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Prague Shenanigans

As promised, here is the continued post from the Prague one.

Things in Prague weren’t all smooth sailing. Whilst I did have fun out there, little things did annoy me and the journey back home wasn’t exactly the greatest.

Here in the UK, we have this law where you aren’t allowed to smoke indoors in public places. I never realised how good the law actually was until I got to Prague. In Prague, you are allowed to smoke anywhere you want. The first club we went to, ROXY, was literally heaving with smokers. Not just regular smokers, but also people smoking weed. To say our clothes stank the next day is an understatement. I wear hair extensions, so the smoke had nestled its way into them and gave them a musty smell for the rest of the holiday. I did manage to spray them with some deodorant and then air them out the window but you could still pretty much smell them even if it was faint. Which kind of sucked because I can never go for a night out without them, but I just put up with it. I still pulled with my smoky ass hair anyway, so  >:)

The journey home must have been one of the worst I’ve ever experienced whilst on holiday. So, you know I mentioned that we got away without paying for the tram and metro the whole four days we were there? Well, only just. The trams were fine, honestly. On our last day, however, we decided to take the metro because we figured it’d be cheaper than taking a taxi like we did when we arrived. When we arrived at the metro station, we didn’t see any inspectors and loads of people were just walking through the barriers, which were wide open. So… we took a chance.

Unluckily, when we were one stop away from our stop we got stopped by a ticket inspector who tried to charge us 800CZK (£26/$40) each for a ticket. Uh, no. We just feigned ignorance and were like, “Oh, we are tourists – we had no idea!” and this woman tried to butt in but us being us, were having none of it. We eventually got away with it because I guess the inspector needed to get on the next train, so he got fed up and left us. To be honest, we were pretty lucky because I’m sure he was mumbling something about the police.

Do not do this when you go away on holiday, children. Auntie Chynna is a bad auntie.

Anyway, that was the least of our troubles because when we got to the airport and was checking in and waiting to board and stuff, my friend’s sister’s bag got stopped. Basically, we are only allowed cabin baggage which has to be a certain height and width, etc. and if you want to store hold luggage you have to pay an extra £22. If you turn up on the day with a bigger bag than stated for cabin baggage then you have to pay an extra fee of like £24 or something. Which is exactly what my friend’s sister had to do. On top of that, our flight was delayed by 20 minutes because it started to snow and they had to de-ice the plane.

Because of this delay, we missed an earlier train from the airport in London back to London Euston. Also, the assistant selling us tickets for the train was giving us shit and trying to charge us a ridiculous amount of money. We eventually managed to bargain down to a cheaper price, but it was still quite pricey especially for such a short journey. Anyway, we finally boarded the train with like 3 seconds to spare (superwoman!) but we then had to take the Underground to London Euston to get our connecting train to Coventry. Disaster. We missed our train by 3 minutes. 3 MINUTES. It was also the last train of the night (it was currently 11:30 pm) and the next train wasn’t until 6:03 am in the morning.

At this point, I was cranky as fuck and tired and just wanted to sleep and I seriously wouldn’t have minded sleeping in the station. The assistant was really nice and allowed us to take the next train back to Coventry for free instead of having to pay for a full price ticket once we explained our situation and all the delays we encountered. At first, we were going to stay at our friend’s auntie’s house but that was still quite far away and the Underground shuts at certain times, usually around midnight. Luckily, Ayo only lives about half an hour away and she uses the Underground a lot to get home, so she was able to calculate that we could get to her house before all the Underground shuts down. So, here we are six of us trekking to her house at like 1 in the morning and her mum is such an angel and let us camp out in her living room which had pull out couches and thick blankets. She also fed us. I had never been happier in my whole life.

The whole journey literally drained the hell out of me. We had to wake up at some insane time in the morning to take the Underground back to Euston to catch our early ass train on time. Thankfully, we made it with 20 minutes to spare and luckily it was a Virgin train so it only took us an hour to get back to Coventry.

My bed was the best thing in the whole wide world that day. The best thing.


  • Rachel

    You had quite the trip home! I hate it when things don’t work out smoothly like that. 🙁 It’s REALLY lucky your friend lived so close to your location in the Underground. At any rate, I’m glad you finally got home safe.

  • Nancy

    I like how you’re all out there with that harlem shake video XD. I hate it when people smoke around me because of that same reason! That smoke from them cigarettes or whatever really sinks into your clothes and hair. Especially the hair .___.”!

    Wow, I can’t believe you guys got stopped right before getting to your destination for tickets :X. I am so amazed by how “cheap” the inspector tried charging you guys because it’s a few hundred dollars here .____.”! You’re really lucky for getting off without that fine~

    It sounded like you had to bust a stick mission to get home! At least you ultimately got home and whatnot :). But hey, all of this “adventure” stuff that you went through gave you the experience and something to talk to… And gave you a bigger appreciation for your bed, no? ;).

    Take careeee!

  • Merii-Beth

    Overall, your trip to Prague sounds amazing! You get to see so many places I swear I look deprived in comparison to you haha.

    Thank goodness for Ayo being able to take care of you guys after the day you went through. I think I would’ve given up as soon as I found out my train was delayed and would’ve just found a spot for me to just sit in forever.

    And your Harlem Shake video is hilarious!

    And did you end up meeting up with him? And ps in the next century if my great great grandkids ever get a cat I’ll be sure to have them think of you 😉

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