The Month of Turn UP

I’m not really sure how it happened, but I’ve somehow managed to get most of August booked up doing absolutely everything. It started with a Mexican Food Fiesta cooked by yours truly, in which I tried my hand at making watermelon agua fresca using this recipe. Not trying to boast, but it was delicious.

Next thing I knew I was filling up all available spots with things to do.

To be fair, it IS my birthday month, so you can excuse me for wanting to turn up every single day. Although 22 isn’t exactly a big milestone, it is still a pivotal moment in our lives (I’m quoting Mutay, here, btw). Mutay and I also have a big trip coming up next April, so I’m also looking forward to that. I’m hoping to have a series on the blog dedicated to that trip, in fact.

So without further ado, I unveil ‘August – the month of TURN UP’:

Rooftop Film Club: This is the second time I’m going to Rooftop Film Club, and I loved it the first time. The weather is way better than last time (it was raining – typical London), and I have significantly more money to indulge on food and drink. We’re going to see Some Like It Hot. Never seen it, heard it’s good, I’m excited.

Boyhood: Finally going to see this on Friday.


The Do-Over: Mutay messaged me one morning with a link to this event telling me to RSVP. I had no idea what was going on, but I did it anyway.

Shaker & Company: Every Monday, Shaker & Company host Monday Movie Cocktail Club. You can get 2 pizzas and 2 cocktails for £20 AND watch a film. Bargain? Yes. So, next Monday I’m hoping to be there to watch ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’. Johnny et Leo <3


Kamayan: Despite having to work on my birthday (21st), I’m looking forward to going to this Filipino restaurant with my family and some friends in the evening. The night will probably end with me having to unbutton my jeans, as I usually do when it comes to Filipino food.

Be At One: Birthday drinks with the rest of the homies. It’s a Friday. No work on Saturday. You know what that means.

Bounce: Mutay’s birthday is 8 days after mine, and she’s chosen to do her celebrations at Bounce. Bounce combines ping pong, food and cocktails. I am too excited. TOO excited.

The Science of Hedonism: the Science Museum holds Lates, a free night for adults that takes place on the last Wednesday of the month. Lates have a different theme each month, spanning issues as far apart as sex, alcohol and climate change. Mutay and I went to last month’s, which you can read about here, and we had so much fun we’re going again this month.

Come September, I’m going to be a zombie.


  • Holly

    Oh man, I love having a month full of plans. It keeps me busy. I haven’t done anything interesting this month and I haven’t got any plans. I’d better sort something out soon so the end of my summer isn’t a complete waste.

    I saw your pictures on Instagram from the Rooftop Film Club. It looks like such a great experience. I’d love to go!

  • Julia

    Have an awesome birthday month! I wish a had a summer birthday. There’s so much to do! I’m turning 22 in January.

    The Rooftop Film Club sounds pretty cool. Is it like the UK version of a drive-in?

    “CHILDISH GAMBINO ON THE 19TH. THIS NEEDS NO EXPLANATION. BYE.” I love Childish Gambino! I was supposed to see him at music festival in Montreal last weekend, but I had to sell my tickets to study for finals 🙁

  • Nancy

    August is the month of turn up? I missed the memo somewhere! Just kidding :p.

    It sounds like you’re going to have an awesome month with all of these events you booked! And especially since it’s your birthmonth, you gotta make it big! All of these events look like fun~ Even though you have work on your birthday (boo!), at least you’re still doing something :D.

    You are not kidding about turning up! Drink a glass of martini or bottle of green apple smirnoff for me, yah? 😀

  • Cat

    You have a lot going on in August! The Rooftop Film Club looks so cool. We have similar outdoors movie things, but they’re always in parks. Eating lots of good food sounds like a great way to celebrate your birthday 🙂 The other events sound fun too! I hope you have a great August!

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