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    Bath Bound

    ? < This is so appropriate for this post. You know, living in London makes me forget there are other places to visit in England? You’d get it if you live here – we basically have everything you’d ever need, so why would you need to venture outside of it? Probably so you don’t become a hermit/get some culture ’cause that’s a thing people do, right? Last November, my friends and I decided to visit the lovely city of Bath. Bath is a city in Somerset, England, known for its Roman-built baths. It is steeped in a lot of history, and it was wonderful to walk around getting to soak all of…

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    Boracay, You Sexy Beach!

    I was reading through some old posts earlier on this week, and I stumbled across a post from 2014 in which I listed the ‘Top 10 Places I’d Like to Visit‘. Whilst I’m far from completing even half of the list, I can proudly say that I have now visited Amsterdam and now, finally, after many years, I’ve visited Boracay. How do I even begin to explain Boracay? That magical little island famous for its white sand beaches and is honestly one of the most relaxing places on Earth. If you’re looking for paradise, well look no further… Day 1 I realised that at this point I had been up early…

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    The Food Diaries // 011

    It’s been a century and a minute since my last post. I briefly mentioned this restaurant in my Paris post, but I feel this place deserves a post all for itself. Hardware Société, located in Montmatre, is a café-inspired restaurant putting an Australian twist on French breakfast classics. Originating in Melbourne, the owners Will and Di decided to open up this restaurant in Paris after falling in love with the city (I can attest to that sentiment). Picture this, it’s mid-morning and you’re starving, but you’re not really sure where to go because you’re not familiar with the city you’re currently in. In steps TimeOut and out comes Hardware Société. I wasn’t quite…

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    ¿Dónde está la biblioteca?

    I’m back from Barcelona with a wicked tan and a penchant for saying “Hola!” and “Gracias!”, all the time. Dear Barcelona, When I visited you two years ago, you took my heart. I vowed I would return, and whilst it took me two years to make it back – I did. You didn’t disappoint. From your astonishing views to your chilled out vibes and amazing weather, everything about you is a hundred and ten percent perfect. I didn’t want to leave, but alas it is back to reality for me. It won’t be long til I’ll be back. Adiós. DAY 1 We almost missed our coach to the airport, and the…

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    Life Lately

    Lets do a roundup of Chynna’s life lately. In between working and sleeping and mostly eating, I haven’t had a change to properly update you guys on what has been happening in my life. I am mostly active on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram so follow me there if you want minute to minute updates on how boring my life is. Jk ~ it’s actually pretty decent. We’re in August now, which also happens to be my birthday month (clearly the best month to be born in, IMO), and I still can’t believe that the year has flown by so quickly already. Considering how shit 2016 has been, in terms of…

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    Stepped off the Plane at LAX

    Sometimes when I haven’t blogged in ages, I forget what it feels like to blog. Then when I actually do get round to writing a post or checking out blogs or replying to comments, I feel a rush and I’m like, “Damn, Chynna. You should really get your sh*t together and keep up with the blogosphere more because this feeling is amazing.” Moving on. Oh, LA. Where do I even begin with LA? Of course, the ultimate highlight of my trip to LA was meeting Nancy for the first time ever in our 5/6 year blogger friendship. I specifically remember my airbnb hostess asking us when was the last time we…

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    Spooktacular Halloween Make Up Class

    I haven’t always ‘celebrated’ Halloween. I remember when I was younger, my mum never used to let us go trick or treating because she didn’t believe in Halloween and she’s quite a strict Catholic. However, over the years I’ve found myself actually doing something for Halloween now – whether it be fancy dress or just going out with friends, I love going out on this spooky night! When I got an email from Joe Blogs about a Halloween make up class, I jumped at the chance to attend. Located in the rather lush Thistle Holborn hotel, bloggers were treated to devilishly good food and drink, plenty of laughs and a…

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    A Crafternoon with Hillarys

    I’m not a particularly crafty person these days. I loved to draw when I was little and I actually liked to build little things. I remember we had a project in primary school to build a home with a shoebox. I painstakingly took the time to cut out the walls and make little beds, and use all the fabrics for the bedding and colouring in the walls. Give me a project like that now and I’ll just turn around and say, “Naaaaaah.” ?

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    The Month of Turn UP

    I’m not really sure how it happened, but I’ve somehow managed to get most of August booked up doing absolutely everything. It started with a Mexican Food Fiesta cooked by yours truly, in which I tried my hand at making watermelon agua fresca using this recipe. Not trying to boast, but it was delicious. Next thing I knew I was filling up all available spots with things to do. To be fair, it IS my birthday month, so you can excuse me for wanting to turn up every single day. Although 22 isn’t exactly a big milestone, it is still a pivotal moment in our lives (I’m quoting Mutay, here, btw). Mutay…