Shoreditch Nights

Let’s just say, this weekend has been a bit crazy. I went out on Friday night and got stupidly drunk on half a bottle of vodka… Saturday was not a fun day. Today I managed to get myself out of bed and back into some sort of routine. 

I recently connected with a very old friend of mine from primary school! We hadn’t really spoken since we were about 8/9 when I moved to a new school, but as she still lives in area we bump into from time to time. The last time we saw each other we finally exchanged numbers  to stay connected. My friend is very into music and she had her first DJ set in Shoreditch so I went along to support her with my boyfriend. It was fabulous, unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of the actual bar or her playing but it was really nice to see her do something she was clearly enjoying. Her parents also came along and it was so nice to see them after so long. 

My boyfriend and I decided to make the most of our time in the lovely East End and have dinner at Homeslice! I’ve added some pictures below, we got half and half and it was huge.

  • pumpkin, broccoli, pecorino & crispy onions
  • goat shoulder, savoy cabbage and sumac yogurt.  

I’ve never tried a pumpkin based pizza before and I don’t think I will again. It wasn’t bad but the fried onions didn’t go down well with me! The meaty half however was amazing! I think the yogurt really set it off. They also added a nice touch by putting chilli oil in reused heinz ketchup bottles! Nice bit of recycling 🙂

Random photo of trees from London Bridge station, because why not!


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  • Jeanie

    It was nice that you and your old friend got to meet again after several years and I would like to congratulate her on the event she participated. What happened to the pumpkin pizza? I never tasted one but from the sound of it, Im not sure if I will eat it lol. Glad you had fun with your boyfriend on the event!

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