Things People Do That Annoy Me

In my previous post, I mentioned that I would continue the story of Prague in the next post. However, I’m going to be put that on hold and instead write about things people do that annoy me. Recently I started watching Supernatural and there are just some things that the characters do in the show that annoy me – like, when they hear something rustling in the distance and get scared, they decide to go and check it out! Who does that?! If it were me, personally, I would high tail it out of there and never been seen again. Forget about being murdered by the Hook Man or eaten alive by a swarm of insects. I’m not about that life. Anyway, here are a list of things that people do that annoy me. A lot.

1. You know when you’re explaining to someone why you like something and they’re all like, “You probably only like them because they’re popular/mainstream.” Last time I checked, I wasn’t everybody. Usually when I like something, it’s because I genuinely like it! I am not, and never will be, a sheep. Sure, I may follow some trends doesn’t mean I’m doing it because everybody is doing it – I’m doing it because I want to as well!

2. When people say you’re lying about something. Especially when you’re telling the truth! It’s like me saying, “You will never believe it – I just grew a penis.” and you said, “I’m lying.” When it was actually true – why would I lie about something like that? Granted, that example is a bit extreme, but you get my drift.

3. People who don’t use their indicators. I’ll be trying to cross the road but then this car that decided NOT to indicate they were turning comes zooming out of nowhere and I nearly die! Where’s the respect, bro? The indicator is there for a reason!

4. When I’m in Oxford Street and I’m shopping and these stupid ass people want to walk SLOW. When I say slow, I’m talking turtle slow. We live in London. You cannot afford to be slow if you live in a city like London. People will either push you out the way or step on the backs of your shoes until you move out of the way. Pick up the pace, my friends.

5. Those teenagers at the back of the bus that play music on their phone loud. I’m sorry, I was not aware this was your house and that you could play your shitty music out loud for everybody to hear. I am perfectly fine listening to my OWN music, so please, Imma need you to turn that shit down.

6. People who don’t know the difference between your and you’re. Please.

7. People who take public transport and are always on the phone airing out their dirty laundry. Like, no, I didn’t want to know that you had an itchy vagina on my way to school today or the fact that Sandra is cheating on her husband with like 50 billion men. Just, no.

8. People who don’t appreciate personal space. So, I’ll be standing on the train and there is plenty space to stand around but NO, you decide to stand all up in my area with your stinking armpits because you decided to hold on to the railing above. I do not appreciate this. It’s abuse.

9. Those parents that let there kids just scream bloody murder when they go. Say you’re in a shopping centre, and you’re in the food court calmly having some lunch with a friend or something and suddenly you get an earful of loud screaming/laughing/something animal like all up in your vicinity. I did not sign up for this. Control your damn children. Goddammit.

10. People who don’t say thank you when you hold the door open for them. Like, excuse me, I took time out of MY day to hold open this damn, heavy door and you don’t want to say thank you? Next time, Imma let it slam in your damn face. Rude.

11. People who blow you off for a guy. A GUY. Hoes over bros clearly don’t apply to you, then, no?

12. So, you’re peacefully sitting in a restaurant just about to tuck into that nice spaghetti carbonara that you ordered but when you look up you get an eyeful of the person two tables down chewing with their mouth open. Well, guess I’m not hungry after all.

13. Preachers on the street. Don’t get me wrong, I respect whatever religion you belong to, just don’t shove it down my throat.

14. When you’re sitting in class and your teacher decides it’s a good idea for you to do a class reading and picks the slowest reader in the class. Damn, homie, could you read any slower?!

15. People who sit next to you on public transportation when there are so many other seats to sit on. This one time, I got asked to move by an old man so he could sit there when the whole bus was EMPTY. HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK?!

16. People on Facebook who post status’ like, “Really pissed off!” and someone comments asking them why and they just respond with, “Hmm. It’s nothing.” GO AWAY, you fucking attention seeker.

17. People who take up two seats on the bus. And they’re not fat. Logic, where art thou?

18. When my parents read over my shoulder when I’m on the laptop. But you can’t tell them to fuck off, because they’re your parents. Argh.

19. When I’ve just bought a fresh pack of chewing gum and as soon as I take it out people are asking for a piece. Oh, I’m sorry! I had no idea I bought this pack for the WHOLE FREAKING CLASS.

20. Sick people who cough near me and don’t cover their mouth. Imma need you to calm ya tits and remove your disease away from me.

The next post will probably be a continuation of the Prague, so look forward to that. I’m still on my Easter break but I will probably be back to university next Friday. Joy. Also, I’m working on something really exciting but I’m still keeping it under wraps.  >:)


  • Merii-Beth

    Haha, thank you for the comment on my vlog! I’ve never made one before in my life but honestly I’m just happy that at least someone liked it 🙂 And thank you for the congrats as well! And haha aw if we ever meet the two of us should wear our dresses! It’d be so fun. And of course, leave it to the lola’s and lolo’s to have lots of food on special occassions aha.

    My gosh I never knew that you watched Supernatural! It’s like my favourite show of all time in regards to the fantasy-scifi genre of television. But I know that wasn’t the main idea of your post I just thought I’d share it with you anyway LOL.

    But anyway as for your list, I totally agree with you on each and every one of those points! I think the most relatable one for me would be #2, when people say I’m lying when I’m telling the truth. Like it’s absolutely the most annoying thing ever. And I’m not trying to repeat myself just to have you believe me.

    All of the other ones are just as right as well! I remember seeing on twitter, this guy from my school, a total victim of #6 (your/you’re) tweeted something using that and my friend replied to him correcting him. He got insulted and then tried to make a comeback, doing the same. mistake. And my friend just replied saying that he did it again LOL it was so funny.

    And #16 – like why even post a status at all?
    LOL I could go on, but yeah Chynna, just know that you’re absolutely right about all of that!

    And say hi to Phil for me 😉

  • Nancy

    Those characters in Supernatural reminds me of Scooby-Doo. But I guess it’s all done for the sake of the show.

    All of these are legitimate reasons of things that people do that are annoying. The one I see the most happening is number 6. As soon as I hear that, “your cute” phrase, I probably lose most of my respect for that person. But really… That’s what they get for fucking around during English class!

    Oooh those attention seekers on Facebook are horrible. Which is one of the reasons why I don’t go on Facebook anymore and spend my days on Twitter. At least I can unfollow people and decide not to follow people back :D.

    It’s okay. Natural selection will take place in a couple of years.

    I can’t send you In-N-Out but I can send you pictures of it XD.


  • Martin

    This is my first time here, so hey! You had me ROFL at this blog. You keep it real and so truthful and you ain’t afraid to speak what’s on your mind. Girl, keep doing you! Greetings from USA.

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