Spooktacular Halloween Make Up Class

I haven’t always ‘celebrated’ Halloween. I remember when I was younger, my mum never used to let us go trick or treating because she didn’t believe in Halloween and she’s quite a strict Catholic. However, over the years I’ve found myself actually doing something for Halloween now – whether it be fancy dress or just going out with friends, I love going out on this spooky night!

When I got an email from Joe Blogs about a Halloween make up class, I jumped at the chance to attend. Located in the rather lush Thistle Holborn hotel, bloggers were treated to devilishly good food and drink, plenty of laughs and a fun make up class with Midas Touch Crafts.

I love hotels. We were given a tour of the hotel and I was in awe. Despite all the stairs we had to climb, I found the hotel itself beautiful and I loved the decor. It has a very rustic look, especially in the lobby area which was perfect for that Halloween night.

I can see why people stay in the Thistle because it’s in the perfect area of central London, with it being quite close to famous landmarks such as the British Museum, Covent Garden and Oxford Street.

After we were done exploring we went back downstairs to start our class. I was paired up with the lovely Emma of and we were tasked with painting each other’s faces. It was a complete surprise however – we got given a picture of what we should be doing but we weren’t allowed to see what the other person had done until they were finished. I’d like to think I did a good job, but I’ll leave you guys to be the judge of that!

I was a MUA in my past life, clearly

It was such a giggle! I’ve never had anyone make up a Halloween face on me before, but I definitely think Emma did a good job. I had a lot of fun walking around London with a skeleton face, my balloons and cupcakes.

We were treated to yummy finger foods and cocktails, and it was a lot of fun trying out some new make-up tricks. I’ll definitely be doing something like this next Halloween! Here are some more pictures of that fun night, and you can check out Thistle Holborn hotel’s blog on the event right here too!

For once, I don’t even mind the fake spiders because these cakes were delicious 😛
Prep for our spooky faces!
Particularly loving Haydyn being creepy behind me XD
Particularly loving Haydy being creepy behind me XD

Thank you so much to Joe Blogs, Thistle Holborn Hotel and Midas Touch Craft for an amazing time! Funny story, I was on the bus and this guy got one and he when he saw my face he did a double take. Then he nodded in approval. Made my day, haha.


  • Cat

    My parents didn’t really take us trick or treating when we were young either. I think I enjoy Halloween more now that I’m older, haha. I think part of it are the parties and part of it is my love of cosplay.

    A Halloween make-up class sounds really fun! I think that’s cool that you get to try it yourself and are paired with another blogger. I think both you and Emma did a great job!

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