend. Also, she doesn’t take any sh*t from Gun Jun Pyo, which, you know generally goes down well in my books. You shouldn’t take sh*t from ANY guy. Power to ya!

In light of recent events, I want to take some time of your day to talk about Heart Philippines. Esther first posted about it, and I really want to spread the word. “It’s a relief project for all types of creatives: YouTubers, bloggers, musicians, DIY-ers, etc.” Despite not being able to be there physically to help we can still come together as one and raise enough money to help those that are in need. My heart and prayers really go out to all the affected families and people.

I’m also linking up with Nicole for this week’s Friends Around The World Blog Hop! You should join too 🙂

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