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The Food Diaries // 004

Happy August!

To celebrate the start of this wonderful month, which also happens to be my birthday month, here’s another entry for the Food Diaries!

Korean BBQ is something that I have always wanted to try ever since witnessing it in several kdramas that I watch. When Mutay and I were in New York and found out there was a Korea Town, we just had to go and check out whether there were any good BBQ spots! We didn’t do any research, but luckily we chose good because the place we ended up in was the best.

Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong, located in Korea Town, NYC, is unbelievably high-quality Korean BBQ. Granted, this is the only place I’ve been to for Korean BBQ, but hands down the best first time round. I can’t even begin to describe how I enjoyed KHD Baekjeong and I am literally dying to go back again.

We ordered the beef combo which came with kimchi soup and 3 different beef dishes. They also provide two different salads and dipping sauce. The meat itself was excellent, and my favourite had to be the rib eye and the marinated short rib. Drool worthy. For a small combo, it was certainly enough to feed 3 or even 4 people!

The service was excellent, and they even grill the meat for you! We didn’t have to wait long for a table, as the restaurant wasn’t that busy. However, as we were eating the restaurant got busier and busier, and did get quite noisy. Every table is greeted by all the workers in Korean, which was cute, although to this day I still don’t know what they were saying.

On one side of the grill plate is an egg mixture, which slowly becomes like steamed egg and then on the other side is corn mixed with cheese. Soooo delicious.

I love that the meat comes in waves and not all at once. Leaves you craving for more! The meat is marble and really good quality, meaning it wasn’t the chewy grisly kind. Nom nom nom. The price was reasonable for the amount of food you get, and we perused other BBQ spots and our mouths nearly dropped open at the price.

Oh, and you’ll probably smell like the restaurant once you leave the restaurant. Haha.

Delicious. Amazing. Unforgettable.

1 E 22nd St
New York
NY 10016

T: +1-212-966-9839

(header photo by Melissa Hom)


  • Tara

    Ahhhhh, Korean BBQ. Looks so good! I’m glad you had the opportunity to try it in NY! I’m a bit surprised that there aren’t any in London, though! They’re a staple here, and they can be great, especially if they have good side dishes! Just out of curiosity, do you know how much it was in USD? Just wanting to compare with Korean prices XD

    • Chynna

      Love, love, KBBQ! There actually are several KBBQ spots here in London, but I just haven’t had a chance to go to them. I will, however, be going to one this August – so, I’m pretty excited. The beef combo was about 59.99, if I remember correctly 🙂

  • Amy

    Wow, it’s great that you got to try Korean BBQ in New York. I’d love to try it, but I doubt there’s anything like that up here. It looks delicious!

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