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Let the record show that I am the most awkward person in this entire universe… especially when it comes to guys.

But maybe I should start from the beginning. That would be a better idea. Let me start from my time in London up until yesterday in fact. So, last Thursday I had a hospital appointment in which the doctor’s feel they needed to see me just to check that I’m okay and my medication is up to date when really they could have just phoned me but hey-ho. I decided to just stay in London for the weekend because it was pointless just being in London for an hour and then going back to Coventry – wasting my money is not necessary; I am a student, let’s not forget. Things at home have been… off. My mum called me previously to tell me all about it and I don’t really want to go into detail about the conversation because it was pretty personal but lets just say my mum definitely needs a break. So, being the good daughter I am, I treated my mum and my little sister to TGI Friday’s – thank goodness for student loan. It was a good night out and it definitely cheered up my mum, which is something she really needed.

On Saturday, I got invited by Mutay for her friend’s birthday dinner which was held in quite a fancy pub. We had our own private room and waiters, and I must say it was pretty fun. For once I got dressed up nice because usually I have going out outfits which are for clubbing and then just my normal outfits, ie. t-shirt and jeans but this time I actually took the time to buy a nice blouse and jeans and I wore my flats and I even had a necklace and earrings and my hair was up in a ponytail and I just felt all fancy if I’m honest. We had this delicious artichoke soup with sourdough bread for starter and then roast lamb steak with dauphinoise potatoes and kale for our main. There was also an abundance of champagne, wine and cocktails but I just settled for a couple glasses of champagne and some water. The most brilliant thing about the night was that Mutay’s friend’s boyfriend paid for the whole thing! I was fully prepared to pay for my meal as Mutay and I were about to leave but when Mutay went up to the bar, the waiter said, “It’s all sorted.”  @_@ Definitely saved me a lot of money.

Sunday was pretty uneventful. So was Monday – I mean I went to the gym for the first time in a week. I think I’m still feeling it in my buttcheeks now.

Tuesday, nothing much happened but I went to meet Mutay in the Hub and noticed a Windows 8 stand going on. Didn’t think much of it until the next day.

I’m only in university on Wednesdays this term, so every lunch me and my mates always have a little catch-up. After this particular lunch, my friend Ayo was like, “We should go to the Windows 8 stand! You can win loads of prizes if you watch these videos!” So we went because who can resist winning prizes especially when it’s things like an UltraBook/laptops/Xbox 360s up for grabs. All you have to do is have a valid email address and then you have to watch these 4 videos which give you 4 chances to win. I didn’t win anything unfortunately, so I went to join my friends on the sofas by the stand and wait whilst my other friend went to her meeting. Whilst we were waiting one of the Windows 8 guys struck up a conversation with us. He was pretty cute and also the one that everyone was like, “OMG, he’s so hot!” Haha. Lucky for us he gave us free coffee cups and some sweets even though we didn’t win anything officially. He also made his colleague dance for us – which made my day, I must say. And off we went.

It was Carnage on Wednesday – if you read my last post, you’ll know what it is. If you didn’t then Carnage is a massive bar crawl ending in one of the nightclubs in Coventry. Mutay’s friend from 6th form, Elliot, came down to join us and all together we made 8 people. The drinking started pretty early and I was pretty gone by the time we left the house. The theme for Carnage was tight and bright, so we were all adorned with glow sticks and UV paints and liquored up with tequila shots, rum and vodka mixers. I don’t really remember much of the journey to the first venue but apparently I was highfiving whoever would highfive me back. Trust me. I should also add that I was so drunk that I tripped over my own feet and faceplanted onto the ground. This resulted in a bruised eye and a scraped knee. Joy(!) When we got to the second venue, that’s when things went slightly downhill. Lets just say I’m a pretty emotional drunk and I was still a little bit upset about the Netherlands guy (because he went back to the Netherlands) and lets just say there were a lot of tears on my part and rushing to the bathroom trying not to let anyone see I was crying and failing miserably. Then one of my friends got so drunk she had to be carried home by my other friend. Mutay also got so drunk she had to be taken home by Elliot, but I shan’t go into depths about that. Then one friend had to go home early. So, there was about 3 of us left and I was literally a mess, and the club ended up being kind of sh*t that we were in bed and tucked up by 2AM.

Thursday morning. I am mega upset about my antics from the previous night. Mutay threw up in my bed that night, as well, so I had to sleep in hers. She came to disturb me at 7AM. It was about 8AM when we were kind of semi-awake and Elliot came to join us and we were all just squished together on Mutay’s bed and Mutay was still drunk. I must say, she makes a funny drunk. It was an interesting morning, seeing the wreckage from the previous night. There were bowls still filled with drink sitting on the counter, shot glasses strewn across the dining table and glowsticks scattered on the sofa. I also looked into the mirror and saw the extent of my injuries… a black eye. A BLACK EYE. I also had scraped most of the skin off my right kneecap but apparently Elliot went to one of the venues and the guy give him a plaster and he helped clean my wound and cover it. Which was nice and thoughtful of him. I still had to go to the pharmacy and get some more dressing and antiseptic wash for it, though – thankfully, it was only down the road. Despite having this minor hangover/being annoyed at my injuries/still being slightly upset I still made like a trooper to the Hub for my meeting. Luckily, Ayo came to the Hub as well after I finished my meeting to come cheer me up and also so we could enter the Windows competition again (we had acquired more email addresses…. ssh, don’t tell anyone).

