Things I Learned This Week // 1

This week went by really quickly! Lots of exciting things happened, and I learned lots of stupid sh*t informative things. Here’s to another good week! 🍷

  1. I get really cranky on Mondays and nap way more often during the day
  2. I’m a hoarder when it comes to Time Out and ShortList magazines
  3. Most Americans don’t have electric kettles (say what?!)
  4. I need to stay away from the Bershka sale
  5. The London Underground is my worst nightmare
  6. How ah-mazing Magic Mike XXL was
  7. How unfit I really am (this was from climbing some damn stairs)
  8. London is really polluted. Almost every single London borough failed the air pollution limit for toxic NO2 gas  x_x 
  9. I’m the coolest
  10. There’s a legion of angels anxious to do my bidding according to the Universe
  11. McDonald’s breakfast is really tasty, but I should probably stay away from it because fat
  12. Cheerleader by OMI is super catchy
  13. OMI is Jamaican
  14. If I collect 6 stickers, I can get a free regular 7th cup of coffee from McDonalds. How can I stay away?
  15. Hutong is always fully booked and they put you on hold for like 1249072384737 minutes
  16. Fargo is really, really good and Martin Freeman is my bb for life
  17. Danny Wallace is my spirit animal
  18. How amazing the Terminator series is
  19. #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines
  20. Graffiti is amazing
  21. I’m obsessed with saying “Halo-halo!”
  22. Also, I’m obsessed with bbq chicken that I may one day turn into a bbq chicken

In other news

I won vouchers from WeSwap for Hutong, a Chinese restaurant in the Shard! I visited their offices the other day to collect them; we eat tapas, drank sangria and I got to chat with the team. They’re a super nice bunch and I even had a go on their piΓ±ata πŸ™‚

I also visited Barrio Fiesta again this year! It was soooo hot – I have a lovely tan on my feet from my sandals. I ate so much lechon kawali and BBQ, slept like a log and just generally enjoyed the vibes. I love being half Filipino.

Later that evening, I went to the Outdoor Cinema with my girls to see The Wolf of Wall Street. It did start raining about halfway through, but we stuck it out πŸ™‚ Love, love, love that film!

… How has Leonardo DiCaprio not won an Oscar yet?! Travesty.


  • Raisa

    Mondays are the worst! It’s still Sunday night here, but I’m dreading tomorrow already. πŸ™ I always wonder if Leonardo DiCaprio ticked someone off in the Oscars board or whatever they’re called. He’s always getting passed over for another actor.

    • Chynna

      Tell me about it! But, no worries – the weekend is nearly here, thank God. I’ve been thinking that too! Because it’s been how many years and still hasn’t won an Oscar?! Definite conspiracy.

  • Cat

    Mondays are rough since it’s right after the weekend πŸ™ I actually have an electric kettle, except I use it to heat water for cosplay-related things, haha. (I use the hot water for dyeing fabric or straighting wigs.) Stairs always make me feel unfit!

    I still need to see Wolf of Wall Street! I hear it’s really good!

    • Chynna

      I think you’re the first person I know who has an electric kettle in America. I remember staying at my auntie’s and going to get a cup of coffee, and being really confused as to where the kettle was, haha. Definitely go see Wolf of Wall Street! It’s amazing πŸ˜€

  • Tara

    Mondays can suck on rotten garbage. Guhhh, hate them. The only time I like them is when a holiday falls on it LOL.

    I haven’t watch Fargo, but Martin Freeman is awesome. I absolutely adore him. I need to watch more of his shows! Him and Richard Armitage have been my eye candy lately, thanks to the Hobbit films!

    And ditto on Leo. Can’t believe he hasn’t won a single Oscar yet. The Academy Awards panels need to wake up!

    • Chynna

      HAHAHA, that made me laugh so much. Mondays can definitely go suck garbage. Omg, I have to bow down to the Hobbit films because my man candy feels went through the roof when I watched it. <3

  • Olivia

    I need to stay away from the sale as well! >_< It's so… attracting (?)
    I also wonder why Leo hasn't won an Oscar yet. I mean! Leo! DiCaprio! Hello! Only his name is already Oscar worthy (and his face, of course) (though I must say I do prefer his younger self in Titanic) ( :D)

    I have never seen any of the Magic Mike movies. Somehow it made me pretty uncomfortable (lol) so I stopped watching after the first few minutes XD Might see them again someday.
    Have a good week! πŸ˜€

    • Chynna

      I work nearby a shopping mall, so the sale is my kryptonite at the moment. Ughhh. I prefer Leo in Titanic, as well. He’s sporting a beard, right now and I’m not sure whether I’m feeling it or not. Hope you’re having a good week!

  • Holly

    Funny you should say that able kettles. The hotel I stayed in when I went to New York had a little kitchen in each room. But the kitchen didn’t have a kettle, just a coffee machine. I just wanted a cup of tea so badly!

    The Wolf of Wall Street is not a film you want to be stuck out in the rain watching. It goes on for years!!

    • Chynna

      Omg, how did you survive? It’s so weird that they don’t have electric kettles, lol. Haha, when it first started raining I was like, “omg”. Luckily it stopped soon after

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