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The Food Diaries // 010

Mmm, I haven’t written one of these in a while…

Big Easy is an American dining restaurant providing the tastes of the Southern States since 1991. The one thing I love about Southern food is how comforting it is, and Big Easy definitely knows how to comfort you. They have two locations in London: Covent Garden and Kings Road. I’ve had the pleasure to visit both, but I’ll have to admit that the Kings Road is definitely better, which is the one I’ll be writing about today.

Perhaps it is because it is much smaller, therefore cosier and gives off a more family feel but the food is definitely better in this branch of Big Easy. Also, the staff are super friendly, which is always a plus.

The food is well presented and arrived quickly. The two separate occasions I’ve been to Big Easy, I ordered different things just so I could get a feel for the menu. The menu is so comprehensive that I suggest you take a look at it before you visit. You will be there for ages trying to decided what to order because everything sounds so cot damn delicious.

The first time I visited, I didn’t go for a starter and just went straight for the main. Because I was running late to meet my friends, I had them order me a pineapple mojito, so that when I finally arrived it was there waiting for me so cool and alcoholic and so refreshing~

For my main, I went for medium rare 14oz Rib-Eye with a chilled House salad and fresh baked cornbread muffin. The steak was absolutely delicious, and melted in my mouth every time I took a bite. I’m not a fan of salads, but even I have to admit that this one was and don’t even get me started on the cornbread muffin… Cornbread is my freaking weakness, and ughhhh. Seriously, guys. If anything, you should go for the cornbread muffin and nothing else. Trust me. It is moist in the most perfect way, and the nicest consistency – also, the taste is something I can’t even describe.

For dessert, we ordered Iron Skillet Smores Fondue w/ Graham Crackers which was sooooo good.

The Ultimate Pineapple Mojito ~ House rum muddled with fresh pineapple, mint, lime and sugar topped with crushed ice and finished with a crown of Navy Rum
The Ultimate Pineapple Mojito ~ House rum muddled with fresh pineapple, mint, lime and sugar topped with crushed ice and finished with a crown of Navy Rum
Lets talk about steak, baby~
Lets talk about steak, baby~
What's (graham) crackin' // I want s'more, please
What’s (graham) crackin’ // I want s’more, please

The second time I visited I think I shocked myself a little bit at how much I ordered. By the time I got to my main, I could only manage a little bit and had to take the rest home. So worth it, though.

Because I am captain of the “Fatty” ship, I ordered TWO starters. Yeah… two starters:

  • Deep Fried Jumbo Shrimp – Close to ½lb. of Shrimp, Fried Golden Crisp in a Light Tempura Batter. Cocktail & Tartar Sauce.
  • Voodoo Chicken Wings

The shrimp was the size of my hand, I am not even joking. It was so delicious, and the way it was battered was out of this world. The voodoo chicken wings were really tangy, but also a little bit spicy which was perfect. I am a fan of spicy food and could it all day everyday. Granted it would probably mean I would be blowing up my toilet more often, but hey-ho.

I went for two cocktails this time, as well:

  • Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri – Bacardi Carta Blanca, Green Chartreuse, Strawberry & Lime
  • Muddy Waters – Vodka muddled with fresh lime, blackberries and sugar, charged with berry liqueur topped with soda

Cocktails are my all time favourite. I love that they can be fruity, but secretly potent as well. You can drink like 2 and then suddenly you’re drunk, af. Hee. These ones were really tasty!

My main, this time, consisted of Bar.B.Q Ribs & Chicken – Half a Slab of Our Smoked Baby Back Ribs & Quarter Bar.B.Q Chicken. It comes with Bar.B.Q. beans and coleslaw, but as I don’t like beans I opted for a side of fries and again… cornbread muffin 🙂 This is were I had to admit defeat and take the rest of my food home. I managed to eat the chicken and half the ribs, which were so good.

I wasn’t stupid as to order dessert as well because even I know my limit.

I didn’t take pictures that time I visited, except for my cocktails. I did take videos for my snapchat (un: chynnashley), so add me there if you want to see more of food adventures (which are pretty much everyday).

Overall, if you love to eat then you definitely visit Big Easy. They will feed you like your grandma does when you go to visit, and she’s looking at you like you haven’t eaten in years. 

332-334 King’s Rd

020 7352 4071


  • Amy

    I always order more than one starter, just because I like to try different things. Then, I realise I can’t eat it all! But it’s always worth it to taste the whole menu.

    All the food sounds lovely. I want a steak, and ribs, and I want to try some cornbread. And those cocktails also sound amazing. I’ll definitely look out for this place, the next time I visit London. I usually just go to Camden or Comic Con though, and I don’t think either of these are in the area. But my geography is pretty terrible.

    I really want to go out for a meal now. Even though I’ve been out for food like 10 times this month (mostly just the pub haha)! When am I ever going to be able to diet when all these food posts keep happening?! Think I’m doomed!

  • Pauline

    Ahhh, thanks for sharing! This looks like a great place to really fill you up! 😀 I love watching your food adventures on snapchat, I always feel so hungry afterwards haha!

    I never get starters for this reason, I remember doing it once last year and I could only finish half of my main which was a waste so I never buy starters anymore especially for the restaurants I know are very filling 😀

    I always try to order new things at restaurants because I love getting a “feel” of the whole restaurant/menu 🙂

  • Nancy

    Everything on the menu looks delicious!!!!!! Alcoholic drinks are ftw ;).

    MmmmmMMMM hearing about that 14oz rib-eye makes my mouth sound watery. Looking at it makes me want to go out and order one! Considering how I’m a lightweight, I wouldn’t be surprised if 2 is all it takes to make me drunk XD.

    Whenever I’m hungry, I tend to over-order my food D:. Good that you know your limit ;).

  • Tara

    Oh, my yums! I’m not a steak fan (as a matter of fact, I’m going to go to a steak dinner special tonight), but your experience and photos make everything sound good. Southern food isn’t always a thing for me, but I do like some of their dishes, too 🙂

    That s’mores fondue — now that’s different and it’s making me want to try that! I’d totally got for this without any hesitation! Those shrimps, too. They sound like deep-fried heavens 😀

    Thanks for making me hungry, Chynna. I’m quite starving now! XD

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