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The Food Diaries // 006

This will probably be the last food post I do for New York. I would talk about The Halal Guys, but there’s only so much I can write about them. Basically, it’s chicken over rice and a helluva lot of special sauce. It’s soo good and so cheap, and it will fill you up!

Anyway, the last place I’ll be writing about is Dallas BBQ. They have several branches, but I visited the one in Brooklyn and can I just say it was the bomb diggity.

I actually visited twice during my stay in New York because it was just that good. It wasn’t too far from where my auntie lives, so it was a really convenient place to have lunch/dinner. I first went there with my cousin and his girlfriend, and I fell in love.

The portions are big and the cocktails are so delicious. The first time around I ordered Steak and Shrimp: NY Cut Sirloin served with crispy shrimp and onion ringlets. So good! I loved how the steak was done, and the portion was so huge that I was full for the rest of the day. I really liked the shrimp, as well. I actually ate a lot of shrimp whilst in NY, haha. The salad was crisp and fresh.

I also ordered one of their famous frozen drinks – Texas Size Bulldog. You make it a bulldog by adding a 7oz Corona. I stayed looking a hot ass drunk mess for the rest of the day – so glad I didn’t throw up on the ride we went on at Coney Island.

We were also given blue, white and red cupcakes after the meal because it was Memorial Day weekend. So delicious and cute 🙂

Our waitress was super friendly and was surprised when I started speaking because of my accent. I got a lot of that when I was in NY. Our food came out quickly and service was really good.

The second time I went there was with my two aunties, and they treated me to a goodbye meal just before I left to come back to London. It was a choice between Applebee’s and Dallas BBQ, but my uncle had already warned me against Applebee’s, so I settled for what I already loved.

This time I ordered big! I went for Dinner of the Day: Sirloin Steak, Crispy Shrimp, 1/4 Rotisserie Chicken with yellow rice and cornbread. Good Lord in heaven, how you blessed me. I was determined to finish the whole meal, and I nearly dropped when I did. It was so delicious. The two different meals I ordered from Dallas are definitely ones I would recommend you try if you get a chance to go!

I went for a different cocktail as well and got Patrón Sunrise, which came with an extra shot of Patrón. Again, a hot ass drunk mess trying to hold it together and act like the responsible young lady I am in front of my aunties. Damn.

We also got given cupcakes, which were pink and yellow this time. Still delicious and cute!

If you’re looking for a boozy lunch/dinner, huge portions and good food, then you definitely have to head on down to Dallas BBQ! The atmosphere is really nice and the service is good. Prices are reasonable, too.

180 Livingston Street
(Downtown Brooklyn)

T: 718-643-5700


  • Nancy

    The food at Dallas BBQ look soooooooooo goood :D. STEAK = LOVE!!!! I think from now on, we should rate restaurants by their salad too… If the salad on the side is trash, the restaurant should be trash XD.

    The drink looks so delicious! I always think it’s cool when there’s a bottle sticking out of the cup. It seems as if the drink is bottomless for a while XD. The Patron Sunrise looks soooOOOoooOoo goooooD! I would probably get so drunk and knock out at the restaurant before paying X’D.

    • Chynna

      Steak is definitely SO much love <3 I love a good steak. Haha, love that idea. I’ve had some bad salads in my time.

      The way I had to hoooold it down and try to sober up after those drinks. Damnn.

  • Pauline

    “bomb digity” PERFECT DESCRIPTION, it sounds like such a nice place. If I’m ever at Brooklyn (one day in my life hopefully) then I will definitely visit, it all sounds so yummy and delicious! Ugh, looking at your food diaries make me hungry! D:

    Ugh, crispy shrimp D: I can almost taste it as I stare at the picture omg! Glad to know you had a fun time there with great company AND food. ESPECIALLY food. <3

  • Tara

    YUM. I need to get ready for bed! Instead, I’m drooling over your food photos! I’m especially drooling over those cupcakes! 😀

    AND HALALA GUYS?! I just recently heard about the whole chicken and rice thing because a new restaurant influenced by them has opened up in Seoul, and people’s been raving about it! I cannot fathom just what’s so good about chicken and rice, but until I try it, I really comment about it, ahahaha! But now that you’ve mentioned it, I”ll have to make an effort to really check it out XD

    • Chynna

      I always end up looking at food pictures late at night. Not good for when I’m trying to sleep, haha.

      You should definitely try it out! They’re really good 😀

    • Chynna

      I was scrolling down to reply to this comment, and I had to pause to look at my pictures and now I’m hungry all over again! Wish I could go back, haha. Thank you! x

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