(Not) A Moment of Peace

I finally have a little moment to myself.

This past week has been very crazy and it’s only Thursday! I dread to think what’s in store for me in the next few days. So, as you guys know I had an interview for the store Primark last week. I got the job! They called me the same day as my interview to say they wanted to offer me the job and that I would have my induction on the Saturday. It all happened a bit fast but I’m so glad I have a job now – can finally start earning some money, save up and fly awaaaaay.

My induction on Saturday was a bit crazy because as you know Saturdays are usually the busiest day of the week, so literally me and the other two girls who were hired were weaving in and out of customers trying to get to the tills to get trained. The amount of paperwork we had to fill out as well, my God! The people seem nice and my friend works there, only on weekends, so it’s alright so far. I officially started on Monday and got put on tills for the first two days. Then they moved me to a department yesterday – I mad want to go back to tills because at least there I have the chance to sit down. When you’re on the shop floor, you’re on your feet the whole time making sure everything is tidy, etc. Mad.

I don’t plan on staying there for too long, though. I just need the money for now until I can get a proper job. Plus it keeps me busy and out of the house which is boring when you have nothing to do. I work weekdays, so I at least have my weekends off unless I do some overtime. I probably won’t do that for a while, though. Haha.

Other than that, I got another internship for a company called The Future Melting Pot. They’re based in Birmingham and I was a bit worried about travel and the fact that I have a new job now but luckily the lady said it’d be okay for me to work from home. So, I Skyped her yesterday for a meeting and I already have an assignment for next Friday and I’m going to help run their blog and Twitter. Crazy news! I’m really excited though. My CV is going to look banging!

I finally got the chance to meet up with some of my closest friends on Tuesday evening. It’s been ages because I’ve been so busy with university these past couple of months and I’ve been broke, so I haven’t really had the chance to see anyone. Anyway, it was a really nice evening – I love catching up. On the way home, my friend and I were accosted by this man who was clearly high on weed. He kept waffling on about us being his family and friends, and how he loves us. It was mad! We got off our stop and thought, “Okay, we’re rid of him!” We were walking toward the bus stop and I look behind me to see if the bus was coming and he’s fucking running toward us. I nudged my friend hard and she screamed, which then made me scream and we start running full throttle toward the bus stop. I was so scared. We got to the bus stop and he stopped near us and was saying how we scared him, which is absolute codswallop. Night buses in London come like every hour so we were sitting at the bus stop for ages listening to him chat shit about family and friends and love. The bus finally came and we were so scared that the driver would let him on the bus but luckily he didn’t. I think I nearly peed myself that night. Jeeze.

Yesterday was also crazy! I was on the bus going to work and we were driving past KFC when I notice there’s a scuffle outside it between two guys and some employees of KFC. I think they were trying to get them to leave because they were probably causing disruption. Next thing you know, one guy throws a punch to the manager and they’re full on fighting. The other guy had a bat, as well! I get off the bus and because KFC is opposite the Primark where I work, I was fully scared that he was lurking somewhere. I walk slowly toward my work and suddenly see a big crowd of people and a bus has been stopped at the crossroad. As I get closer I see the man swinging the bat around at the crossroads, threatening the police that have arrived. He also smashed the police car windows and KFC windows. It literally took about 5 police officers jumping on him to subdue him and even some passersby helped. I was actually so scared, like my heart was beating so fast. There were so many people crowding around as well, so it made it difficult for me to get into work – but I managed to duck in as fast as I could.

That’s London, for you.


  • Josie

    Wow, you sound crazy busy at the minute! I’m slightly jealous because I’m so bored since I finished uni.
    I’m waiting to start my next course in September so all I have is my part time job to keep me busy but that’s only 8-12 hours a week – too much free time!
    Congrats on both the job and the internship 🙂 what kind of job would you like to get to in the long run?
    Eeek, London sounds well scary! I wouldn’t say Nottingham is any better though. I think I prefer to just stay inside my house 😉 haha

  • Sakura

    It;s good to be busy and I’m glad that you are managing your time pretty well. Good luck in getting a proper job so that you won’t be stuck at your current job for long!

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