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    What’s On My Netflix?

    I used to blog a lot about television. I remember when I used to get really excited about a new Doctor Who series coming out (I mean I still do) and would immediately have to tell everyone that reads my blog that they need to watch it when it comes out. I used to write listicles of TV shows I was currently watching. I would gush about Firefly and lament because it got cancelled after only one season (I am still devastated about that). Television is a passion of mine. As much as I love books, I love watching television on an equal level. I turn into the biggest fangirl when it…

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    We’re All Mad Here

    This post would have been up yesterday if it weren’t for my spectacular laziness. Hello, beauties! How is everyone? It’s been a while since my last post. Hope you haven’t missed me too much. I can’t lie – I have missed blogging a little bit, but with work and other social endeavours I am always so tired when I get home that the only thing I can do is read or watch a film. Just about. I haven’t caught up on all of my TV shows in a week – *shock horror* – and I am now reading 4 books at the same time. As you do. This week was a long one…

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    Review: SensatioNail UK

    After a long day at work, going food shopping with my mum and eating KFC (even though I shouldn’t), I decided it was time to reward myself with a pamper night. A usual pamper night for me includes the following: a face mask that makes me look like a ghost, painting my nails for war and an episode of whatever show I’m currently watching.