My Bullet Journal Journey

I’ve been wanting to write about my bullet journal journey for a while, but I thought let me wait a bit so I have enough pages to show you guys. A lot of it is just winging it because I didn’t have a set way I wanted my journal to be when I first started. I still don’t and every week I choose to change my weekly layout, which has been a lot of fun!

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Tools I use:

I remember sitting down one day and deciding I want to try bullet journalling again. I think what appeals to me the most is that you can have whatever you want in your journal. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest for bullet journal ideas and I’m blown away by the creativity some bullet journalers have. It’s amazing!

I mostly wanted a simple way for me to write down tasks and then mark them off once they’ve been completed. Yes, I have plenty of planners that can help me do that but I feel like I’m more on track with my bullet journal. Bullet journals are really something youΒ can play around with and that’s what I love about it – because I have empty pages ahead of me, I can fill it with whatever I want. I also don’t follow a specific way to mark tasks!

I also have the space to write journal entries, as well. I try to journal every day but feel like it’s too much pressure and I can be quite forgetful, so I just journal as and when and I love decorating these entries as well.

I had a lot of fun designing my first few pages because I had no idea what I wanted in there and was just grabbing ideas left, right and centre from Pinterest. So, there isn’t a coherent theme throughout my journal but I feel like it reflects me – messy, but organised.

My bullet journal has definitely helped me tackle tasks with a new reignited passion and I’ve actually gotten so much done that I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time: get my blogging schedule back on track, have actual goals written down for this year, keep a track of my finances, etc.

Overall, I feel like my bullet journal is now just a regular part of me just like my phone. It’s always in my bag, I’m always using it at work and it’s always something I refer to when I’m home – Sunday’s are especially dedicated to designing the spread for the following week and it allows me to designate what tasks should be done when. I have a small selection of tasks that are permanent and get rotated: blog related stuff, keeping up to date with Pinterest and commenting on blogs.

I’ll be honest, I do tend to jump on trends super quick, get really hyped but then stop using it after a while. That’s what happened with the Happiness Planner and the Trigg Planner. That’s part of the reason until we were well into the year before I started to write about my journey properly. It may have taken me a long time to find something that has finally helped me get organised but I got here, eventually. I have a good feeling about this one. ?

Do you bullet journal? What’s your experience like? Would you consider a bullet journalling if you don’t already?

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