Life,  Life Lately

Life Lately

Lets do a roundup of Chynna’s life lately.

In between working and sleeping and mostly eating, I haven’t had a change to properly update you guys on what has been happening in my life. I am mostly active on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram so follow me there if you want minute to minute updates on how boring my life is. Jk ~ it’s actually pretty decent.

We’re in August now, which also happens to be my birthday month (clearly the best month to be born in, IMO), and I still can’t believe that the year has flown by so quickly already. Considering how shit 2016 has been, in terms of world events, lets try to put some light on it…

1. July was my mother’s birthday in which she turned 21

I actually decided to join her in church for once. I have not been to church in ages, but I will make an exception here or there. Considering I identify as agnostic, I do feel a little hypocritical when I enter a church, but I do it out of family obligation. Does anyone else have this problem? I can’t lie, I do feel a sense of inner peace when I visit a church. It is so calming and even if you don’t go there for a mass or to pray, you can just sit there and be with your thoughts. It’s nice.

We dropped by King’s Cross station where the Philippine Department of Tourism had a station domination campaign. The Visit Philippines Again 2016 Campaign brought a experiential zone to King’s Cross where you could also get the change to win a 9-day luxury holiday to Boracay and Palawan. I entered (sadly, I didn’t win) and the guy who took my picture said, “You’ve got this vibe!” and when my mum told him I was mixed Filipino and Jamaican, he said, “That MIX, though!” Ah, thank you guy – you made me feel super gassed about myself, talaga.

I took my mum to Drink, Shop & Do for brunch. I previously visited before for a blogger event, and really enjoyed myself doing arts and crafts there. They have really cool events on every month including dance classes, calligraphy workshops and even adult colouring classes.  The food and cocktails are really good, as well!

Our last stop was Selfridges where we got to witness actors acting out ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ amongst shoppers. It startled me at first, because as we were going up the escalators I suddenly heard someone shouting “LYSANDER! LYSANDER!”, but I had no idea what was going on. It was a super fun experience! We ended the evening with a family meal at a Turkish restaurant in our area called Hisar. Can’t say much about the cocktail, but the food was absolutely delicious!

2. I met another one of my online friends!

Tiffany of The Pandie Explorer was in London for a few days in July, and I got the opportunity to meet up with her whilst she was here. I’ve actually known her since she was blogging on Jynxy Panda, so this meeting was a long time coming!

She is just as lovely and sweet as she is online, and I’m so happy I got to actually meet her IRL. Yay for the Internet 🙂

We ate at the Breakfast Club in London Bridge, and hmmmmm~ Oh my god. Amazing. I’ve been to the one in Battersea Rise with friends, and both times I’ve ordered The All American and both times they were delicious, af. I’ve had the Bloody Mary and Passionita from there, and both were yummy. 

3. Discovering cafés around my local area

Mutay works literally just down the road from where we both live, and so on my days off we go lunching like the sophisticated ladies we are. We recently discovered Blue Mountain Café, which is a cute coffee shop with an artsy vibe. We’ve visited twice already, and will be sure to go back again. The food is gorgeous and the staff are really friendly 🙂

4. Family friends turn 18 (y’all are legal now)!

In the Philippines when you turn 18 you have a debut. It is a MASSIVE deal, and I had one myself when I turned 18. I love the tradition of the whole party: the 18 candles, the 18 roses, the cotillion. I had the opportunity to go to two debuts last month, and both of them were a lot of fun. They also made me super emotional because I felt hella old. I’ve known the two girls since they were little, so it’s weird to think that they are actually adults now. My sister turns 18 next year, so you know what that meaaaaaaans~

Awesome photobooth at one the parties with loads of props :)
Awesome photobooth at one the parties with loads of props 🙂

5. Reconnecting with new friends

If you recall, I met some ever so lovely people when I was in Amsterdam who looked after me when I got a little too fucked up. Ha.

