Pork Farms Board Games Championships

What’s better than going to a micropub on a Saturday morning? Going to a micropub that also holds host to the Pork Farms Board Games Championships[1. Any goodies given to me from the event do not influence opinions or views of the brand. I will disclose conflicts of interest, affiliations, and personal agendas. I will not enter into favored treatment to a brand and ignore pressure to influence content or perspective. If I choose to make exceptions, I will disclose that.], duuuuuh.

My ‘Sarf Landan’ self trekked all the way to West London, which felt like an ultimate betrayal, to join in Pork Farms’ celebration of #NationalBoardGamesWeek. The lovely people at The Owl & The Pussycat were kind enough to put up with a bunch of bloggers playing board games all afternoon! Let’s just say there was a lot of yelping when it came to Jenga.

There were lots of wonderful pork pies to munch on (I’m telling you that you need fuel after you’ve played Monopoly. That game is exhausting) – my favourite being the pork pies topped with Branston pickle. Whoever came up with that idea is a bloody genius. ?

It’s a scientific fact that pork pies are good for you. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE.

So, as I was saying. I arrived at The Owl & The Pussycat where I met the lovely Laura and Claire. I love how cosy the micropub is. This was actually my first micropub I’d ever been too. I definitely want to visit more! We were soon joined by Bonnie (whom I met at an Every Hotels event, so it was lovely to see her again!), Lea, Alice and Vi Vian.

First up was Trivial Pursuit 2000s. I actually did better in this than I thought I would, and managed to collect all the colours to complete my circle – although I didn’t make it to the middle, I still earned some points in this round! There are six categories:Places (blue), Entertainment (pink), Sports and Hobbies (orange), Events (yellow), Science and Tech (green), and Arts (purple). Some of the questions were hard, but the game also fed my love of useless facts (I honestly just go to work just to spout out randoms facts I’ve learned to my colleagues).

I would actually buy this game!
When you’re given a hard question and you’re just like, “Uhhh…?”

After munching more pork pies, we moved onto Monopoly. The bane of my existence and consistently just shows to remind me that I’m bad with money in the game as well as real life. Still, it was fun – and the newer version of Monopoly has new game pieces now????? Lea trumped as all in this one with her winning tactic (which I cannot reveal in this post for safety reasons) and had us scared to pass ‘GO’ basically.

Lea flashing that cash

We then split into two; half of us played Jenga and the other half Boggle. Jenga is a RIOT. The intensity, the shouting, the stroking of blocks to see if you can make it move without toppling down the tower. My god, guys. Writing about it is making my heart beat fast. At one point I thought I was in the clear, and I celebrated way too quickly and then the tower to just come crashing down. If you build it up high as well, then the crash is even louder. I felt sorry for the customers in the micropub just trying to enjoy a peaceful Saturday afternoon!

Seconds before it all came crashing down, haha
Jenga requires so much concentration and steadiness, whew
The lovely Vi Vian

Boggle had to be my favourite game of the day and not just because I scored the most points in this game. You basically have to jumble all the letters, and make as many 3-letters or more words as possible. It truly exercises your brain! We ended up making up words that we didn’t realise actually existed and there were a few innuendos thrown about too ?

The last game was Taboo. I was absolutely terrible at this, but it was a lot of fun. You are given a keyword and then a list of words that relate to it that you CANNOT say to describe the keyword. There are no gestures, you can’t say “it sounds like”, but do feel free to sing! The opposing team also get a squeaker which they can use if they catch you breaking the rules. The game led to a lot of ridiculous descriptions and Alice was an absolute queen at this game!

We had a quick break in which the Pork Farms team tallied up the points. I actually came second place (believe it or not), which I was not expecting so that was a nice surprise.

Second place ?

Laura won first place and got a delicious pork pie to take home! Congratulations, Laura ???

We all got to take home some goodies with us (my mum was pleased, to say the least). I left in such a jolly mood that day, and it was lovely meeting fellow bloggers! I also definitely need to bring out the board games more because they are such a good way to bond with other people.

Thanks to Pork Farms and The Owl & The Pussycat for having me – I had so much fun! ☺️



  • Tara

    I am not a big board gamer, but this sounds like a fun event! Jenga definitely involves a lot of yelping, and Monopoly is exhausting in a way XD I personally love The Game of Life!

