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I think I’ll be doing a Life Lately every month as my monthly roundup because they’re a fun way for me to go over highlights of the last month or so! This one will be slightly longer than usual because I missed out on posting last week, so bear with me. Also, there are a lot of photos in this one and I bang on about food a lot – nothing new there, to be honest. In very exciting news, I met up with Tara when she came to London and it was so much fun. She is such a sweetheart and even brought me loads of snacks from South Korea – I’m really about that choco pie life. I had such a great time hanging out with her and her friend, Michelle, especially as she’s one of my longest blogging friends! Will definitely need to get over to South Korea to visit her, ASAP!


Let’s get the food tales out of the way because I have a lot to discuss RE: food. I’ve been indulging a lot recently, but honestly if you can’t live your best life now when can you? I’ve been having a lot of fun experimenting with different recipes for my meal prep, trying new recipes via SimplyCook and taking a shot at making bread for the first time!


I blogged about the jambalaya recipe I tried using the SimplyCook subscription box and I was so glad it turned out well, aka I didn’t burn anything ?. I’ve also tried their beef stroganoff and chicken makhani recipe and both turned out really yummy. If you follow me on Instagram, you can usually follow along when I’m trying out new recipes as I do post them on my Instagram story!

Meal Prep

I cannot get enough of meal prep! There used to be a time when I would prep 2/3 weeks at a time, but now I just take time out on a Sunday evening to prep for the following week. I spend less time in the kitchen that way (honestly, I get super hot when cooking so it works better for me) and I have more time to focus on the recipe I’m trying. I’ve been using The Girl on Bloor and Budget Bytes for recipes, as well as Pinterest. Some of the recipes I’ve done recently are:


There are so many restaurants in London that sometimes it makes it difficult to choose a place to eat when meeting up with friends. The plus side is you will always have somewhere to eat! If you’re a fan of Cuban cuisine or if you’re looking for somewhere new to try then I would definitely recommend Cubana. I visited Cubana last month with some friends and enjoyed 2 for 1 cocktails (Mon – Sun, 4pm – 7pm) and delicious food.

I ordered the Pincho de Pollo, Chorizo y Guayabaa skewer of free-range marinated chicken and organic chorizo with chilli, onions and peppers, marinated in guava, honey, lime juices and spices with a side of plantain chilli rice. My friend and I also split a Tortilla CubanaCubana’s Spanish-style omelette, made with free-range eggs, sweet potatoes and fresh vegetables, served with a small salad. Everything was so good, although the plantain chilli rice wasn’t particularly chilli it was still very tasty. I especially liked the chicken skewers – the flavours were amazing. ?

Bread Making

This one was completely out of the blue. I had a day off during the week and I was bored. I know what you’re thinking – who bakes bread when they’re bored? Me. I do. It is me. I decided to Google a simple bread recipe and totally underestimated how long it would take to make the bread. I looked at the ingredients rather than the prepping/baking time and just dove straight in. It involved a lot of waiting around for my dough to proof but the end result was actually pretty good! I was really chuffed, especially as it was my first time baking bread. The kitchen smelt amazing, as well!

Foxlow’s, Browns, The Havelock Tavern

More restaurants! As I mentioned earlier I’ve been indulging quite a lot, and most of that is because Tara was in town. No regrets – the food we ate was so good. The steak I had at Foxlow’s was one of the best steaks I’ve ever had – the perfect medium rare. I also had some amazing sourdough bread from Browns – it came out still warm and when we cut it open wafts of delicious steam came out. Would also recommend the Browns burger – beef burger on a brioche bun with Irish cheese, smoked bacon, English mustard mayonnaise, gem lettuce, tomato and pickles. Perfecto! We also stopped by the Havelock Tavern which is one of London’s original gastropubs. Funnily enough, and I was totally not expecting this, but I had some of the best pasta I’ve ever had there outside of Italy! Pappardelle, lamb ragu, parmesan? You cannot go wrong! They do have a daily changing menu, so unless you like to be surprised be sure to check their website to see what the menu is for that day.

Breddos @ Swingers

Have I previously mentioned my love of tacos? I’m not quite sure if I have, but anyway. I love tacos. I’ve actually vowed to try and find the best tacos in London, so will keep you updated on that. I went to Swingers, a crazy golf venue with street food, for a friend’s birthday and discovered Breddos who do some amazing tacos. Like seriously. I ordered the masa fried chicken, beef short rib barbacoa and cochinita pork pibil – my favourite was definitely the masa fried chicken, especially with that Habanero mayo, however, all of them were extremely yummy. Their menu at Swingers differs slightly from their actual restaurants, but I’m super excited to go to one of them and try out the rest of their menu!


