This Is How We Do: Class of 2013

Hello, friends! How have you all been? I was meant to have this post up by Friday, but things got a little busy and I haven’t been feeling too well. Anyway, on Monday I had my graduation! Instead of writing a load about what an amazing day it was (it was) and how it was nice to see all my friends, again, I will provide you with a photo heavy post instead Enjoy!

Dad, Me, Mum & Donna
Dad, Me, Mum
Me & Ayo
Me & Kayleigh

Me & Mutay

It was a pretty exciting day and I can’t believe I’ve actually finished university, officially! We finished the day by visiting Bella Italia, an Italian restaurant, and then I stayed the night at Mutay’s. We popped some champagne and went out to a nightclub to celebrate. Overall, a pretty amazing day and I do wish I could do it again.

I will end this post with a video of us popping champers. Until next time!



  • Kayla

    For some reason I’m having a lot of trouble with your website, last time I tried visiting I couldn’t get on at all and this time I can’t see any of the photos! 🙁 I did see a few on instagram though, glad you had such a great time and CONGRATULATIONS! Also I enjoy the fact that you guys were listening to Justin Timberlake as you were celebrating 😉

    • chynnashley

      Oh yes, there was some trouble about two weeks where nobody could get on at all. My host fixed that, thank God. At least you can semi get on it now! 🙂 I hope you’ll be able to see the pictures soon, but at least you got to see some on Instagram 😀 Thank you soooo much, and glad you could see the video! x

  • Erin Nicole

    Congratulations on graduating uni! I thought this was high school cause you look so young! Hahahaha.

    I can’t wait until I graduate university! I’ll finally be able to have all of the pictures that I didn’t get because my camera decided to fudge up during my high school graduation ceremony. :/ I wish I could redo it to get those pictures, but oh well! Live and learn!

  • Maria

    Oh wow, you and your friends all looked so pretty and happy on your graduation day! It sounds like you had a lot of fun and so I just wanted to say: congratulations on getting your degree! 😀

    I graduated in April ’13, and my graduation party was supposed to have been in October ’13.. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it because by then I’d already emigrated to the US, so I’m a little envious, haha! 🙂

    Best of luck with your post-study career! I couldn’t find it in any of your recent posts.. but have you decided on what you’re going to do now?

    • chynnashley

      Thank you so much! Can’t believe it’s actually over though!

      I’m currently doing an internship at a media company which ties in nicely with my degree 🙂 My endgame is to be an author!

  • Katy Long

    Gowns are so awkward to keep on aren’t they? I had so many pins in the front of mine to keep the sash bit from falling on my shoulders! Your dress is lovely, beautiful colour! Where did you graduate, it looks really nice (though a bit soggy! Yay English weather =p)

    • chynnashley

      Oh God, my gown was a nightmare. I kept reshuffling it like every 10 seconds even with all the pins keeping it together. Thank you! i graduated from Coventry. (I had my hair curled that day then it rained. The weather gods clearly don’t like me)

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