Travel Bucket List 2018

If I could I would quit my job and go travelling. And whilst I know that there are jobs out there that will allow me to travel and work at the same time, I don’t know if that is something I could do. Perhaps with time and research, it could become a possibility but for now, I like the fact that I have a stable paycheck which allows me to save and then go to the places that I really want to go.

So, in saying that I, of course, have a travel bucket list. Mutay and I sat down when we went to Edinburgh last February and came up with a master list of places that we want to travel too, and boy it was long.

I had a look at the Destination2 website the other day for some more inspiration because the world is such a huge and wonderful place, and ideally, I would love to visit everywhere. Mutay and I are looking to go to LA this year (hi, Nancy ?), and I’m already planning to go to the Philippines next year in December. Hopefully, next year will be the year that I get to visit more places!

Without further ado, here is my travel bucket list for 2018.



Every time I surf the web I swear I see adverts with deals to Iceland. Which, of course, increases the need to visit Iceland. Who wouldn’t want to see the Northern Lights? The Blue Lagoon? Go on a Puffin Express cruise? Go on a hot spring adventure? The closest I’ve been is a stopover in Reykjavik when I was flying to New York, but I want more than a stopover!



I watch a lot of Just Kidding News and they are always going to Hawaii. There is always a sense of FOMO whenever I watch the vlogs of them visiting Hawaii because it looks glorious. Gorgeous beaches, good food and from what I can tell the friendliest people. I want to be greeted at the airport with a lei. I want to visit the Volcanoes National Park, take in scenic views of Waipio Valley and soak in all the culture possible.



My friend moved out to Dubai middle of last year and every time she posts a photo on Instagram my heart is screaming, “BOOK A TICKET. JUMP ON A PLANE. GO GO GO.” You can go to Dubai with Destination2 and from just looking around they have some really good deals, so it’s possible I’ll be heading there sooner than you think. I know a few people who have been to Dubai and have had such a blast! There are so many things to do like the Aquaventure Waterpark, taking a helicopter ride for some amazing satellite views or visiting Burj Khalifa, a mega tall skyscraper that would probably make me crane my neck like no man’s business.



This country has been on my list for the longest time (most likely fuelled from a stopover I took when I went to the Philippines – notice how I’m always stopping over but not visiting?). I’m always seeing photos on Instagram of the Gardens by the Bay which looks so colourful and futuristic. They also have Universal Studios and I love a theme park and who wouldn’t want to stay at Marina Bay Sands and enjoy the world’s largest infinity pool?

What’s on your travel bucket list?


  • Eena

    I’ve had several friends who went to Iceland and it is so pretty!! Never thought of going there until I saw my friends post about it and the hot springs or lagoons xD

    GIRL! I might be going to the Philippines in a few weeks aaaand I’m planning to go next March and/or September! Holla at me yo

  • Cat

    Iceland has been on my travel bucket list for awhile! It looks so beautiful and like it’d be a photographer’s dream vacation. New Zealand has been on my list for the same reason.

    I hope you’ll be able to go to Hawaii some time! It’s one of my favorite places because of how relaxing and beautiful it is. I haven’t been down to Waipio Valley, but I saw it from a lookout point. I did go down into Polulu Valley though, and it was gorgeous. I’ve also been to Volcanoes National Park!

    Though Dubai and Singapore haven’t made my list, they both look like amazing cities. Everyone I know who has visited those two has enjoyed it.

    At the moment, I really want to revisit Hong Kong and also go to Taiwan. I feel like I’d appreciate Hong Kong differently now that I’m an adult, and I’ve never been to Taiwan before. I’m hoping that those two will be my next international trip!

  • enyiie

    I loved this! I totally got the travel bug during my exchange semester and I’m starting to crave travelling again. I haven’t been to any of these places you mentioned on your bucket list either and I’d honestly love to visit all of them too.

    I’ve only been to the airport in Dubai for stopover, but never got a chance to step outside. I really want to visit Singapore too!! I might be doing a summer subject in Malaysia during July so hopefully I get the chance to go over to Singapore too. And mega yes to Marina Bay Sands!!

    Anyway, hope planning for your LA trip goes smoothly. Can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂

  • Tara

    With what’s on your list, I would love to check out Iceland! That and along with the other Scandinavian countries are on my list. I also have practically all of Europe and UK on my list, too 🙂 Oh, if only travel wasn’t so expensive!

    I hope whatever travel you do this year will be great. And dude if you go to LA again, I wish I could be there at the same time!!!! Would love to hang out with you, Nancy, and Mutay! ^^

  • Georgie

    Singapore is 100% worth a visit! It’s really hot – which is what I don’t personally like about it, but the Gardens are beautiful and colourful, and there is a shopping centre on like every second block so you get a blast of aircon. ? Also, the food is so good!

    I would actually love to go to Dubai and Iceland, but they are just not top of my list right now. Nick and I are visiting the States this year, so that kinda rules out a potential bucket list for the year. I do have a mental list of places I want to visit soon, at least, or before I die. If you wanna get that morbid haha.

    We were actually going to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon but it didn’t happen, we wanted to go to Japan so much more instead! Hawaii one day, soon. ??

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