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My Christmas Playlist

Every time I hear Jingle Bell Rock I just think of Mean Girls and Gretchen kicking the boom box into Jason’s face. I die every single time of laughter. Classic.

Time to bust out your Christmas jumper, make a hot drink and settle down to some festive tunes. I love Christmas songs, but I don’t really get into them until it’s actually December. Anytime before that and I’m like, “NOOOO, IT’S TOO EARLY.” I swear Christmas starts in the shops earlier and earlier every year — I swear it’ll become a thing where before we’ve even finished summer, they’ll be decorating the windows with Christmas lights and tinsel.

A good classic Christmas song is the best way to rouse festive cheer and there’s nothing quite like belting out All I Want For Christmas Is You when you’re drunk at your work Christmas party. My absolute favourite Christmas song has got to be Fairytale of New York, which is another great song to sing at the top of your lungs ?

Mutay took me along to Hillsong London’s Christmas Carols the other night and it was absolutely amazing. I was blown away and wasn’t expecting the full-scale theatre production that they put on! I couldn’t help but sing along (okay, mouth along because I can’t sing for shxt) to the songs they sang like O Come All Ye Faithful and Joy To The World. The electricity in the room was just… wow, and when people started taking out their lights and waving them in the air it was so beautiful. You can actually watch it here!

The event put me in such a warm and happy mood and I’m so glad I went. Will definitely have to try and make it a yearly thing!

I’ve also put some of my favourite Christmas tunes in a Spotify playlist, so you can listen in your own time — Enjoy! What are some of your favourite Christmas songs?

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  • Georgie

    ??? Sometimes I remember that scene from Mean Girls too! I specifically remember the part when they do the slap/clap/whatever it is and bend their knees and snap and it’s just cheeky/naughty and so wrong ?

    I really like All I Want For Christmas is You – the one Olivia Olson sung for Love Actually was very good. The Mariah Carey version is just oooooverplayed though!

    I do like Last Christmas (I noticed it’s top of your list!), but I’m also kinda over it… I’m not big on Christmas carols. But there are some punk bands that sing Christmas songs or do their own take on it and it ends up being really good. I always remember the song Merry Frickin Christmas by Relient K. The lyrics are really humorous too, if you haven’t heard of it, it’s worth a listen ?

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