MCM London Comic Con 2014

What. A. Weekend.

I’m still knackered from that one day, but it was totally worth it.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you most likely know that I went to London Comic Con on Saturday. As Two-Face.

This picture and this lady were my inspiration and whilst it’s not exactly the same, I think the likeness is striking. I’m pretty proud of what I managed to pull together in the end. The fact that I got recognised whilst at Comic Con was even better and when the group I was with were asked to take pictures, etc. So awesome.

I went to my friend’s house the night before, so we could all get ready inthe morning and get on the tube looking freaky together. I practiced my makeup the night before as well, because I wasn’t really sure how I was going to achieve the lips. I found a stretched lips tutorial on YouTube, which I was initially going to do, but then decided to paint on how it was in the picture above. Makes more sense.

Excuse the tear drop in my eye. Despite being able to wear contact lenses all the time, the ones I have in are slightly different. Side note: I’m definitely keeping the contact lens for another occasion, because they are so cool. Even after I took off all my makeup, I still kept my lens in. (Partially because I forgot the bottle to put it back, but whatever)

The next morning, we had to wake up super early because Con starts at 9am and we wanted an early start. Despite aiming for 9.30am, we still left later because it took us (well, me) a while to get ready. I had to put on my trousers and bra and then do my makeup because taking off my bra and putting my corset on, then spray my hair white and then put on my jacket. Chore. Then I had to paint my left foot blue too.

I think all together my makeup took 45 minutes to put my makeup on. Then like 20 minutes spraying my hair because I had to be careful not to get it on the other side. Anyway, here’s the end product:

The pink lips aren’t as bright as they were the night before, nor the teeth as white but I think that was because of the blue mixing in underneath. Nevertheless, I was pretty happy.

The fact that I scared a little boy on the tube is probably something I shouldn’t be happy about, but I couldn’t help but laugh at the look on his face when he saw me for the first time.

I’m so glad we opted for priority tickets because the queue for non-priority was ridiculous. My friend who went to Con last year said she had to queue for 2 hours in non-priority. D: The queue went pretty smoothly and finally, we got our wristbands and were allowed inside.


Rows upon rows of stalls, so many cosplayers, food, free stuff, etc. It was amazing. When we started to get stopped for pictures, I got even more excited. I was finally amongst my people. Haha. There was also a weeping angel cosplayer who made me equal parts scared and overjoyed, and she also said she liked my cosplay. Result :3

I should probably stop rambling and just show you some pictures. Unfortunately, my phone was being a little b*tch and these pictures are from my friends 🙂

There were so many things I wanted to buy, but I managed restraint because I’m poor. I’m still happy with the purchases I made, which include a G-Dragon poster (because the first stall I saw was a kPop one, and I understandably freaked the f*ck out), a Slytherin bookmark, a couple of badges and a sticker which came in a mystery bag, Asgard and Doctor Who bear posters, photo sized cartoon of Loki, Tenth Doctor and Loki drawings and a mug with a drawing of Cas, Dean and Sam drinking coffee and standing by the Impala.

Here’s a list of the people where I bought some of my stuff from:

Epsilon Arts


Kiwi / Anikakinka

Beastly Beverages

Overall, the day was amazing and I can’t wait to go again next year. I’m thinking to go as Lady Loki next year. Seeing as we did DC this year, makes sense we do Marvel next year.

Oh, and for anyone asking where I got my suit… my mum made it. Everything else: eBay.



  • Nancy

    I remembered that picture of you being two-face! Though I thought you looked more like those Avatar characters :o!!! Still rocking the look!!! :D. It’s amazing how makeup can do so many wonders. All of you were rocking your outfits! I love how your crew are the bad guys of Gotham :D!!!! Have you watched Gotham yet?! (I’m sure you did). The TV show always keep me hanging every time!!!

    You got some cool swag from the con :D!! Hope everyone had fun!

    • Chynna

      GOTHAM IS FREAKING AMAZEBALLS. It’s soooo good. I love all the characters even the bad ones. Fish Mooney is amazing, as well. Can’t believe it’s Jada Pinkett-Smith!

  • Holly

    As I’ve said before, you looked amazing! It sounds like you had an amazing time.

    I am so jealous of you right now! I am determined to go to London Comic Con next year. I’ve got my cosplay all planned out but I just can’t find the right colour fabric.

  • Joy

    I think your version came out freaking fantastic! I mean, you nailed it! The contacts are really cool too! I think I saw you post a picture of you wearing one without the make-up and it was really startling but in a cool way lol.

    Did you meet anyone fun at comic-con? There are always a slew of people at those things.

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