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Light Weight? No Problem!

When I first started drinking I probably should have gone to Nancy for advice… and she’s younger than me! Honestly, I’d like to think that I’m not that much of a light weight anymore but that would be telling a lie and I ain’t Pinocchio. Nancy writes about how you can control being a light weight by basically telling you to drink twice a week. I like her. 😛 (Is it bad that I used to not eat purposefully, so I could get drunk quicker? Don’t take tips from Auntie Chynna, guys.)

Being light weight typically means that you can’t handle as much alcohol compared to the average Joe. Normally you’re the first person to get wasted while everyone else is barely starting the night. Regardless of all of the problems that might be caused, there are ways in coping with being a light weight. So don’t you worry! There is hope!

Build your tolerance

There are some people who started their alcoholic journey as being light weight. The more alcohol their body is getting used to, the longer it takes for the effects to kick in. I’m not saying you should drink a barrel of vodka a day (that will most likely give you alcohol poisoning). You can try drinking half a shot twice a week for starters. It’s typical if you feel woozy or turn red almost instantly (especially if you’re Asian {Asian Glow}), but you’re already building your tolerance there. Your body will eventually get used to the effects after a while.
For example, when I first started out, half a bottle of a 4% Smirnoff cooler got me dizzy and totally red. I eventually started drinking a bottle a week for a while and the effects aren’t noticeable anymore on the first bottle.

Take it slow

If you know you’re light weight, skip out on chugging alcohol until you build your tolerance. If you’re at a party with a can of beer in your hand, feel free to take as long as it takes to finish it. No one is going to count the amount of cans you have finished; and if they do, they’re partying wrong.

One time, I was playing beer pong with a group of friends. They know that I’m light weight and respect that, so they let me take as long as I need to finish the beer. Even though that kind of ruins the concept of the game on my end, we still had fun throwing ping pong balls into cups. I worked my way into finishing all of the cups I needed to finish and still had fun. It took a bit longer, but the job was done.

Eat before going at it

Lastly, have a light meal of some sort before drinking alcohol. This is probably a global rule because if you’re going to drink on an empty stomach, you will get drunk faster. With food in your system, the alcohol will be slowly absorbed by your body to go into the bloodstream. Also, drinking on an empty stomach can pose some dangerous risks such as having nausea or even worse- have a liver damage.


Drinking can be fun, only if you make it fun. Don’t overdo it and push your body to its limits by drinking too much. Everyone is different so it may take shorter or longer for them to overcome being light weight or it could never happen at all. Remember to drink responsibly because no one wants to see you passed out on the streets next to a bum. Slow and steady wins the race!

By Nancy of

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  • Nancy

    Lol! I feel like some alcoholic addict or something with this post. No worries, I’m not ^__^. I just so happened to learn by experience, haha. Since you said you used to not eat purposely, you should be fine since it’s the thing of the past (as long it stays in the past!). Just don’t eat a big meal or else a beer belly is a drink away D:… Unless you drink vodka/tequila, then a worry of having a beer belly should be nonexistent.

    Hope you and the commenters like the post!

    Love, peace, and martini drinks~

  • Ella

    Reading this reminded me of some of the tips and tricks my friends use and share.

    One of my best girlfriends is half German and Irish. Apparently this mix gives her high tolerance with little chance of getting hangovers. She has been known to out drink large guys and she takes pride in this. When I go with her to party events, each time I lose and regain sight of her, she has a new drink in hand. I don’t know how she does it.

    I recall going to a house party with majority of the people being Asian. I’m pretty sure every girl there that was drinking had thrown up at the end of the night. I’d also say a good 70% of them turn tomato red too. lol, definitely wasn’t a pretty sight.

    Me, I don’t drink. To me, alcohol smells and tastes so nasty. I’ve yet to find something that could mask the taste or smell of alcohol. I can still have a fun night without a drink. Watching over drunk people is entertaining enough. x)

    • Chynna Ashley

      Oh wow! I think that I’ve heard German and Irish people are pretty heavy drinkers, so that mix must be a powerhouse. Haaa.

      If I were at that party I would be part of the 70% who had turned tomato red. I’ve only ever thrown up like twice in my whole drinking experience, ha.

      Try a cocktail. A fruity one 😀

  • Hiro

    I immediately turn red, though I have never drank to the point of getting drunk, because I’m super content with just feeling warm and fuzzy and I don’t really like puking and having hangovers. XD My boyfriend is Russian, and doesn’t drink because to him, it’s pointless because no matter how much he drinks, he doesn’t get drunk. (He tried once, and by the time he got a bit tipsy, his liver was hurting, so he decided he should probably stop.) Though, if you’re Asian and get the flush (like me), be careful of this (sometimes “building tolerances” is bad because even if your body can “take more alcohol,” it doesn’t magically turn on the enzyme, so the toxin is still accumulating): “Research has shown that facial flushing when drinking is indicative of ALDH2 deficiency, which can increase the risk of developing esophageal cancer by six to ten times.”
    Fun and fuzzy times for all. 😉

    • Chynna Ashley

      I always intend to drink just to be warm and fuzzy but then I get carried away. I’m so bad. I’m half Filipino, so I get the flush like crazy. I definitely need to watch out then 😮

  • Agent Q

    I always knew that I was a lightweight, but never thought too much about building my tolerance. I simply told myself to pace it well, and it’ll be all good right? WROOONG! Even I can lose track if I’m having too much fun with my friends. I was with my Italian friends for my farewell party when I had a tad too much. Guess what happened? I began speaking and singing in Italian, using my faux, operatic voice. It was funny and embarrassing at the same time. Best night that I would never want to repeat. So yes. These are some good tips to remember. Thank you. 🙂

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