I’ve kind of slowed down on my reading, but I’m still ahead of schedule with my GoodReads Challenge so I’m not too worried. Sometimes when things get too busy I tend to lose track of things and only get back on track when I get a moment to myself. Nevertheless, I managed to finish a few books recently:

Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy

In a rare twist for me, I actually watched the film before I read the book. And in a not so rare twist, the first book was better than the film – in terms of the fact that it goes more in-depth. I still LOVE Crazy Rich Asians the film, and it’s solidified my need to visit Singapore but I like the book a little better because it gets to explore the characters a bit more. It is such a fun and crazy read and there were definitely some moments where I was like, “No shit, someone wouldn’t actually do that in real life” but hey, who am I to judge? The plot itself is a rollercoaster and it is such a whirlwind world you get dunked into and you may come out frazzled in the end, but it’s all worth it. Trust me. The other two books in the series, China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems, don’t hold the same weight as the first book but they’re still a lot of fun to read and follow up on some of the characters introduced in the first book. The last book definitely wraps things up nicely, as well.

Twisted Tales

I received a £10 reward from work which I spent on an Amazon voucher because I basically spend all my life on Amazon. I’ve been obsessed with trying to read all of the Twisted Tales series ever since my friend bought me one of the books for Christmas. I managed to nab 2 books from the series for £7 on Amazon and using my gift card, I basically got them for free!

I got Aladdin: A Whole New World and The Little Mermaid: Part of Your World. Having really enjoyed the Beauty & the Beast Twisted Tale, I wasn’t that enamoured with A Whole New World nor Part of Your World. It actually took me a while to get through A Part of Your World because it just didn’t grip me that well. I also received the Sleeping Beauty one and that one was just okay. A lot of it was going around in circles and I just wanted to shout, “Get on with the story!”. It had the potential to be really good, but alas it failed. I did really enjoy Reflections, which is the Mulan Twisted Tale. I don’t know much about Chinese mythology, so it was interesting to be introduced to different persons from Chinese mythology. Had me down a Wikipedia rabbit hole afterwards, haha.

Anyway, I have the Villian Tales waiting in my basket for me to purchase. ?


I’ve been going out too much and spending too much money, for sure. Whether it be food or things to do in London, I’m always looking at my bank in despair. Another sign I need a new job, but that’s another gripe for another day.

A couple of us from work went to Junkyard Golf, a crazy golf venue, and had so much fun! If you’re looking for something different to do with your friends aside from the usual going out to eat/drink then I would definitely recommend crazy golf. Another crazy golf venue I went to is Swingers, which is also just as fun. Another thing to do with friends is ball pits! Get drunk and dive in some balls (giggity, giggity). I went to Funhouse for the first time and they have so many things to do – beer pong, table tennis and they also have a ball pit!


There so many podcasts out now and I’m worried the field is becoming too saturated, but who am I? I ain’t no podcast expert!

Aside from my usual podcasts that I listen to I’ve really been enjoying Genius Brain from David So. He usually has different guests on and also has his co-host on, Joe Jitsukawa, and they talk about a huge range of topics from things going on in the world right now to relationships to financial advice. Not only is it wildly funny, but it’s also super insightful and because of the guests you get a different perspective on topics. I’ve been a huge fan of David So since I discovered him on Just Kidding News and this podcast is just so much fun!

Mutay also put me onto two other podcasts: Dirty John and Over My Dead Body. True crime podcasts are absolutely wild in my opinion because when you listen to the lengths these people go to commit a crime, you think – was it really worth it? The world of true crime is huge, so if you have a scroll through the Apple Podcast section I’m sure you’ll find something that tickles your fancy.


I’ve already got my Guide to Amsterdam post up, so you definitely should read that for more in-depth info about my trip to Amsterdam! I had such a great time in Amsterdam – it’s one of those places you can visit again and again, and never get bored. My friend wanted to go away for her birthday and as she knows me very well, she knew I would absolutely say yes to going with her. I got to do different things on this trip and it was a lot more chill than my previous trip, and just ugh. The weather was so good, the food was amazing, the company was amazing and the Mary Jane hit the spot. ?

Also… I’M GOING TO THE PHILIPPINES IN DECEMBER! We finally booked our flights and Mutay is coming along with the family too. It’ll be her first time not only in the Philippines but just in any part of Asia, so I’m really excited to introduce her to my motherland. I haven’t been to the Philippines since 2016, so I’m looking forward to reuniting with family, eating my weight in goooooood food and visiting islands I haven’t been to yet (I’m looking at you Cebu and Palawan). I’ve been trawling Pinterest for the best things to do when on the different islands – I really want to go scuba diving because I didn’t get to do that last time. I’m so excited. SO EXCITED, EEEEEK.

Aaaaand that wraps up my Life Lately! I promise the next one won’t be as long because I’m back on my blogging schedule now. I unexpectedly took a week off, which in hindsight I’m glad I did, but we back on our bullshit now, son! Deuces ✌️


Chynna has been creating blog posts since 2009. I hope you enjoyed this post! Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you all ?


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