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Murder Simply Brewed

Murder Simply Brewed by Vannetta Chapman

Following the heart attack of coffee shop owner, Ethan Gray, everything seems to be going back to normal until a series of events take place that puts everyone on edge. Murder Simply Brewed is a book not just about Amish life and it’s in and outs – but the potential murder that is on the cards. When a young Amish girl, Hannah Troyer, and her non-Amish employer, Amber Wright, are thrown together because of it, what unfolds is an unlikely friendship with many twists and turns along the way.

I’ve never read any Amish fiction, but the premise of this book seemed too good to pass up. Knowing nothing about Amish life, it was interesting to see how Chapman describes their ways and their culture, and it intrigued me. It must be nice to have a simple life and although I know it isn’t the life for me, it certainly would be a nice break from city life.

The heroine of the story, Amber Wright, was someone I didn’t expect to connect with. This is possibly because I am 21 years old, and in the book, she is a middle-aged woman. What could we possibly have in common? Apparently, quite a bit. I connected with her on a certain level, though, especially about her questions on love and trying to find it. Hannah Troyer was someone I definitely expected to connect with because we are roughly the same age, and she asks all the same questions I’ve been asking about God.

As a person who is still questioning religion, this book opened my eyes. Even if you do believe in God, you can still question His intent and never waver in your faith. It was a refreshing look at things, but for myself, I’m still searching.

I also like the added romance element because it wasn’t too in your face, which is something I despise. There were a few parts where my heart swelled with joy, but that could just be the hopeless romantic inside of me. I figured out about halfway through where the story was going to take me, but I was still pleasantly surprised at how it turned out. I love when that happens; even if you figure it out, you still feel a little shock as to what happens.

Still, it was a pleasant book to read. I spent many a bus journey to work pouring over it on my eReader, and it definitely made my journeys better. I’d recommend you read this if you’ve never read Amish fiction, and want to know what’s it like. The book gives you a simplistic view of Amish life and also entertains you along the way.

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  • Nancy

    The book sounds interesting with its storyline combining an alliance with an Amish and non-Amish girl. Though in today’s day, these sorts of ‘categories’ for people wouldn’t matter much, would it? I just know that the Amish try to keep things traditional and limit their uses in today’s technology. But as for the kids, they have a choice of leaving to the city or staying behind after a certain age (like 16 or 18). It’s great that you can relate with the book about religion. I’ll assume that many others can too since it’s almost a common thing for people our age. And a plus that the romantic part is passive :). Hope you’ll find some more great reads!

  • Susanne aka Sinead

    It would be interesting to read something to learn about Amish life. Amish has always seemed so odd to me, but probably mostly because I don’t understand it or know much enough about it.
    I hope you’ll find what you’re searching for regarding faith.
    And, besides everything else, a very funny discovery, I decided to check out who designed your blog theme because it looked interesting. And it turns out the designer lives in the same town as I do!! I mean, what’s the probability for that????

  • AnneMarie

    Sounds like an interesting book! I’ll definitely look into it.

    And honestly, if it’s a book about humans, I’m pretty sure we’ll all be able to relate to it on some degree. We may be at different stages in our lives but that’s one thing we’ll always have in common: our humanity. 😀

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