    Those pork pies look so good! I am not a big pork fan, but I can go with some meat pies 😀

    Trivia Pursuit is a fun! That’s the kind of game I would do because I love testing my knowledge and learning the randomest titbits XD Whenever I play Monopoly, I always try to buy Boardwalk and its neighbour ASAP XD; And all the railroads, haha! Jenga is definitely an adrenaline-filled game. XD

    I’ve never heard of Boggle and Taboo, so that was good to know about! 🙂 This sounded like a fabulous event! Thanks for sharing your fun day! ^_^

  • Pauline

    It’s pretty cool that you got to spend time with some bloggers and bonded with them over board games. I have to admit I had to Google most of the board games you mentioned. I have only played snakes and ladders as a board game probably, hahaha.OMG. It seems awful but I spent most of my childhood bonding with people over video games on my playstation/Wii/Xbox ? I haven’t even played Monopoly! D:

    You look so incredibly excited hahahaha, I have heard of Jenga and played it once or twice but I am extremely competitive and do recall being told to calm down by other people when I nearly lost. xD

    Thanks for sharing your day! Bloggers spending time with bloggers #goals.

  • Nancy

    It’s so cool that you and other bloggers got together and had some delicious food while playing board games. I’ve never had pork pie before but it does sound delish ;). Someday, I will be as cool as you and join some blogger meetups XD. I can imagine how comfortable it must be because everyone understands each other…


    Trivial Pursuits 2000s sounds pretty interesting. I know more “useless” facts than useful facts XD. I love how Jenga is that game of chance where if you’re unlucky, you have to make some daring moves. Physics: How much force you need to pull/push on the block so the whole thing doesn’t topple over XD.

    Congratulations on taking second place! Placing is always better than… not placing XD. Glad you had a lot of fun out there!

  • Michelle

    You always have the funnest events to go to! I hope one day I can go to blogger get together! Too bad I suck at those games. I rather play Exploding Kittens or Cards Against Humanity.

  • Brandy

    I used to LOVE board games when I was younger. Jenga was actually one of my favorite games, along with Chutes and Ladders. There was this other game that I loved as well called, “Goofy Gulf Machine”, which had the same concept as Mouse Trap.

  • Claudine

    This sounds so fun! I wish I could do this with other bloggers too, maybe soon? Haha board games are perfect for bonding and having fun with so many people! 🙂

    And while reading this, I just realized that I’ve never played Monopoly, never ever in my entire life. OMG hahaha I sure am missing out on a lot!

  • Cat

    Oohh, this sounds like it was a really fun event! I’ve had meat pies before, but I don’t think I’ve had pork ones. They look like they’d be delicious 😀

    I am sooo bad at Trivial Pursuit or any trivia game really. I just don’t retain those kind of facts in my head! I think it’s funny that you call Monopoly the bane of your existence because it’s well-known for destroying friendships, haha. I’m not a big fan of that game myself. I do like Boggle and Taboo, though Jenga is kind of stressful. We have the large Jenga blocks at work, and they make an even louder noise when they fall!

    That’s awesome that you got second overall! Congrats!

  • Amy

    This sounds like such a great event! I love playing board games but hardly ever get the chance to play them, probably because they can take a fair bit of time. When I went on a barge trip with Andy’s family last year, we played a lot, because there wasn’t anything else to do while it was raining. It’s definitely a fun thing to do, especially when someone gets really competitive (usually me).

    Omg Monopoly. We once tried to play with 6 people and it never ended. It’s so hard to play in large groups!

    I love Boggle! It used to be my favourite game when I was little, because I loved challenging my brain (and making long lists). I haven’t played it in years though!

    It’s great that you got lots of food at the event. Those pork pies look amazing! Glad to hear you had fun!

  • Georgie

    omigod I don’t think I have had a pork pie before?!?! That said, I wasn’t a big fan of pies before I became pescetarian, and now that I eat meat again, I haven’t come across a pork pie. Little “party pies” (meat pies) are common in Australia though. Also look at all the finger food in that photo! ?

    The thing that intrigues me about Monopoly is that there are a few different versions around the world. I think you have Mayfair and Park Lane in the UK but we have Kings Avenue (and some other street I forget) for the Australian version. And then there are the weird “Here and Now” versions that fans vote on?! IDK. The tokens get updated every now and then too, yes! I don’t remember any new ones but I remember always choosing the fucking iron, and then I think in recent versions they got rid of it which made me super upset. LMAO.

    I don’t know if you have them over in your side of the world, but there are a lot of other obscure, less commercial, geeky board games, that are the central focus around some board game meetups. I mean, games like Jenga, Monopoly, Twister, Snakes and Ladders, etc. are well-known around the world, but there are board game meetups with games I’ve never heard of ? Some of my coworkers play them at work, and I can’t even recall them off the top of my head. But you may have an idea of what I am talking about ?

    Well done on getting second place! ?? I’m glad you had a fun time.

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