Meeting Amy

My blogger meet up list is becoming extensive and I am LOVING it. This is what I love about the blogosphere – the opportunity to meet up with people you’d probably never meet in your day-to-day life.

A couple of weeks ago, I got to meet up with Amy and it was definitely a long time coming. She messaged me to say that she’d be in London and I just knew we HAD to meet up. Gotta take every opportunity you can, especially as she lives all the way in Leeds!

I decided that we should go to Carluccio’s, as you can’t go wrong with some good ol’ Italian. We met outside this massive statue of a man and woman kissing in London’s St. Pancras International. I don’t get as nervous when meeting new people, anymore, but there’s still a moment of, “Omg, dude. What if they’re not real and I’m just being catfished” (Which I’m sure I’ve mentioned before in other blog posts about meeting other bloggers, haha). Thankfully, I wasn’t being catfished and was greeted with a massive hug from Amy!

I also got to meet her boyfriend as well, who was really cool and super funny.

We basically spoke about everything from what’s it like living in Leeds (apparently there’s not much to do there, haha) to blogging to dating – it was so much fun. Also, yes, the food was amazing. I love Carlucci’s – I ordered the garlic focaccia with provolone cheese and the beef ragu linguine.

Amy nearly gave me a heart attack when she told me she likes her steak well done, though. ?

Because there’s needs to be evidence that I’m real and she’s real and that together we’re both real, we HAD to take some photos in front of the massive statue. I have no idea what was going on but we just found everything so funny – doing funny poses and all sorts. Amy’s bf did manage to get some photos of us that weren’t us moving around like mad men, though!

Afterwards, we wandered around the station and stumbled across a mini Hamleys where they were playing some old skool *NSYNC. We literally just walked around still chatting before ending up out side Kings Cross station and trying to have an impromptu photo shoot outside Pret A Manger – except it smelt so bad that we had to evacuate immediately.

The night ended with us just chilling and talking about some fucking hilarious things – shout out to Cedric ?

SO GLAD I FINALLY GOT TO MEET YOU, AMY! You’re amazing, sweet and hella funny IRL and you definitely need to come back to London, soon ?

If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out Amy’s post about our meetup here.

PS. Here’s a bonus video of me dancing along to ‘Bye Bye Bye’.


  • Nancy

    Oh man, your blogger meetup list must be HUGE by now! Hey, I am one of those cool kids XD

    It’s great that you got a chance to meet up with her. So cool that you two got to chat about a lot of things. Oh man, while she likes her steak well done, I’m here eating it rare @___@. Your poses are too funny! Glad you had a great time!! Eventually, with all of these blogger meetups, you’ll need to make a new category: “Meet Ups” or something cooler XD XD

    OMG Your dance with Thor’s helmet and hammer is too adorbs!!!!!!!!

    • Chynna

      You most certainly are, Nance <3 I’m still shook that Amy likes her steak well done, but you know she’s cool so I can forgive her. If it were anyone else I’d abandon them ?

  • Pauline

    I hadn’t realised that you two were meeting on the day so I remember seeing it on Instagram and totally FREAKING OUT. When I met Holly and Amy, I recall just talking to them about how you’re the real deal and hot fire flames and the chirpiest little sunflower ever. After reading Amy’s post, I’m sure you know exactly what I mean. ?

    I remember that statue haha! I was really confused when I first saw it because I’ve visited the station a few times already and hadn’t seen it before. I LOVE THAT ITALIAN PLACE OMG. When I went down to see Hamdah we ate there for dinner and it was LIT. Ya know what I ordered LOL

    I loved seeing your photos and video LOL. I’m glad you had an awesome time with Amy and her boyfriend! 😀 I need to see you again soon, miss you already bub! (Can’t believe we’ve met so many times already now hahaha!)

    • Chynna

      Hahaha, I can just imagine your freak out as well bless your heart, you’re too precious ? Amy mentioned that you spoke about me and I AM SO FLATTERED. ILYSM

  • Cat

    I saw this on Amy’s blog, and it makes me so happy to see more bloggers meeting up! I love that you got to meet and hang out with Amy! Your photos together are so cute and funny 😀 I think my main fear when I meet up with online friends is more on myself. What if I’m super boring and awkward and I say stupid stuff??

    I’m glad you both had so much fun together!

  • Claudine

    I read about your meetup on Amy’s blog too and I could really tell that you guys had lots of fun together! 🙂 So amazing that you’ve been doing all these blogger meet-ups and having a great time! You and Amy are wonderful personalities even online, so I was so sure that you’d feel so much more thrilled to see and chat with each other in person 😀

    HAHA I LOVE THE VIDEO! And the fact that you’re wearing a Thor costume makes it even better XD Dancing and playing some old school boyband music is definitely something I would do too! Lol!

  • Brandy

    It’s always so much fun to meet bloggers IRL. It looks like you guys had a great time. I loved your photos and that video. I never thought that one day, I’d see Thor singing NSYNC songs. That was golden. Haha.
    I actually met one of my best friends through blogging. 🙂

  • Enyiie

    Looks like you both had the best time! Omg the part about ‘am I being catfished’ is too relatable. I hope I get around to meeting more bloggers while I’m in the UK (meeting Pauline was amazing and crazy haha). Love the dance too and the costume! That statue totally reminds me of the unconditional surrender statue in San Diego :O I remember posing under it when I was in America for a family trip when I was younger!

  • Amy

    I can’t believe I haven’t commented on this yet! I love how you’ve written this post. Actually cried at the Cedric part. That was so funny!

    It was so great meeting you! I had such a lovely time and I’m definitely going to the Carluccio’s in Leeds after that amazing pasta. Think I’ll leave the olives though!

    Definitely need a bloggers meet up soon!

  • Georgie

    I’m so glad you two got to meet! I’ve known Amy since 2008 – crazy long time too.

    It’s definitely smart to meet at a location that’s easy to spot. And yeah, sometimes you can’t believe the other person is freakin’ REAL. And pictures are an absolute MUST, seriously. ?

    You definitely can’t go wrong with Italian! ?

    Your dancing is BOMBBBBBBB ?

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