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The Food Diaries // 007

Y’all know how much I love Korean BBQ.

Y’all know how much I’ve been craving it since coming back from New York. Well… I finally got my chance when Mutay and I munched on KBBQ a couple of weeks ago at this amazing restaurant called Arirang.

We had been looking for a good Korean BBQ spot since coming back from New York and having some of the best KBBQ whilst over there.

Set just off Oxford Street, we stumbled across this restaurant whilst coming back from a friend’s birthday dinner. We immediately made plans to come visit and booked a table! In hindsight, we probably didn’t need to because the restaurant wasn’t that busy.

We were seated downstairs and our orders were immediately taken by the friendly waiter. We went for the set menu A, which included:

– soup of the house
– bulgogi (sliced marinated beef B.B.Q)
– sewoo tempura (deep fried prawns)
– dak bokum (pan fried spicy chicken)
– chap che (mixed vegetables with vermicelli)
– rice
– kimchi
– mixed fruit with coffee or tea

Absolutely delicious! I was a bit worried about the portions being small, as some restaurants have set menus with a minimum order of 2 and the portions aren’t that great. However, Arirang knows how to fill your belly. They cook the meat for you, which is a bonus and the fruit afterwards is a nice touch.

I especially liked the pan fried spicy chicken and deep fried tempura. The green tea we were given did taste a little burnt, but that was my only complaint. If you’re looking for some relatively cheap Korean BBQ then you should definitely visit this place. They also have Japanese food, if that tickles your fancy.

The music was good (got to love some K-pop!) and we really liked the ambience. The waiters who served us were very friendly, and I will definitely be making this a regular spot. I actually got shunned for my love of F.T. Island because apparently, they’re too old school. The waiter started talking about CNBLUE though, and they’re just as old – so BYE! Haha.

Can’t get enough of the kimchi!

31-32 Poland Street

+44 (0)20 7437 9662


  • Krystal

    Arirang is my favourite Korean BBQ places in London. I always go there with friends whenever we want some good KBBQ. I love all the other non KBBQ dishes they do as well!

  • Nancy

    If Korean BBQ is really cheap and barely gave any calories, I would eat it every day @____@. When you come over, I’ll take you to KBBQ! We have a lot nearby and it’s normally all you can eat ;). Bulgogi is the gods of KBBQ!!!! What you got looks pretty good!!! If you can’t find kimchi in a jar, I can try to see if I can send you one. We have a ton of those here ;).

    I wonder how tea can taste burnt… That’s weird o____O. It’s barely 7am here and you’re making me starving already!!

    • Chynna

      I totally feel you, girl! I can’t wait~ It’ll be so fun – all you can eat sounds BOMB! Omg, for real! I’m gonna DM you about that kimchi.

      I know, it’s totally weird. I’ve never tasted it like that, haha.

  • Alyssa

    That looks absolutely amazing!
    I wish we had Korean BBQ in Western Massachusetts, but you’d be hard pressed to find anything that remotely resembles real Asian cuisine around here.
    I guess I’ll have to start shopping around…those pictures really got me in the mood for some Korean BBQ!

  • Tara

    Yum, yum! It all looks great! I’m glad you were able to get some Korean BBQ! MMMM. I just had some delicious home-made bulgogi yesterday, and now I’m craving for more! That shrimp tempura looks so good! And the meat!!!! Oh, man. Chynna, you’re torturing my stomach right now! XD

    Btw, in case you don’t know — Koreans call their tempura, tweegim 🙂 I love sweet potato tweegim myself! And squid! OMMMMM. Just thinking about them, I’m getting hungry!

  • Cat

    Yum, that all looks good! I love Korean food too. I had some today actually! Except I ordered Korean fried chicken and a dolsot bibimbap 😀 That spicy chicken and bulgogi especially looks good. I’m glad you found a good place for Korean BBQ!

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