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Nothing gets much better than pizza. There, I said it. You can preach about everything being better than pizza to me, but I will resolutely stand by what I just said. Nothing is quite like a circular dough base covered in tomato sauce, cheese and any topping you want.

A new pizza restaurant opened up in Crystal Palace called Four Hundred Rabbits boasting their sourdough pizza and craft beer. Too right they should boast. They already have one branch in Nunhead, but as that is not a place I usually go to I am glad they opened up one in Crystal Palace, a place I frequent often. 

decor @ 400 Rabbits ft. my friend’s head

I’ve visited twice now, and I’ve been impressed both times. I was originally meant to visit around Christmas time with some friends, but when we arrived they had closed early for a staff Christmas party. Kind of sucked, but we did end up in Pizza at the Palace which was really good. That’s for another post, though.

Located on Westow Street, Four Hundred Rabbits serve delicious organic sourdough pizzas: “Lavish toppings come in the form of seasonal British produce, all complemented by San Marzano tomatoes and fior de latte mozzarella.” Mozzarella is honestly my weakness. I love cheese in general, but give me mozzarella and I’m yours forever.

My first visit I ordered their iberico chorizo, pickled chillis, tomato, mozzarella and basil pizza. I dreamt about it that night. I remember when I was younger I was never a fan of thin pizzas. Every time my Lola or my mother took me to Pizza Hut, I would always opt for deep dish. I only really started enjoying thin pizzas a couple of years ago when I went to Franco Manca. I’d been to Pizza Express before, but I’m not really a fan of their pizzas (shock, horror). The pizza at 400 Rabbits was really good, and it was just the right amount of spicy and if you want to add extra punch, they do have chilli oil, as well.

iberico chorizo, pickled chillis, tomato, mozzarella and basil ?

Alongside pizzas, they also have craft beers and dessert. I didn’t try any of their craft beers because I don’t really drink beer in general, but I did try their dessert. I didn’t get any on my first visit, however the server was really nice and actually gave me a waffle biscuit and said I could steal some of my friends’. ? My second visit I did end up getting two scoops of milk chocolate gelato topped with marshmallows. It was so delicious!

all the different craft beers available ?
honestly, their rabbit branding is so cute ?
The mini marshmallows were everything ?

My second visit I ordered the ground, aged hereford beef, green chilli, onions, tomato and mozzarella pizza. So, so good! It is a pretty messy pizza, but in a good way. There was quite a bit of onion on my pizza, which gave it an extra crunch. Although like half the toppings would slid off when I grabbed a slice because the base was so thin so probably couldn’t handle all that, it was really tasty. 

ground, aged hereford beef, green chilli, onions, tomato and mozzarella ?

Overall, I really enjoyed 400 Rabbits both times I visited. The food was delicious and the servers were really friendly, as well, which is a plus. Would definitely be making this a regular haunt!

30-32 Westow St
SE19 3AH

T: 020 8771 6249


  • Pauline

    What a cute little place! I love the name too, it sounds so adorable. I love rabbits so anything branded with rabbits has already got my heart to be honest. That hot chocolate with the little rabbit thing is SO CUTE. Instagram-worthy for sure. Tiny marshmallows gahhh ?

    Pizza looks great! 🙂 I actually havent had pizza in such a long time. xD But I’ve been craving it recently so definitely will be ordering soon. ? I don’t actually like Dominos anymore though, I remember it gave me headaches last time (too much oil gah)

  • Nancy

    Pizza is the answer to happiness ;).

    I’ve never had sourdough pizza before even though I only prefer eating sourdough bread. I should ty it out some day! It would’ve been better if the pizza joint had cocktails or something ;). I’m not much of a beer fan either @__@.

    I love how thier marshmallows just overflows the ice cream cup XD. Their pizza looks really delicious. I appreciate how they can make good pizza without having to add a thousand toppings XD.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Tara

    YUM. Now I am craving pizza. I love Italian-style pizzas generally, where the crust is thinner, and they do pizzas like margherita, capriciossa, and so forth so on. I also like cheese-less pizzas! Especially this one in my neighbourhood that puts no cheese, but instead tops it off with tomato sauce, anchovies, capers, and olives. This is good for the days when I don’t feel like dairy.

    But your two pizzas look yummy. The gelato, too! 😀 I want some of those food, now! HOMG. I’m hungry now. I need to go hunt down something to eat. Glad you tried this place. Even better that they opened up near an area you frequent!

  • Rezina

    I LOVE pizza. Pizza is basically life, haha. And their name is so cute! I like the branding too – makes the dessert stand out more (in a good way). The decor of the store is really interesting too. I like all the random bunny/rabbit pictures, haha.

  • Kenny

    The name 400 Rabbit amuses me. “Oh, hey. I just went to 400 rabbits and got a pizza.” I amuse myself very easily, heh. Also, I hate you. It all looks delicious.

  • Georgie

    Ooooh pizza is SO GOOD. And when it’s good, it’s like really good. I thought the restaurant was a cafe when I saw the photo, looks cosy! I love cafe-style restaurants anyway, they are very home-y.

    I like chilli on my pizza. I never used to like chilli – and actually you may be so shocked but I used to not like pizza because I had only ever had the really bad greasy types that was bad for my cholesterol – but it’s so good with some dishes and some meals. It tastes awesome on a really saucy pizza.

    I get a little sad when toppings slip off my pizza. Thin pizza doesn’t usually bother me but when toppings fall off, it certainly does!

    Yum though. I really want a cheesy pizza now ?

    I’m afraid I can’t comment much on the beer as I’m not a huge fan. I’ve tried a few different beers but there is only a certain kind I like and I think it is pretty “mild”. I don’t know but men call it “chick beer” because it tends to be the type that girls like. 😐

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