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Me Encanta Barcelona

Barcelona in one sentence: sun, sea and alcohol.

Well, maybe not so much sun because it was pretty cloudy when we went. My friends were complaining that it was too hot, but as someone who’s been to the Philippines many times it was like water off a duck’s back for me. Nevertheless, I have an interesting tan line on my butt to show for it.

Barcelona is amazing. It’s so amazing that I’m going back in September with Mutay. I haven’t booked anything, yet, but the passion to go back is so ridiculous. Alas, I’m stuck in an office being jealous of my colleague who’s going to China in August. (I’ve already put in my order for a shot glass from China. I’ve decided that’s the thing I’m going to collect when I travel or when my friend’s go away. I already have shot glasses from Prague, Barcelona and Malia)

Barcelona was a learning experience for me, even though I never intended it to be. It has made me realise my passion for the Spanish language, how much I want to meet new people and how good weather definitely affects how you feel in life. (By the way, life is great)

Interesting side note, I actually got stuck in Barcelona because of the French air strike. France weren’t letting anyone fly over their country, so our flight which was meant to be at 2.35PM was cancelled. However, thanks to my level head, I was able to rebook our flights for the next morning.

This did mean that I had to sleep on the hard floor of the airport, but I thought of it as an adventure. I even spoke to a few people whilst my friend’s were sleeping, so that was pretty cool as well. Making friends, FTW.

It’s kind of difficult for me to write about how much fun I had in Barcelona without bragging, and I hate a humblebrag. Even though I do it sometimes without realising. The irony.

Top places to visit/see

  1. La Rambla
  2. Park Güell
  3. Sagrada Família
  4. Bar Piranya
  5. Makamaka – Beach Burger Cafe
  6. Futbol Club Barcelona
  7. Port Vell

It’s really one long beach, but they all have different names. On our last night, we found out it was Summer Solstice, so the hostel we were staying at took us all down to Marbella beach. Summary: sea, sand, American accents, fireworks, tiki torches, dancing, bonfires, gypsy dancing, and lots and lots of beer.

I think you’ll see why I want to go back when you see these pictures. There’s more, but that would be a whole post by itself.

Don’t worry, Barcelona. I’ll be back.


  • Nancy

    Fun fact: There’s an actual bar/restaurant ~20 minutes from my house called “Bar Celona” XD. Since you did mention alcohol, it makes sense it would be a bar too, haha.

    I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed Barcelona! It sounds like you’ll have a blast when you come back with Mutay :3. Collecting a shots glass is legit! I was thinking about the same thing except I’m picky with the designs so the only shots glass I want are the ones from Disneyland D:.

    It’s great that you made the most out of your stay at the airport. Socializing is ftw! That tagging on the stairs is crazy! Someone hates tourists, lol!

  • Uglyfish

    Glad you enjoyed it there! Love the collecting shot glasses idea, sounds very fun! The pictures are great, lucky you getting to go back in September too so you can experience it all again!
    I’d have a meltdown if I was stuck somewhere! Sleeping in the airport does sound exciting though, and it’s always fun to meet new people!

  • Holly

    Ah, Barcelona is an addiction! I felt the same way when I went two years ago. I am desperate to go back. It sounds like you had an awesome time though, and I really hope you get to return sometime soon. 🙂

    While I’ve seen the football ground (and been in), Sagrada Família and La Rambla I haven’t been to Park Güell, but I’d love to go. I really like the Gaudi art all over the city.

    I’ve been affected by the French air strikes before. I had to sit on a plane on the runway at East Midlands airport for 2 hours because we couldn’t fly over France. The Italians are just as bad when it comes to strikes.

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