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Rwyf Wrth Fy Modd Caerdydd

Last Sunday Mutay and I went on a little day trip to Cardiff! For Christmas, Mutay got me tickets to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay. As you should all know by now I am a massive fan of Doctor Who. When I say massive, it’s beyond ridiculous. Anyway, Cardiff  Bay is a really nice little place and I will definitely be visiting again.

The Doctor Who Experience itself was amazing and I recommend it to any Whovian out there. I’ve been to the one in London but it’s shit compared to the one in Cardiff because the exhibition part of the experience is so much better and more updated with the current series. Speaking of series, Doctor Who is coming back next March!

Mutay and I went to eat at a Turkish restaurant which absolutely delicious. There are a load of restaurants on the Bay, so I definitely want to come back and try out all the different ones that I haven’t tried before. Cardiff Bay is also home to the Wales Millenium Centre which is a prominent feature in Torchwood, and some Doctor Who episodes, so it was pretty damn exciting to be there.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.


  • Nancy

    It sounded like you and Mutay had a lot of fun at Cardiff! You’re probably the biggest Doctor Who fan out of everyone I know… And all of my friends because I consider you to be a friend c:.

    I heard that restaurants around most bays are usually set up for the scenic view :o. IS that true? I hope you will enjoy the upcoming episodes of Doctor Who next month ;).

    I read that spoil about Twilight and it is gold!!! The whole concept of the movie is eh. A teenager having a crush on a 100+ year old “dead” man… Yeaaah.

    My favorite brand of nail polish….. I don’t really have a favorite brand. As long as it paint my nails, I’m happy XD. It’s in my Instagram pic too. My favorite colors are any shades of pink. I mostly like light pink though.

    Take care c:

  • Merii-Beth

    Honestly I wish I were you. Every blog post you’re always going somewhere fun or doing something interesting; way better than anything I’ve ever done aha. I can’t say much because I don’t watch Doctor Who, but the pictures are really interesting! The cupid babies are a little strange but still cute!
    I also read your “spoiler” for Twilight. You’re hilarious! “I would snack the fuck out of her man. Annoying shit.” Aha I died. I can only imagine what you’d say if you ever end up watching Breaking Dawn.

    In reply to your comment on my site, I’ve actually been through a similar situation! The whole best friend and a guy – love triangle thing. Sadly, I was the other girl in the story. But it was moreso that my “bestfriend” and I just weren’t even that close to begin with (high school drifting us apart and all) that our friendship was already over from before the guy. And I didn’t steal him away from her because they never were together or never did anything, it was just like a crush situation.. lol and I keep going on in more detail while you’re probably thinking “Man this girl is just like my friend.. cut!” I didn’t mean to I swear :'(

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