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The Food Diaries // 011

It’s been a century and a minute since my last post.

I briefly mentioned this restaurant in my Paris post, but I feel this place deserves a post all for itself. Hardware Société, located in Montmatre, is a café-inspired restaurant putting an Australian twist on French breakfast classics. Originating in Melbourne, the owners Will and Di decided to open up this restaurant in Paris after falling in love with the city (I can attest to that sentiment).

Picture this, it’s mid-morning and you’re starving, but you’re not really sure where to go because you’re not familiar with the city you’re currently in. In steps TimeOut and out comes Hardware Société. I wasn’t quite expecting such a queue when we arrived, but alas there was one, and a waitress to take our names whilst we waited for the table. 

I eagerly watched a couple eat a delicious looking dessert whilst sitting outside and tried desperately not to drool.

After a little while (somehow a couple who arrived after us managed to get a table before us, but I’m not bitter or anything), we were led to our table in the slightly elevated sitting area near the back. It was nice and airy, especially with the big windows complimenting the room. Made for a lovely view.

My only slight gripe is that it isn’t that spacious. The smaller tables for two are round and grouped close together with other tables, so it’s like you’re sharing your dining experience with people you don’t know and you can practically hear their whole conversation. Also, we had to do a bit of juggling when our food came to fit everything on the table. Nevertheless, I loved the decor in there: marble table tops and black and white tiled floors with tea cups hanging on the wall. Quaint, af.

I really need to talk about the menu, more specifically the quote by Virginia Woolf that is on the front page: “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Hallelujah, someone finally said it.

I immediately ordered a house-made chai tea latte, which definitely hit the spot and was almost too pretty to drink (almost), alongside a butter croissant that came with orange and grapefruit jam. I love that the word for grapefruit in French is pamplemousse. It makes me laugh so much. Paris definitely knows how to turn it up when it comes to pastries, and my croissant was soft, buttery, flakey and delicious. 

Obnoxious flatlay alert.

The fact that I have a stomach that never ends is what had me ordering my main: Pork Belly & Fried Eggs – potato and bacon hash, spiced tomato and apple relish, smoked sourdough. It was ridiculously good. I usually only have potato hash, so the fact this had bacon in it as well made me so much happier. The crispy skin on the pork belly sent me to lechon heaven and it took me so much strength to not swallow my meal whole. The relish complimented the food, and there were all these different flavours; sweet and savoury – so, so good!

Exhibit A: Foodgasm

As we were in a rush to meet my cousins at Marché Bastille, we went and paid the bill at the counter where we came across this punny sign:


Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Hardware Société and would definitely visit again! I would love to visit their first café in Melbourne, as well. The staff were really friendly and I loved the overall laid-back, friendly atmosphere, and it makes for an awesome place to have brunch. Bonus points for getting to see the Sacré-Cœur after you finish eating, too!

10 Rue Lamarck
Paris, France
+33 1 42 51 69 03


  • Joy

    Oh my gosh! I mean, seriously though? Everything looks so freaking good. You seriously make me want to drag Josh to France just to eat all of the things!

    I love a good croissant too! It’s my one weakness!

  • Rezina

    That’s actually a really interesting insight into small cafes/restaurants. I hadn’t realized it before, but it really does feel like you’re sharing your dining experience with people you don’t know. Blog posts about food always make me slightly hungry, haha. The food looks really yummy! It’s also really interesting to hear about all the different places to eat in countries I haven’t been to before. Almost like I’m there with you (except I’m not really there), haha.

  • Nancy

    Your food pictures make me hungry. Gah, I hate it when people who come after (with the same party size) gets a table before me. (wtf, bro).

    With limited space, it kind of makes sense to group tables for 2 close to each other. It can get pretty annoying when someone in another table is yelling in their convo! Your flatlay looks delicious. *food in the flatlay.

    The pork belly and fried eggs look DELICIOUS!!! Why do you guys get to have fancy food out there? Glad to hear that you enjoyed the cafe :).

  • Georgie

    OMG. There is a Hardware Societe in Melbourne in Australia, and my friend told me about it. And I only went there once but the salmon millefeuille that I had was fucking AMAZINGGGG. Excuse my excitement in this comment but I can’t believe there is one in Paris! I am definitely going to go here next time I go to Paris. Cos the food looks just as good. I mean, if I can go to Melbourne for similar hip, cafe food, then it’s better because it’s closer, but seriously, why not have that same experience in Paris…

    Chai is definitely my drink of choice. 100%. I love it a lot. 🙂 I love the ‘legit’ chai that isn’t just the mix-it-up-and-stir bullshit. And cafes often have that and it tastes soooooooo good!

  • Amy

    That cafe sounds amazing! I love the cute, tearoom-style plates they have. That’s so lovely! And the food looks amazing too! Definitely wanting a croissant tomorrow morning after reading this.

    I went out for lunch at work to a really small tearoom, and it was so awkward when more people came in and literally couldn’t get through the door. I hate it when I feel like people can hear my conversations too, it just makes it uncomfortable.

    Glad you enjoyed it overall!

  • Cat

    I like the decor and theme of the restaurant! That’s too bad the tables were so close together. That can be kind of uncomfortable. All of the food looks amazing though. I love buttery croissants and pork belly. If there’s a pork belly dish on the menu, I’m most likely ordering it, haha. It looks good with the eggs and potato hash! I’m glad you had a good experience there!

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