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Velkommen Til Norge

So, for the past couple of days, I went on a field trip as part of my course to Norway!

Myself and two other people in my group spent 4 days in Bergen, which is on the west coast of Norway. It is a pretty amazing place and the scenery was really beautiful. Also, because it had recently been snowing the mountains were snowcapped and looked really cool.

Here are some things to watch out about Bergen:

1. It’s expensive!

Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world to live in. When their main source of income is through oil, then I guess I can see why it’s so expensive – they can afford to be. It must be their normal way of living as well but for tourists, it can be a nightmare. We went into a McDonalds one day for lunch and immediately backtracked as soon as we saw the prices – it’s about 85 NOK for a meal, which is £9.96 or $15. I have never been to an expensive McDonald’s in life. I had to ask my mum to bring me McDonald’s when I got back to the airport just so I could taste cheap McDonald’s and feel good about it. Snacks and drinks are also pretty pricey and we were lucky that our hotel provided us with breakfast for free otherwise we would have probably starved to death. #studentliving

2. It’s cold!

Being in the north and way too close to the Arctic for my liking, Norway is beyond freezing. Even layered up with two t-shirts, a hoodie and a massive winter coat the cold still managed to seep into bones and proceed to slowly kill me. It also lightly snowed for the first two days we were day and then rained for the rest. Bergen is known to be one of the wettest cities in Europe and we were actually lucky it didn’t rain that much whilst we were out there. We probably would have been washed away. We found this pretty funny spoof charity music video that some South Africans made which basically says that Norway is way too cold and the Africans should send over their heaters for charity.

3. Norwegians are kind of mean.

We had to do a lot of field research so this included interviews and the like, so this meant we had to stop people in the street and ask them what they thought of Bergen, could they describe it in three words, etc. Whenever we did ask them if they had any spare time to be interviewed they could either give us a bad look or just completely ignore us. Now, I don’t know whether it’s just a people in general thing because I do get kind of annoyed when I get stopped in the street but we only managed to interview a few actual Norwegians. One of the Norwegians even said that they were kind of cold and closed off but once you get to know them they are pretty friendly. How am I meant to get to know you, if you are cold and closed off?! Nevertheless, we discovered quite a few students who come from the UK, Germany and the like who are studying at the local university which was still pretty helpful.

4. It is quite a hilly place.

Bergen is built near mountains and is surrounded by what is called The Seven Mountains, so everything going outwards from the city centre is pretty much uphill. With my short legs, it was kind of a lot for me to deal with. But I dealt. #exercise

Even so, I had a fun time in Norway. I don’t know if I will be visiting again any time soon because of how expensive it was for me when I was out there but I could possibly visit again. Also, I should note that I did eat reindeer whilst I was out there and I shall note down that it was pretty damn tasty for you people thinking, “Ewwww!” right now. So, suck it! Bergen is also the capital of street art in Norway, so we also encountered some pretty cool street art. There are some pictures below :3

And whilst you look at my pictures I will go off and watch the rest of Can’t Buy Me Love. Because of Patrick Dempsey. And I’m really into 80s teen films, at the moment. Don’t judge me.


  • michelle

    I bet you had a good time over there even if it was for a course. See, I didn’t know that about Norway and it’s citizens. I learn something new everyday.

    Awesome street art 😀

  • Jea

    Norway, wow. I would love to go there sometime but right now, trips to Europe (from the Philippines) are too expensive. I love the way you blogged about it because this post fascinates me. But if ever I do get the chance to go to Norway, I’ll try my best not to talk to the people walking on the streets. They sound scary. O_o

    Password to my latest post is: 72#<RKPU4m3*i!o

  • Merii-Beth

    I’ve never seen Can’t Buy Me Love, but judging by your comment it probably is a good movie!
    Despite the money and some of the people I’m happy you enjoyed your trip to Norway! In the end, it’s all for the experience so hopefully it was worth the trip 🙂
    The street art looks amazing as well, it’s crazy how amazing some of these artists are!
    And that Radi-aid video was hilarious, it’s so funny as to how into it they were!
    Wow, that’s actually insane how expensive McDonald’s is! Like I know in the Philippines, combos there are only $2CA so to know it can go up to $15 is just… cruel. >.>

  • Gayle

    Woah, I’ve been dreaming to go to Norway but after reading this and knowing the pricey foods (and mean people), nah uh, I’m having second thoughts now. Haha!

    I have a feeling that it’s people in general thing, but nevertheless, even if some people do it here in our place, we are really friendly and hospitable and it doesn’t take much to really see that we’re friendly. ^_^

    Glad to know you had fun in Norway! The street arts are awesomee!

  • nyuu

    O___O $15 for McDonald’s???!! YIKES. Awww, I’ve always imagined Norewegians being kind people lol But I guess it depends who you meet 🙂 At least you got to experienced a new place~


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