Monkeying around at Go Ape!

Last week Sunday, I was very lucky to go to Go Ape with several other bloggers thanks to BGO and Joe Blogs Blogger Network. To celebrate the launch of their Kong online slot game, we got to release our inner Tarzan; swinging in the trees, screaming like banshees and pretty much spending the whole day picking out wedgies.

Lips dry as sh*t. Damn gurl, get some Vaseline

Go Ape is the UK’s number one forest adventure. They have 28 locations around the country, that vary from your basic Go Ape experience to Forest Segway Experience safaris. No two Tree-Top adventures are the same, and they even offer courses for your little ones!

Our lovely instructor, George, helped us get the hang of the harness we were wearing and showed how to properly use all of the clips, loops and pulleys. We were constantly told that we had to “always stay attached”… y’know just incase some falls to their death from the trees.

After the health and safety talk, we were then left to our own devices – to “go ape”! I actually visited Go Ape about two weeks ago for Mutay’s birthday, and I’m so glad I got another chance to go because I had so much fun! From using the Tarzan swing and sliding on my back through tunnels, I definitely got the best workout of my life.

There are 5 sites to complete and it does get progressively harder. For the adrenaline junkies out there, there is an extreme part of the course you can take. I tried to go through the extreme section, but chickened out and backed the hell up and took the easy route ?

I especially enjoyed the zipwire, as you can tell from the video above 🙂 The second Tarzan swing scared the sh*t of me, though because you actually drop way down before reaching the net. There were some obstacles that were definitely not made for short people, as I had my leg stretching like nobody’s business.

The view from the last zipwire was amazing and I’m so glad the weather held up. (We all know what English weather is like!)

Trent Park, one of the many locations Go Ape is based, is really beautiful and would make a really nice place to have a picnic. I will definitely come back here to visit, not just for Go Ape!

After being greeted by this encouraging sign, we made our way to the cafe to grub down on some delicious food! A nice cup of coffee was also needed after all of that climbing, screaming and running about.

We had the chance of trying out BGO’s online slot game, which was a lot of fun. Thankfully we were playing free spin – if I was playing with real money it would be a disaster, as I kept losing a lot. The game is very simple to play and I like the graphics, as well as the music – very Indiana Jones. You don’t even have to download anything to play it on your phone!

You start off with €1000… and oh hey, it’s Jack Black!

Overall, I had an amazing time and could see myself visiting again (and again and again). If you want to conquer your fear of heights, then Go Ape is definitely the place to go – it’s great for team building and encouraging others. Thanks again to BGO, Go Ape and Joe Blogs Blogger Network for this opportunity 🙂



  • Michelle

    Go Ape looks fantastic and something I’d like to try. It looks like fun and I can’t imagine how it must have been on that zip wire. Cheers! Glad the weather was good enough for you and everyone to do this. Yeah, I might have not stepped inside England, but I have a pretty good guess how the weather is. I watched a lot of history and so a lot of it pinpointed or talked about England’s weather, a whole bunch of times. Glad you had fun!

    • Chynna

      The zipwire was amazing! It’s really weird because just before you go on it, you’re like “Eeeeeee!”, but once you’re whizzing you literally have the time of your life. Haha, England is pretty notorious for its weather

  • Becca

    Oh my goodness, that looks like SO much fun! I’m not a super outdoorsy person, but that seriously looks like a blast. I think we have a really mini version of this near where I am, but it is super expensive and I don’t really think worth it. Even better that the weather held out! I would have been much more scared if it had rained and everything was slippery.

    • Chynna

      The last time I went, it actually did start raining! Luckily it was only a slight drizzle, but there were some parts where I thought I was going to slip T_T Nevertheless, it was super fun!

  • Cat

    That looks like so much fun! I would love to go to a place like that. I went ziplining in Hawaii once, and it was a great experience. Not only was it fun, but the view was gorgeous because we were going above tropical forests and waterfalls. I want to do it again!

    I’m glad you had an amazing time there!

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