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The Food Diaries // 022

I’ll be honest – coming back to blogging after an unofficial hiatus is scarier than I imagined it to be. I keep wondering if people still read this and then remember why I started blogging in the first place – it isn’t for the likes, comments or shares (although, those are nice, admittedly) but rather because I love to write and I love to write about my passions – the main one being food.

We’re currently in a national lockdown here in London which means that everything is shut down – restaurant, pubs, cafes – and they can only do takeaway/delivery. This is our third official lockdown and I’ll be honest, I’m over it. Back when Italy was the first European country to go into lockdown a lot of people were laughing at them, “Haw haw, look at you – you can’t go anywhere!” and now here we are. It’s January 2021 and whilst other parts of the world are slowly returning to the norm, we are rapidly digressing under this draconian law.

But I’m waffling.

Throughout this global pandemic I still managed to get my hands on some tasty treats because I am me, and I will always find a way – safety first, though, of course.

Back in December when things were sort of open but not really, I visited Pop Brixton with a friend to nom on some good food in the cold because as I said I am me, and I will do anything for good food. Pop Brixton is a community project, event venue and the home of a community of independent retailers, restaurants, street food startups and social enterprises.

There weren’t a lot of things open but I decided to go for Twelves and Eights who serve Chicago style beef and vegan hot dogs, along with hand-cut, skin-on fries. When it comes to describing food I am a very simple person – I love using words like amazing, yummy and perfect even when there are definitely better words or phrases to use. Nevertheless, one word for ya: DELICIOUS.

100% dry aged beef brisket hot dog, smokey chipotle, dry aged beef brisket chilli, cheese & beer sauce, pickled pink onions

Every morsel of this hot dog was so tasty and I didn’t want it to end, but it had to eventually. All the flavours mixed so well together and whoever thought cheese & beer should go together in a sauce is a genius, hands down!

I was on the fence about getting fries as well because I was unsure about how big the hot dog was going to be but I am glad I did because their homemade fries were exceptional.

Smutty Fries
homemade pouring cheese, dehydrated bacon crumb & pickled pink onions

Hopefully, when things are open again (to be reviewed mid-February, apparently) I’ll get to visit again and try all the other things on their menu because all of the yeses go to you, Twelves and Eights.

49 Brixton Station Rd

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  • jasonlikestotravel

    Good to see you’re still around in the blogging world! Glad you were able to enjoy some food before tier 4 and lockdown too!

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