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    Life Lately 6

    What’s going on in the land of Chynna? When I first decided to write another Life Lately post, I wasn’t sure I’d have anything to write about but then I started doing my bullet points (something I usually do when I’m writing blog posts) & I came up with quite a few things! Life, in general, has actually been really, really good. January 2019 is probably one of the best January’s I’ve ever had. Usually, right after Christmas and New Year, I fall into a deep pit of “OMG, it’s a new year, I MUST project a new me to everyone and let everyone know my goals” but I almost…

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    5 Ways to Motivate Yourself

    I’ve always struggled with motivating myself especially when it comes to my writing. Often times I find myself procrastinating to a ridiculous degree and then feeling bad because I haven’t got anything done. Recently, however, I’ve found some ways that have helped me out! It’s helped me get back into my blogging mojo, so I’m hoping that I can continue to be motivated to get back into my novel. So, without further ado here are 5 ways to motivate yourself that have helped me: 1. Get Accountability from Others I’ve found that if I get accountability from other people in my life then this motivates me! If I message someone…

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    For the Love of Travel!

    In an attempt to keep things fresh on the blog, I’ve opted to write about a variety of topics but in a more uniformed way. I’m trying to get back into the blogosphere slowly, so I thought if I had some sort of plan in place this would help. Every month, I’m going to try and post at least 4 times within these categories: Lifestyle, Travel, Food & Books. These are things I’ve written about a lot over the years anyway, but now I’m going to try and tame the chaos that is my blog. Last week’s post was about self-care and this week I’ll be discussing my love of…

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    What I’m Thankful For

    I thought I’d pop this post up whilst I work on a few others that will be coming out over the next few weeks. Also, Christmas is coming up so I’m excited to think up ideas for Blogmas! Although we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, I thought it’d be good to take a moment to write about what I’m thankful for. ? Friends I’ve always believed you are who you are because of your surroundings, what you consume via television, film, books or various other media, your upbringing and family, and most importantly your friends. I am so thankful for the friends that I have in my life who have…

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    Mojo Shmojo

    How did we get here? Mojo is a funny thing. Sometimes I have so much of it overspills out of my pores. Sometimes I have none at all and all I want to do is lay in my room in the dark and not do anything. That’s how I’ve been feeling lately, mainly due to external forces but partly my own doing, as well.  But here I am, writing a post after what seems like a lifetime. How is everyone? What have I missed? I’ll be attempting to catch up with the blogosphere once this is posted. It’s not that I haven’t missed the blogosphere, it’s just that I got…

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    Indefinite Hiatus

    It’s been a long time since I’ve put my blog on an official hiatus, but here it is. So much has been going on these past few weeks and I’m not in the right state of mind to be writing or making good content. I’ll be taking a breather because everyone needs a breather. I’m not sure when I’ll return, but I will be lurking around still reading people’s blogs. Ciao for now. TL;DR – I’m tired, guys.

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    Final Thoughts of 2014

    Contrary to popular belief, I have not stumbled down a rabbit hole and disappeared off to Wonderland (although, that would be lovely). No, alas, I have just been procrastinating with my blogging, again, and as such the Leibster award post is still to be posted. Am sorry, but not really. So… Christmas season. It’s meant to be full of joy and warmth, and it is but it also comes with an ounce of stress. The stress of buying Christmas presents, wondering where the feck 2014 went? This has been on my mind for the past week… Where has 2014 gone? I could have sworn that it was only yesterday when…

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    #WCW & No Extensions Week?

    Guess what day it is, today? Huuuuump day. Since yesterday I’ve been having some trouble accessing my blog, but I’m pretty sure it’s purely a thing on my end. I have no idea how to fix it but I definitely know my blog is still working because other people can access it. Anyway, no harm done because I managed to access my blog via a proxy site. A tad bit annoying but when you need to blog, you need to blog 😛 I’ll see if there’s anything I can do soon. It’s getting colder and colder over here in the UK which means that I have to put away my…

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    Happy November

    I finally managed to get rid of that free host I had which messed up my blog and tried to delete all my files without my consent. I am now with ofblue.org. Happy days. Happy November, guys. It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly the end of the year already – I could have sworn just yesterday I was still in university… My November has been pretty happy, not going to lie. It was Guy Fawkes Day on Tuesday and I went to see the fireworks with a friend. If you follow me on Instagram then you would have seen the picture/video I took when I went. Guy Fawkes Night,…

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    Rwyf Wrth Fy Modd Caerdydd

    Last Sunday Mutay and I went on a little day trip to Cardiff! For Christmas, Mutay got me tickets to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay. As you should all know by now I am a massive fan of Doctor Who. When I say massive, it’s beyond ridiculous. Anyway, Cardiff  Bay is a really nice little place and I will definitely be visiting again. The Doctor Who Experience itself was amazing and I recommend it to any Whovian out there. I’ve been to the one in London but it’s shit compared to the one in Cardiff because the exhibition part of the experience is so much better and more…