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The Food Diaries // 005

What do we want? Steak!

When do we want it? NOW.

I am a big fan of steak. My mum never used to let me order steak when we went out, for fear of it “not being cooked properly.” I think it’s an ethnic parent thing, where parents want their steak thoroughly cooked – burnt if possible.

Every time someone was cooking steak on TV, my mum would make faces if she saw there was any sort of pink being shown.

Funny thing is, that’s exactly how I like my steak! Medium rare or medium well done. However, if it’s too well done then I know it’s going to be tough and I’ll be sitting there for days trying to chew through my steak. Not cool.

After a wonderful time wondering around the Carsten Höller exhibition, Mutay and I decided to satisfy our steak craving and on a search for the nearest Flat Iron. Best decision ever.

Flat Iron, situated on Beak Street, is as cosy as they come when it comes to steak restaurants. You’ll enter a dimly-lit space that combines battered concrete, exposed brickwork and wood panelling with cast iron enamelled lights and wall-mounted meat cleavers.

The best thing about this place? Steak and house salad for £10. Yeah, you heard me. 10 WHOLE FREAKING POUNDS. Considering the places I’ve been to have steak, this is hella cheap. It isn’t cheap meat either, so the fact that it was only £10 amazed Mutay and I.

They have some amazing sides, of which we ordered: dripping cooked chips (Lord, give me strength), creamed spinach (more strength), and roast aubergine with tomato, basil and parmesan (at this point, I was on the floor in a foodie orgasm).

The steak paired with the peppercorn sauce was mouthwateringly delicious. No exaggeration. The house salad was also lovely. Overall, the food + friendly staff + great atmosphere = 10/10.

Mutay ordered the special of which I’ve forgotten the name, but it was slightly more expensive. Still a good price and it was very tasty! We even got given a cute cleaver, which made me feel very Todd Sweeney.

Love, love, love this place and I will definitely be coming again. I mean, they give you popcorn while you wait?

17 Beak Street



  • Sarah

    Wow, it looks delicious and so cheap!

    I’m not a steak fan myself, I’m sort of with your Mum.. if it’s pink it’s raw 😛 I’m slowly coming around though. I had a great steak that was rare and it was really tasty.. it took me a lot of effort just to try it though. I have a similar aversion to egg yolk 😛

    I wish I could try some of those chips now!

    • Chynna

      I’m glad you got to try it rare! I think it’s definitely tastier like that, but of course people can have it how they want 🙂

      The chips were amaaaaazing.

  • Nancy

    Steaaaaaaaaaaaak is delicioussssssssssssssss. Steak + ribs = food baes.

    My mom didn’t like me ordering steak because she don’t trust the rawness either!! That’s why she hates me eating sushi, “Nancy, there are worms in there!!!!” Me: “yolo”.

    I used to eat my meat well done before, but after crossing the bridge of braveness, I tried medium rare and it was delicious and soft!! Perfect since my teeth are always hurting lol.

    This place that you went to looks amazing! I like the presentation where it looks like your food is on a cutting board XD. And it’s so cheap too!!! Usually steaks are 20 bucks at the very least. Glad to hear you liked it ;D

    • Chynna

      Don’t even get me started on ribs! All that sticky deliciousness <3

      Yeaah, I used to eat it well done when I was growing up but then I had it medium rare one day and I was like “WUT HAVE I BEEN DOING?!” The cutting board was hella cute!

  • Maroon Caludin

    Wow sounds amazing! I’m not huge on steak, but I’ll eat it. I like it better in other dishes.

    But I like mine pink too. Then it’ll be super tender! My dad claims its not cooked that way. XD IHe always wants his cooked longer. Yuck.

  • Kaela

    I’m a HUUUUUGGGEEE fan of steak. HUGE. In fact, I just had some for lunch earlier! Medium well ftw! (Paired with A1 Steak Sauce or Truffle Sauce pls)

    Your photos are making my mouth water right now. What you guys ate- it’s just my type of food!

    I also think the steak you had is a good deal- considering the portions and the fact it looks oh-so-scrumptious. And gaahhhh the peppercorn sauce looks delicious! Now I’m craving for steak again.

    • Chynna

      Woop, woop! All the steak fans raise your hands 😀

      I’ve never had A1 sauce, but I’ve heard it’s yummy and I would love to try this! Go eat a steak – you deserve it 😛

  • Pauline

    That looks like such a good place! Omg, next time I’m in London, I will definitely go there for lunch!! I still can’t believe it was just £10?

    Aw, hope Mutay is doing well! x

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