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After a long day at work, going food shopping with my mum and eating KFC (even though I shouldn’t), I decided it was time to reward myself with a pamper night. A usual pamper night for me includes the following: a face mask that makes me look like a ghost, painting my nails for war and an episode of whatever show I’m currently watching.

Face masks are my jam~ They make me feel so fresh and clean after using them. I love that Superdrug always have 3 for 2 on face masks, as well, because I snap that sh*t up so quick. The one I used was Superfruits Exfoliating Mask – raspberry, cranberry and blueberry fruit extracts. It deeply purifies pores and smoothes skin; what’s great is that after I use this face mask I don’t have to use that much moisturiser because my skin already feels so smooth and not dry.

I was annoyed because I literally just found out that my TalkTalk box doesn’t record when the TV is off (what’s the point in that?!), so I wasn’t able to watch Doctor Who. I ended up watching Gogglebox because you can’t go wrong with a bit of Gogglebox 🙂

I decided to bust out the SensatioNail Gel Starter Kit I got from the #LFW Beauty Bar. I got to do my nails whilst at the Beauty Bar and I found them amazing. Working in a shoe shop, my nails are prone to breaking or my nail varnish chipping but the week I had the gel nails, my nails were hella protected. 


I decided to redo them because I was feeling that pink colour. I even did my mum’s nails and she was pretty stoked with them (nail technician in the making?).

In the kit you get everything you need to do your own gel manicures including the LED lamp, gel primer, top and base coat, etc. It is all packaged nicely and includes detailed instructions on how to do everything.


Once you read the instructions it’s pretty easy to do everything. It can be a bit time consuming because you have to apply a lot of layers and use the lamp a lot, but that’s what the TV is there for. The lamp is very useful because it beeps at 30 seconds and is timed to turn off at 60 seconds for when you need to cure your nails.

I love the feel of gel nails because they feel so smooth and nice. Whilst my nail painting skills aren’t the greatest I was pretty pleased with the results. 

The white smudge is face mask, lol

Overall, the kit is really easy to follow and use and the manicures do last around 2 weeks before they start to peel off. I think that if you work in a place where you use your hands a lot, they’re great! They don’t chip and your nail is protected – I’m trying to grow my nails, so these are great.

The gel starter kit starts from £69.99 and it comes with one nail colour of your choice. If you’d like to add to your gel polish collection, then each bottle cost £12.50. Considering Shellac manicures are around £35 in the nail salons, I definitely think this is a bargain! You save a lot of money.

Thanks a lot SensatioNail UK for my kit – I’ll definitely be using it again and again.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received this gift for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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  • Georgie

    This is neat! I considered buying a full kit like this once but… I dunno, totally forgot about it? Here, gel manicures are only $25-35, which I think is like 15 pounds for you guys? Still, I think that if you have a kit it might save money in the long run.

    Pink isn’t a colour I like that much for nails but I love painting my nails! I have been trying to do more of it recently. Sometimes I just don’t have enough time! But it’s nice when manicures last a couple of weeks. *hate the ol’ nail polish chip*

    I used to watch Doctor Who but I haven’t for like two seasons. Not sure, just wasn’t feeling it after the twelfth doctor… :X

    • Chynna

      If you do your nails quite a lot, then it is definitely a good investment! That’s quite cheap for a gel manicure – I mean you can probably get it for that price in those dodgy little places over here, but it wouldn’t be that good and a waste of money.

      Definitely hate when my nail polish chips D:

      I think after David Tennant I cooled down on Doctor Who, but I still watched it because it will always have a special place in my heart. I must say the new Doctor is definitely finding his place now in the new series!

  • Amy

    These look brilliant. I don’t think I’d be able to do them though. I’m still at the stage of nail painting where I can’t do my right hand, so this would be a bit of a challenge. They do look great though and I love the colour.

    How is Peter Capaldi? (I don’t mean personally, lmao). I stopped watching after Billie Piper left – Martha ruined it for me.

    • Chynna

      Lol, awwww bless. It just takes practice 😀

      He’s actually pretty good! I’m definitely warming up to him in this new season. I still miss the David Tennant/Billie Piper duo, though. Oh – do not even get me started on Martha… :X

  • Cat

    Having a pamper night sounds like an awesome idea 🙂 That kit for gel manicures looks really handy! That’s also nice that the lamp beeps, so you don’t have to time it yourself. I think that pink color is really cute. It looks great!

  • Raisa

    I love face masks! I’m on an AHA regimen right now and it’s working great for me.

    I love how long lasting gel nails are, but I’ve never tried doing it myself. I’m hesitant with how long it seems to take, but I already watch Netflix while doing my nails, so there isn’t much difference I suppose!

    • Chynna

      Thankfully my acne has cleared up significantly, but I do get the occasional breakout. What is the AHA regime? Sounds interesting. I’ll have a search later 🙂

      You should definitely give it a trial sometime!

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