Well, I recently got to reconnect with one of those lovely people, Rhianna. We only got to meet up for a couple of hours, as she and I both had plans in the evening, but it was so lovely to connect with her. This is one of the reasons I travel – to meet new people, as well as to discover new places. She’s an amazing person, and I find it so refreshing to make friends with people and hear their different opinions on things.

She also has the most awesome Wonder Woman tattoo. Bad-ass to the max ?

the reason i travel is to meet new people and explore new places ?
the reason i travel is to meet new people and explore new places ?
Who's seen the Wonder Woman trailer? Omgggggg.
Who’s seen the Wonder Woman trailer? Omgggggg.

6. Last but not least, my love for food knows no bounds

I am going to Barcelona soon, and yet I still feel like a whale and this is partially because I have no idea how to control myself when it comes to good food. My mother dragged me to Earls Court the other day because only she would trek all the way there to get her nails done at Philip De Vera’s. *insert eye roll here*

I made her take me back to Lutong Pinoy because of this. The last time I visited was two years ago for my birthday, and man. It was so good. Filipino food is so comforting to the soul~ They also serve halo-halo, and if I wasn’t so full already I would have gotten that as well. Hahaha.

We ordered lechon kawali, seasonal gulay, pancit bihon and sizzling beef steak with rice. And then there was extra rice. Kakakaka.


yo, i ate too much ??

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Sizzling beef steak with rice
Sizzling beef steak with rice

I went to see Finding Dory after eating with my mother, and legit cried in the cinema. I said I wouldn’t eat anymore as I was already so full, but I ended eating some of my friend’s cookie dough chocolate. I am so problematic.

Other things

  • I bought this t-shirt from RedBubble and I absolutely love, love, love it. #pousseyriot
  • I recently did a gym class with 1Rebel UK thanks to Simply Health and Joe Blogs and almost died a thousand deaths. Blog post soon!
  • I’ve been watching a lot of kdramas lately including: Doctors, Uncontrollably Fond and Kill Me, Heal Me. Any other suggestions? Do you guys watch kdramas?
  • I went with Mutay and some people from her work to Django Bango, a Wild West themed mining pop up! What an experience – I’ll be sure to post more about this too. I’ll just tell you now that I actually ate crocodile…
  • My company recently celebrated selling 2 million direct car policies and we were treated to a bottle of prosecco, cupcakes and lots of food! Chicken wangs for daysssss, y’all~
  • Mutay and I went to see Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speak at the Southbank Centre, and she is just such an inspiration. Really glad I got to see her speak, because she honestly got me thinking about where I want to go with my own writing and in terms of my career, etc. 


  • Nancy

    Happy belated birthday to your mom! There’s no harm in attending church, especially if it makes your mom happy! I don’t go to church, but that’s just me. I still feel at peace when I’m at home too.

    The rose & lychee martini sounds delicious!!! I want to give that a try XD. Your family picture is adorable!!! It’s awesome to meet up with bloggers (based on expeerience 😉 ). Glad to hear that you have another blogger meetup in your books! Your breakfast looks delicious!!!!!

    Rhianna has a cute tattoo! Ugggg Filipino food looks delicious! I am starving here!!! Yes, yes, keep the food pics coming!

    Sounds like you’re having a blast! Congratulations to your work on selling 2m policies! Here’s to 3m!

    Keep it legit~~

  • Tara

    Happy birthday to your mum! XD Yay for being 21, haha! Last year or the year before, I bought my mum a birthday cake from Tous les Jours or Paris Baguette and when they asked how old the recipient is, I said she was 35, hahaha! My mum was fine with that age.

    Woot for meeting online friends! Meeting people you’ve known online for years is always a great experience. I’ve certainly met up with quite a few of them myself!

    All them food. Dammit, Chynna, quit making me so hungry, haha! 😀 They all look good. And cafe exploring is something I love to do. I saw some neat cafes I’d like to check out in Hongdae recently!

  • Michelle

    Sounds like a great time for your mother and I chuckled at your introduction to your mother’s birthday. That’s so sweet. Growing older is difficult and accepting a number is even harder, but I’m glad you had a great time and so did she. And those food pics! ^^ Quite something, honestly.

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