This is where our story really begins. Now, I am minding my own business at one of the stands watching the videos when suddenly I feel this presence beside me. (Hold on, I am laughing just thinking about this story. I need a minute). One of the Windows guys, the one who was dancing on Wednesday, was like hovering near me and grinning. Now, me? I’m kind of aggressive/playful, so I told him to, “Go away!” in jest and he just kind of grinned and kept near me. I can’t really remember what I said but his reply was, “Why do you keep trying to flirt with me?” with this really disarming grin. 1. I was not flirting, in any way. I was just watching the videos whilst playing Fruit Ninja. 2. All I said was, “Go away!” Needless to say, this guy would not leave me alone. He even hugged me from behind, which made me try to scream help but you know. I asked him why was he bothering me when there were a load of other people to help and his response? “They’re not as pretty as you.” My response? “F**k off!” Yeah, you can tell I’m not used to compliments. If anything, he was the one flirting with me. I am not used to this sort of attention at all. One thing I can say about this guy is he was quite forward. I got a free water bottle from him even without actually winning anything. Anyway, after all that I went to Wetherspoon with Ayo then went home to help Mutay pack because she was off to Amsterdam that evening.

Friday comes around, I think nothing of the previous day, but I treat Ayo to lunch at the Hub because I owe her money. We are joined by our friend, Abena, and they were both like, “Are you ready for your admirer?” I was like, “I am never going to hear the end of this, am I?” Ayo said it was revenge (that’s another story) and Abena just wanted to be entertained. Anyway, I had two spare email addresses, so Ayo and I could try our luck again. About 5 minutes of getting to the Windows place I got ambushed, “We all know why you really came back!” was what he said. I swear. I just side-eyed him. To make things worse, the touch screen was hardly working on the video, so I was convinced that he jinxed it so I could stay longer. He also said, “Why are you wearing provocative clothes?” I had this bewildered look on my face like  o_o and he said, “Yeah, that sexy jacket!” Sorry, what?! Never had I laughed so much in my life. Anyway, people kept leaving midway through the videos so my friends and I were taking advantage of that trying to win something desperately – and the guy was still hovering and grinning that stupid grin of his. I went off to the toilet because my wound was leaking (yeah, nasty. I know) and I come back and apparently the guy was asking about me. Next thing I know I’m being accosted with questions, “Are you Filipino?” and this and that. My friends have such big mouths. He did say I had a nice mix, though. :3 And yet I’m still not used to compliments. 

It’s coming nearer to the time for them to pack up and leave, and Ayo made an offhand comment on the guy’s dancing asking if he was trying to be Michael Jackson. Next thing you know, he is dancing around me singing The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson and getting his colleague to be a backup singer. I was so embarrassed that my cheeks went flaming red and everyone in the surrounding area was looking over because he was singing pretty loud and OMGG. I have never been serenaded before. It was weird and kind of wonderful at the same time. He also stole my phone for like 10 minutes to take pictures of himself. I just don’t know for guys these days.

As much as I would have loved to get his number, I am one of those girls who act tough but when it comes to guys I clam up instantaneously. I don’t know if I’ve completely let him slip out of my grasp because I did give my Twitter to his colleague to give to him and she gave me his Facebook (this day and age we live in, eh?) but I don’t know what will happen. Maybe I should have had more balls but I mean for all his forwardness you’d think he would be asking me for my number.


  • Merii-Beth

    Haha, you’re just like me. I usually wear mascara and eyeliner as well, but I’m always on youtube watching those beauty gurus. And well if I end up posting a video of me on my blog, you’ll know why I did it, but thanks for the advice aha 🙂

    Your week sounds hectic! That’s really cute that you took your mom and sister out! I love TGIFriday’s and spending time there with family is just as great. How’s your black eye doing? I hope it’s better now at least, samewise your knee haha. And honestly Carnage sounds like so much fun, despite how many people got a little out of hand, it must be fun to just let loose for that one night. And you know Chynna that guy’s pretty cute 😉 Have you talked to him ever since? But you’re right as well, it’s weird that he didn’t ask for your number after all that flirting!

  • Nancy

    It is really sweet of you to treat your mom and sister to TGI’s. Even though you paid for it with your student loans, it’s worth it since you had fun and your mom cheered up :). It’s so sweet of Mutay’s friend’s boyfriend for paying for everything! It sounded like a fun celebration and all since you got dressed up and stuff :).

    Even though you didn’t win anything from the Windows 8 stand, at least you had fun and got to enjoy the view of that hot guy ;). The night club sounded like a lot of fun with all of that drinking and alcohol! But wow, I can’t believe how drunk everyone ended up. For sure, getting drunk sounds so much safer where you’re at than here in LA.

    It’s sweet of Elliot to go out of his way to clean out your wound. That Windows booth guy sounds like… Wow. I don’t even know how to exactly describe him since he’s the one who always talked to you first. Is that how guys flirt these days?! We need more of that in LA, lol! Not for me, but he sounds unique and all. He doesn’t look bad at all XD!

    Take care 🙂

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