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The OkCupid Social Experiment

I’m usually pessimistic about most things male related, but after recently ending a nearly one year old relationship the appeal of meeting new people and males that might share my interests was positively welcomed.

Chynna convinced me to join her in what I could call a ‘social experiment’. I had no plans of actually meeting anyone off OkCupid but that quickly changed.

I received my fair share of the generic ‘hey, how are you?’ messages – admittedly, I only replied to those if the sender was cute! Then I had the ones who had thoroughly read my profile and were very willing to compete with me in a burger challenge! (Give me burgers any day)

Lastly, I had the vulgar messages ‘Instead of a burger challenge, I’d rather eat what’s in between your legs’ – Right, okay.

After only a week of messaging two guys back and forth, I had two dates lined up. I was petrified, the first date fell through mainly because of clashes in our schedules and my inability to travel down to London on a whim. Studying takes precedence over everything. My second date however was planned and took place in a bar close to home. Of course, I did not go alone. Chynna came along as my safety but ended up doing more than just being safety!!!!

Meeting someone new is absolutely terrifying, my nerves nearly got the better. The actual date turned out to be fine, there were some awkward silences. Chynna’s cover was blown when he was asking about the people who worked at the bar and I was ‘overly confident that the short girl did not work there’ – Oops should have been more discreet. He was okay with it though, and then sexual music started and we were serenaded with songs that were most certainly not first date material.

The night ended well with no kissing. Till this day I still don’t know how he feels the date went because he’s been so ‘busy’. On the other hand, we have plans to meet up again this Saturday! Although I am not 100% with this guy, I’ve realised that I’m not ready to date someone who is constantly busy. He’s already starting to annoy me and we’ve only had one date! (Back to male pessimism)

The OKC experience was fun! I have actually deactivated my account, although I may still have one more date on the cards. I don know if online dating is for me, never say never though.

By Mutay of Deux Ville Filles

Chynna has been creating blog posts since 2009. I hope you enjoyed this post! Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you all ?


  • Kate B

    I’ve always thought a blog series on horrible online dating experiences would make for EXCELLENT material an great laughs. This post only makes those thoughts multiply.

  • Nancy

    Don’t let the past hold you back in what you want to do~ (I thought this was by Chynna at first, but hi Mutay!) Anyways, I don’t let my ~bad~ past stop me from doing what I want because it doesn’t have any significance in my life (besides knowing what not to do, haha).

    Guys an be pretty gross when they’re trying to pick up in a sexual way. Gah, their future legit girlfriend (if it happens) won’t be too happy when she finds out, haha. It’s great to have a bff to be there for you in case something bad comes up- especially with meeting up with people for the first time. Hopefully you will enjoy the second date/meetup with this guy! I would assume that if a guy wants to see you despite of having a busy schedule, he will make time for you one way or another. They say that plenty of successful guys are usually busy (that’s how they bring in the support to the family). At least you tried out online dating and know how it feels like. Everyone is different so don’t worry about it :-).

    Take care~

  • Kya

    It is really great that you could have someone to go with you. 😀 I don’t think I would be confident enough to do that by myself. I am glad that you could at least find some people that were not really terrible and were willing to give it a go. I hope whatever happens, that you can meet someone that you really get a long with, or just do what makes you happy. 🙂

  • Agent Q

    Although I’d be personally wary of online dating due to safety alone, I’m glad that it was a good experience overall. Who knows? Depending on how far you take this social experiment further in the future [should you re-activate your account], you MAY end up finding someone. If not, at least there will be interesting stories.

    When people say social experiment, I think of it as just another phase in life that is put to test for the sake of learning. Although it is true that some social experiments wouldn’t have occurred without that preset intention, I argue that everything we do in life [intentional or accidental] is some form of social experiment. I’d say it was worth it.

  • AnneMarie

    This is so interesting! I actually have been messing around with online dating. Not intentionally. I think I just needed an ego boost so I’ve been talking to several guys from this one dating app. I haven’t actually met with any of them but I’m actually starting to consider it. Who knows.

    Glad to hear your date went well. And thank goodness Chynna was with you. I would have been so nervous if otherwise.

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